Viewers Like You II: Electric Viewgaloo

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 031 - Viewers Like You II: Electric Viewgaloo

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It's an incredibly busy week for both Zac and Justin so you know what that means: it's call-out time! Before we get to the callers, we chat a little bit about the awkwardness (and bold-faced emotional manipulation) of HBO's miniseries The Pacific, and then get in to Ouran High School Host Club (what a transition!) and the problems facing Funimation's bluray releases. Then it's on to the callers!

We talk to a bevy of listeners this week and dig around a little in the viewer mailbag. First up is Bradley Meek who wanted to talk about people who "just don't like to think" about the movies and TV shows they watch, next is Robert who's a big fan of sports anime and doesn't understand why they don't catch on in the states. After that we take an interesting question from the mailbag about a potential Crunchyroll-like site for manga translations that slakes the unslake-able thirst the scanlation crowd has for next-day manga pages. Then we get into west coast dub studios and their relative health with Allen, Michael Fitz-Gibbon stops by to shower us with his patented soft-spoken outrage about Dragonball Kai (and then showers love on Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), and finally we get into the oft-discussed failure of Hollywood to adapt anime properties into tentpole blockbusters. It's a super fun time!

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NSFW Language Warning: There's some swearing. Especially in the break audio. But nobody messes with Quaid.

ANNCast Episode 31 Breakdown

00:18 Host introductions, bungee jumping and The Pacific

07:40 Ouran High School Host Club and Funimation's bluray problems

14:16 Bradley C. Meek, Justin and Zac are all ruthless movie snobs, and here's why!

27:10 Robert from Lousiville wants to chat about sports anime and Hajime no Ippo, specifically

35:10 Listener mailbag: a Crunchyroll-like site for manga scans?

41:30 All about the state of west coast dub studios with Allen from Norfolk. It's not as bleak as you think!

53:05 Michael Fitz-Gibbon (also known as Penguintruth) rages against Dragonball Kai and the Fullmetal Alchemist dub!

01:03:00 The failure and potential success of live-action Hollywood adaptations of anime with Christian from Arizona.

And that's it! See you next week.

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