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The Set List
Top 10 EDs of 2004

by Jacob Chapman,

Following on the heels of last week's OPs of 2004 list, it's time to look at the opposite end: the best ED themes from 2004! The OP list was mostly filled with old favorites, but this week's list is a little more eclectic and weird, so keep your ears peeled for some surprising ED picks from anime titles you may have forgotten about! Once again, only shows that debuted in 2004 qualified for the list, and the same is true of this week's poll, so keep that in mind while voting. So with no further ado, let the music play!

Last Week's Poll Results

What were your favorite anime openings of 2004?

  1. Samurai Champloo 35.0%
  2. Ghost in the Shell SAC: 2nd GIG 34.2%
  3. Bleach (1st couple OPs) 30.0%
  4. Paranoia Agent 28.1%
  5. Elfen Lied 25.0%
  6. BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad 22.6%
  7. Monster 15.7%
  8. Gundam Seed Destiny 14.9%
  9. Tenjho Tenge 14.4%
  10. School Rumble 13.8%

This Week's Set List Poll

Didn't see your favorite song on the list? Cast your own vote in the poll below!

Pick as many or as few faves as you like, and in two weeks we'll have the results and a new poll ready to go. See you next time!

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