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Elfen Lied (TV)

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Alternative title:
Elfia pieśń (Polish)
Эльфийская песнь (Russian)
إلفن ليد (Arabic)
エルフェンリート (Japanese)
엘펜리트 (Korean)
Objectionable content: Intense
Plot Summary: The Diclonius, a mutated homo sapien that is said to be selected by God and will eventually become the destruction of mankind, possesses two horns in their heads, and has a "sixth sense" which gives it telekinetic abilities. Due to this dangerous power, they have been captured and isolated in laboratories by the government. Lucy, a young and psychotic Diclonius, manages to break free of her confines and brutally murder most of the guards in the laboratory, only to get shot in the head as she makes her escape. She survives and manages to drift along to a beach, where two teenagers named Kouta and Yuka discovers her. Having lost her memories, she was named after the only thing that she can now say, "Nyuu," and the two allow her to stay at Kouta's home. However, it appears that the evil "Lucy" is not dead just yet...
User Ratings: 10540 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 2967 votes (sub:2041, dub:770, ?:14, raw:12, edit.dub:11, Eng:1, others:118
57 Spanish subtitled
16 Portuguese subtitled
13 German dubbed
5 Russian dubbed
4 French subtitled
4 German subtitled
4 Spanish dubbed
3 Polish subtitled
3 Russian subtitled
2 Italian subtitled
1 German edited dub
1 czech subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
1 Arabic subtitled
1 Korean subtitled
1 Slovak subtitled subtitled
1 Russian edited dub
 Excellent: 2934 votes (sub:2032, dub:754, raw:17, ?:16, edit.dub:3, Eng:1, others:111
53 Spanish subtitled
11 French subtitled
10 Portuguese subtitled
7 Russian subtitled
5 German dubbed
5 Italian subtitled
4 Spanish dubbed
3 German subtitled
3 Polish subtitled
2 Italian dubbed
2 Russian dubbed
2 French dubbed
1 Turkish subtitled
1 Czech subtitled
1 Swedish subtitled
1 Dutch subtitled
 Very good: 2163 votes (sub:1507, dub:541, ?:14, raw:10, edit.dub:4, others:87
43 Spanish subtitled
8 Russian subtitled
5 French subtitled
5 Spanish dubbed
5 Italian subtitled
5 Portuguese subtitled
5 German dubbed
3 Russian dubbed
3 Polish subtitled
1 Dutch subtitled
1 Korean subtitled
1 Hungarian subtitled
1 French dubbed
1 Spanish edited dub
 Good: 1204 votes (sub:847, dub:301, raw:6, ?:5, others:45
14 Spanish subtitled
5 Portuguese subtitled
4 French subtitled
3 Italian subtitled
3 Russian subtitled
3 German dubbed
2 Italian dubbed
2 Russian dubbed
2 French dubbed
1 Turkish Sub subtitled
1 Korean subtitled
1 Turkish subtitled
1 Indonesian dubbed
1 Czech subtitled
1 Polish subtitled
1 Arabic subtitled
 Decent: 547 votes (sub:387, dub:140, ?:3, raw:1, others:16
5 Spanish subtitled
3 Russian subtitled
3 Polish subtitled
2 Italian subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 German dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
 So-so: 222 votes (sub:161, dub:48, ?:1, raw:1, others:11
3 Spanish subtitled
2 Russian subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 German subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 Russian edited dub
1 Italian subtitled
1 German dubbed
 Not really good: 150 votes (sub:109, dub:32, ?:2, raw:1, others:6
5 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Weak: 125 votes (sub:83, dub:28, raw:2, ?:1, others:11
3 Russian subtitled
3 Spanish subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Chinese(Mandarin) subtitled
1 Italian subtitled
1 Polish subtitled
 Bad: 87 votes (sub:57, dub:26, ?:1, others:3
2 Russian subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
 Awful: 47 votes (sub:35, dub:9, ?:2, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Worst ever: 94 votes (sub:66, dub:21, ?:3, raw:1, others:3
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Italian subtitled
Seen in part or in whole by 17177 users, rank: #7 (of 9584)
Median rating: Excellent
Arithmetic mean: 8.292 (Very good+), std. dev.: 1.8551, rank: #306 (of 9707)
Weighted mean: 8.150 (Very good), rank: #382 (of 9707) (seen all: 8.26 / seen some: 6.58 / won't finish: 3.34)
Bayesian estimate: 8.149 (Very good), rank: #246 (of 7288)
Running time: 25 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 13
Episode titles: We have 13
2004-07-25 to 2004-10-17
2005-06-06 (Spain - Buzz)
2016-11-06 to 2017-01-08 (Crunchyroll Latin America)
Release dates: We have 10
Opening Theme:
"Lilium" by Kumiko Noma
Ending Theme:
"Be Your Girl" by Chieko Kawabe
Links: We have 4
Trivia: We have 9
Elfen Lied DVD 4 (Nov 28, 2005)
Elfen Lied DVD 2 (Jul 22, 2005)
Elfen Lied DVD 1 (May 16, 2005)
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Elfen Lied - Complete Collection (Blu-ray) 2013-09-03 (from $75.95)
    Elfen Lied - Collector's Edition [SteelBook] (Blu-ray) 2019-07-30 (from $234.99)
    Elfen Lied - Complete Collection (Blu-ray) 2021-04-06 (from $74.95)
Blu-ray (Region B)
    Elfen Lied - Complete Collection + OVA [UK] [Limited Edition] (Blu-ray) 2015-07-27 (from $37.25)
    Elfen Lied - Complete Series [AU] (Blu-ray) 2021-07-07
DVD (Region 1)
    Elfen Lied - Vector One (DVD 1) 2005-05-17
    Elfen Lied - Vector One + Artbox (DVD 1) 2005-05-17 (from $28.95)
    Elfen Lied - Vector Two (DVD 2) 2005-07-12 (from $3.99)
    Elfen Lied - Vector Three (DVD 3) 2005-09-20
    Elfen Lied - Vector Four (DVD 4) 2005-11-15
    Elfen Lied - Complete Collection [Thinpak] (DVD 1-3) 2006-11-28 (from $10.65)
    Elfen Lied - Complete Collection (DVD 1-3) 2009-06-16
    Elfen Lied - Complete Collection (DVD 1-3) 2011-12-20 (from $21.25)
    Elfen Lied - Complete Collection (DVD 1-3) 2013-09-03 (from $24.95)
DVD (Region 2)
    Elfen Lied - Complete Collection (DVD) 2007-08-06
    Elfen Lied - Complete Collection (DVD) 2013-01-28
    Elfen Lied (DVD 1) 2006-02-20
    Elfen Lied (DVD 2) 2006-04-17
    Elfen Lied (DVD 3) 2006-06-19
    Elfen Lied (DVD 4) 2006-08-21
DVD (Region 4)
    Elfen Lied - Complete Collection (DVD) 2007-04-04

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Mamoru Kanbe
Series Composition: Takao Yoshioka
Takao Yoshioka (eps 1-13)
Akira Iwanaga (eps 4, 9)
Keisuke Ōnishi (eps 5, 10)
Mamoru Kanbe (OP; eps 1, 13)
Sumio Watanabe (eps 2, 7, 12)
Takeyuki Sadohara (eps 3, 8)
Tatsuya Abe (eps 6, 11)
Episode Director:
Akira Iwanaga (eps 4, 9)
Keisuke Ōnishi (eps 5, 10)
Keizou Kusakawa (ep 11)
Kobun Shizuno (ep 6)
Mamoru Kanbe (eps 1, 13)
Sumio Watanabe (eps 2, 7, 12)
Takeyuki Sadohara (eps 3, 8)
Original creator: Lynn Okamoto
Character Design: Seiji Kishimoto
Art Director: Akira Itō
Chief Animation Director: Seiji Kishimoto
Animation Director:
Gian Muto (eps 1, 6, 11)
Kang Suk Yang (ep 4)
Kenji Hattori (eps 2, 5, 10)
Makoto Sawazaki (ep 9)
Manabu Fukazawa (eps 7, 12)
Seiji Kishimoto (ep 13)
Toshihiko Shimada (eps 3, 8)
Mechanical design:
Hiroyuki Ogawa
Hiroyuki Taiga (eps 1-13)
Art design: Tomoyuki Aoki
Sound Director: Katsunori Shimizu
Co-Director: Kobun Shizuno
Director of Photography: Hisao Shirai
2nd Key Animation:
Akiko Tanada
Daisuke Deguchi (Anime Roman)
Hiroaki Sakuma (Anime Roman)
Hiroshi Watanabe
Masaru Kanamori
Michihiro Kosaka (Anime Roman)
Shigeru Chiba
Tomoaki Kuwano (Anime Roman)
Yosuke Kobashi (Anime Roman)
Assistant Art Director: Qi Zhu
Assistant Production Manager: Hiroshi Kunosato (ep 3)
Background Art:
An Yan Zhen (eps 1-2)
Chen Qian (eps 1-2)
Chen Jia Yi (eps 1-2)
Kotaroh Mita (OP)
Li Ying (eps 1-2)
Pan Wen (eps 1-2)
Pan Ying Ying (eps 1-2)
Shūichi Hirata (Blu-ray)
Xu Ji Chen (eps 1-2)
Yang Zong Da (eps 1-2)
Yin Shan Feng (eps 1-2)
Ying Yi Yun (eps 1-2)
Yu Chen Wei (eps 1-2)
Yuan Li Na (eps 1-2)
Zhang Ying Ying (eps 1-2)
Zhou Jia Qing (eps 1-2)
Color Check:
Akihiro Nakada
Mie Itou (ep 2)
Color design: Ryouta Nakata
Color Key:
Haremi Miyagawa (eps 3, 8, 11)
Kimiko Kitazawa (ep 6)
Mie Itou (4 episodes
eps 2, 5, 10, 12

Mio Hanada (eps 4, 9)
Ryouta Nakata (eps 1, 13)
Toshio Hasegawa (ep 7)
Design: Tōru Fukushima (Drift; Blu-ray)
Design Coordinator: Masanori Koike
Editing: Takeshi Seyama
Effects: Shūichi Hirata (Blu-ray)
Executive Production Manager: Takuro Hatakeyama
In-Between Animation:
Kawatatsu (8 episodes
eps 1, 3-4, 6, 8-9, 11, 13

Mitsutomo Matsumoto (OP)
Shigeru Chiba (ep 10)
Shinya Miki (8 episodes
eps 1, 3-4, 6, 8-9, 11, 13

In-Between Check:
Masaru Kanamori (Triple A; 5 episodes
eps 2, 5, 7, 10, 12

Mitsutomo Matsumoto (8 episodes
eps 1, 3-4, 6, 8-9, 11, 13

Key Animation:
Akie Tsutsumi (ep 5)
Akiko Asaki (ep 13)
Akiko Tanada (eps 5, 10)
Akira Inoue (Angle; ep 7)
Akira Shinoda (ep 12)
Arihiro Gotō (ep 10)
Atsushi Ogata (eps 3, 8, 13)
Byoung Gil Yang (eps 3-4)
Chang Hwan Park (Jiwoo Animation; 5 episodes
eps 3-4, 8-9, 13

Ei Musha (ep 8)
Eitaro Abe (eps 3, 13)
Emiko Shimamura (ep 4)
Gian Muto (ep 11)
Ha Ta Sim (eps 3-4, 8-9)
Hideaki Isa (eps 4, 9, 13)
Hideaki Shimada (ep 5)
Hidehiko Okano (eps 3, 13)
Hideki Fukushima (ep 9)
Hidenori Inami (eps 1, 6, 11)
Hideo Maru (eps 3, 13)
Hideyasu Okamoto (Studio Wanpack; ep 10)
Hirokazu Kojima (ep 8)
Hiroki Moritomo (Studio Mark; ep 5)
Hiroshi Sasaki (Studio Wanpack; ep 12)
Hiroshi Watanabe (ep 10)
Hiroyo Yamamoto (Studio Gimlet; ep 5)
Hiroyuki Kamura (Asadoya; eps 7, 12)
Hiroyuki Ōkaji (Studio Gimlet; eps 5, 10)
Hitoshi Kamata (ep 2)
Jin Seong Won (Hanjin Animation; ep 11)
Jiro Kagaya (Studio Wanpack; ep 10)
Jong Han Oh (eps 3-4)
Jung Ah Kim (Jiwoo Animation; 5 episodes
eps 3-4, 8-9, 13

Katsumasa Yokomine (Studio Wanpack; ep 12)
Katsumi Shimazaki (ep 2)
Kazuhiko Abe (ep 10)
Kazuhiko Wanibuchi (Asadoya; eps 7, 12)
Kazuyuki Asaka (ep 13)
Keiko Shiraishi (ep 9)
Keita Hagio (Studio Gimlet; eps 5, 10)
Kiyomi Komatsubara (eps 7, 10, 12)
Kunihiko Inoue (ep 9)
Kunihiko Kimura (Studio Gimlet; eps 5, 10)
Kwang Back Lee (eps 3-4)
Kwang Seok Yang (Jiwoo Animation; eps 8-9, 13)
Kwang Suk Song (ep 3)
Kyoko Kametani (eps 3, 8, 13)
Kyoko Sugiyama (eps 6, 11)
Machi Ichihara (Studio Gimlet; ep 5)
Makoto Sawazaki (eps 1, 6, 9)
Manabu Yasumoto (Angle; ep 7)
Masahiro Sekiguchi (ep 9)
Masami Abe (4 episodes
eps 1, 3, 11, 13

Masaru Kanamori (eps 2, 7, 10)
Masatomo Sugawara (5 episodes
eps 1, 6, 8-9, 11

Michinori Chiba (ep 7)
Michio Satō (eps 2, 5)
Midori Saitō (Studio Wanpack; ep 12)
Minoru Ueda (ep 8)
Minoru Watanabe (eps 3, 8-9)
Mitsumasa Kimura (eps 2, 5, 10)
Motoki Yagi (eps 6, 11)
Nagisa Nakajima (eps 1, 6, 11)
Naoki Kusumoto (ep 1)
Naoto Hosoda (ep 9)
Naoyoshi Shiotani (ep 8)
Nobuhiro Okazaki (Studio Wanpack; eps 10, 12)
Rie Tanaka (Studio Wanpack; ep 12)
Rika Kato (Studio Gimlet; ep 5)
Rin-Sin (OP; eps 1, 6, 11)
Ryōsuke Kuwahara (ep 11)
Sayaka Hitomi (Angle; ep 7)
Seiji Kishimoto (eps 1, 11)
Seiki Tanaka (ep 7)
Seiko Asai (ep 8)
Seong Beom Kim (Jiwoo Animation; ep 13)
Shigeki Sato (eps 3, 8, 13)
Shigemi Aoyagi (ep 3)
Shigeru Ishii (eps 1, 6, 11)
Shinichi Shigematsu (Studio Mark; ep 5)
Shinya Uchida (ep 13)
Sumio Watanabe (ep 2)
Sung Wook Woo (eps 8-9)
Tae Kwen An (eps 8-9)
Taeko Oda (ep 7)
Taiichiro Kohara (Last House; eps 7, 12)
Takaaki Nagano (ep 11)
Takahiro Hoshinoo (ep 1)
Takayuki Kanouchi (ep 2)
Takeshi Oda (Anime Roman; ep 10)
Takeshi Ooishi (eps 6, 11)
Tatsuya Ikeda (Anime Roman; ep 10)
Teruaki Murakami (eps 11, 13)
Tomoyuki Ōshita (Studio Gimlet; ep 5)
Toshiharu Matsuno (eps 3, 8)
Toshihiko Shimada (eps 1, 8, 13)
Toshikazu Shiraishi (ep 6)
Toshiyuki Yoshioka (Asadoya; eps 7, 12)
Toyohiro Okada (ep 3)
Tsunenaka Nozaki (eps 7, 10, 12)
Tsutomu Miyazawa (eps 1, 6, 13)
Tsutomu Ohshiro (6 episodes
eps 1, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13

Tsuyoshi Kimura (ep 13)
Tsuyoshi Sakai (Last House; eps 7, 12)
Yasuomi Umetsu (eps 1, 3, 11)
Yohko Ariizumi (7 episodes
eps 1, 3-4, 6, 8, 11, 13

Yoon-Joung Kim (Jiwoo Animation; eps 3-4, 13)
Yoshimi Imagawa (eps 2, 5, 10)
Yoshimitsu Yamashita (eps 1, 6)
Yosuke Kobashi (Anime Roman; ep 10)
Yūichirō Fukaya (ep 4)
Yūki Itō (5 episodes
eps 1, 4, 6, 9, 13

Yuki Terano (Studio Wanpack; ep 10)
Yukio Okano (ep 5)
Yumi Fujita (Studio Wanpack; ep 12)
Yumi Hirohata (Studio Wanpack; ep 10)
Yun Jung Cho (eps 8-9)
Manuscript: Yukito Kizawa (SEVEN DAYS WAR; Blu-ray)
Music Performance: Jun Saitō (Bass)
Off-Line Editing:
Megumi Uchida
Rie Matsubara
On-Line Editing: Masahiro Onoue
Package Director: Ai Morikawa (VAP; Blu-ray)
Package Illustration:
Rin-Sin (Blu-ray)
Seiji Kishimoto
Packaging Design: Tōru Fukushima (Drift; DVD)
Fujiko Tabata (eps 1-2)
Hiroshi Yoshida (eps 1-2)
Katsuyoshi Kishi (eps 1-2)
Kazuhiro Udagawa (eps 1-2)
Koichi Gonda (eps 1-2)
Kotaroh Mita (OP)
Naohisa Haijima (eps 1-2)
Norikazu Yamaguchi (eps 1-2)
Shinji Ikegami (eps 1-2)
Shunsuke Uotani (eps 1-2)
Taro Okuzawa (eps 1-2)
Tomohiro Nishiyama (eps 1-2)
Tōru Sugawara (eps 1-2)
Toshino Yasuno (eps 1-2)
Toshiyuki Sadamatsu (eps 1-2)
Yuji Shirai (eps 1-2)
Yuko Orikasa (eps 1-2)
Yumiko Morimoto (eps 1-2)
Planning Assistant:
Masato Shindoh (Weekly Young Jump Editorial Dept.)
Takaaki Imai (Weekly Young Jump Editorial Dept.)
Production Advancement:
Kazuhiko Sugaya (eps 2, 5, 10)
Nobuo Igawa (eps 4, 9)
Seiji Yamazaki (eps 7, 12)
Taishi Kunori (eps 3, 8, 13)
Tomohiro Takahashi (eps 1, 6, 11)
Production Desk: Shintaro Nozaki
Production manager: Tetsuya Arao
Production Support: Seiji Suzuki
Recording: Norio Nishizawa
Recording Assistant: Emi Katō
Sound Effects: Mutsuhiro Nishimura (Fizz Sound)
Special Effects:
Toshio Hasegawa (Marix; 5 episodes
eps 2, 5, 7, 10, 12

Special Thanks To:
Kazuaki Morijiri (GENCO; Blu-ray)
Osamu Shimizu (ARMS; Blu-ray)
Shinpei Nishimura (Shueisha; Blu-ray)
Theme Song Performance:
Chieko Kawabe (ED)
Kumiko Noma (OP)
Touch-ups: Haremi Miyagawa (Blu-ray)
Chihiro Suzuki as Kouta
Sanae Kobayashi as Lucy / Nyuu

Emiko Hagiwara as Mayu
Hiroaki Hirata as Professor Kakuzawa Yu
Hitomi Nabatame as Kouta (child)
Jōji Nakata as Bandou
Kinryuu Arimoto as Chief Kakuzawa
Mamiko Noto as Yuka
Maria Yamamoto as Kanae
Osamu Hosoi as Kurama
Tomoko Kawakami as Mariko
Yuki Matsuoka as Nana

Akemi Kanda as Kurama's wife (ep 10)
Asuka Tanii as Secretary
Daisuke Ono as Kouta's father (ep 12)
Eriko Ishihara as Arakawa
Fumiko Osaka as Bakery employee (eps 4-5)
Hajime Iijima as
Crepe store employee (ep 7)
Hideo Watanabe as
Detective B (eps 3, 11)
Mayu's father (ep 5)
Policeman B (ep 9)
Hitomi Nabatame as Shirokawa
Kazuma Horie as Oomori (ep 10)
Keijin Okuda as Group Member A (ep 10)
Ken Takeuchi as
Policeman C (ep 9)
Satou (ep 3)
Kimitake Kakegawa as Sniper (ep 4)
Lynn Okamoto as Special Guest (ep 12)
Maria Yamamoto as
Girl (ep 6)
Saitou (ep 11)
Masakazu Kohara as
Policeman A (ep 9)
SAT Commander
Mikako Takahashi as No.3 (ep 10)
Naoki Kinoshita as Man in suit
Noriko Shitaya as Girl (eps 8-9)
Reiko Takagi as Tomoo (eps 8-9)
Shuu Takahashi as Student (ep 5)
Toshihiko Kojima as Detective A (eps 3, 11)
Yūki Tai as
Group Member B (ep 10)
Japanese companies
2nd Key Animation: Anime Roman
Animation Production: Arms
Animation Support:
Studio Guts (eps 2, 5, 7, 12)
Background Art: Shanghai Superman (eps 1-2)
Broadcaster: AT-X
In-Between Animation:
FAI International (ep 1)
Hanjin Animation (ep 1)
Jiwoo Production (ep 1)
Triple A (ep 2)
Key Animation:
Anime Roman (ep 10)
Asadoya (eps 7, 12)
Hanjin Animation (ep 11)
Jiwoo Animation (ep 13)
Last House (eps 7, 12)
Studio Angle (ep 7)
Studio Gimlet (eps 5, 10)
Studio Mark (ep 5)
Studio Wanpack (eps 10, 12)
Music Production: VAP
Off-Line Editing: Seyama Production
Online Editing: Data Art
Photography: Studio Cosmos
Recording Studio: Seion Studio
Sound Production: Zack Promotion
English staff
English cast
ADR Director: Jin Ho Chung
Translation: Masako Ollivier
ADR Script: David Harrison
Executive producer:
Eiichi Takahashi (2013 re-release)
Joey Goubeaud (BD release; 2009, 2011, 2013 releases)
John Ledford
Mark Williams
Producer: Jin Ho Chung

Art Manager: Larry Koteff (2019 BD SteelBook)
BD Authoring:
David Williams (BD release)
Joel McCray (2019 BD SteelBook)
Blu-Ray Menu Design: Larry Koteff
Booklet Editing: Natalie Jones (2019 BD SteelBook)
Booklet Layout: Larry Koteff (2019 BD SteelBook)
Booklet Translation:
Ian Fagen (2019 BD SteelBook)
Jennifer Challenger (2019 BD SteelBook)
Creative Director:
Chris Hawley
David Del Rio
Fumiko Chino (2006 Thinpak)
DVD Authoring: Neal Barnes (2013 re-release)
DVD Coordination: Mariela Ortiz
DVD Menu Design:
Bill Newton
Russell Etchen
Victor Cormier (2006 Thinpak)
DVD Menu Sound Design: Wade Shemwell
International Coordination: Toru Iwakami
Media Coordinator:
Janice Williams (BD release; 2006 Thinpak)
Mariela Ortiz (2006 Thinpak)
Sarah Alys Lindholm (2006 Thinpak)
Mixing: Wade Shemwell
Packaging & DVD Graphics:
Russell Etchen
Victor Cormier (2006 Thinpak)
Packaging Design:
Larry Koteff (BD release; 2009, 2011, 2013, 2019 releases)
Post-Production Manager: Shelly Thomas
Product Manager: Pooja Amin (2019 BD SteelBook)
Crystal Ruiz (2019 BD SteelBook)
Janice Williams (2019 BD SteelBook)
Joey Goubeaud (2019 BD SteelBook)
Son Phan Le (2019 BD SteelBook)
Production Assistant:
Alexandra Bedford (2019 BD SteelBook)
Brittany Deans (BD release)
E.W. Rector, III (BD release; 2019 BD SteelBook)
Jessica Williams (BD release)
Kayla King (BD release)
Luke La Padula (2019 BD SteelBook)
Maki Nagano
Mariana Valverde (2019 BD SteelBook)
Miyuki Kamiya
Natalie Jones (2019 BD SteelBook)
Ned Gayle (2019 BD SteelBook)
Paul Mericle (Vol. 1-4, 2019 BD SteelBook)
Ryan Anthony (2019 BD SteelBook)
Sara Muir
Production Coordination: Janice Williams (2019 BD SteelBook)
Production manager:
Joey Goubeaud
Son Phan Le (2019 BD SteelBook)
QC Manager: Crystal Ruiz (2019 BD SteelBook)
Recording engineer:
Afshar Kharat (vol 3)
Eden J. Barrera (vol 2-3)
Henry Rogers (vol 1-3)
Jon Duckworth (vol 2-3)
Matt Crawford (vol 4)
Remastering Engineer: Christopher Bourque (2019 BD SteelBook)
Senior Translator: Shoko Oono
Sound Design: Wade Shemwell
Subtitling: Neal Barnes
Supervising Translator: Javier Lopez (2019 BD SteelBook)
Technical Assistant:
Michael Olesch (BD release; 2019 BD SteelBook)
Adam Conlon as Kohta
Kira Vincent-Davis as Nyu/Lucy

Andy McAvin as Director Kakuzawa
Jason Douglas as Bandoh
Jay Hickman as Kurama
John Swasey as Professor Kakuzawa
Luci Christian as Mariko
Nancy Novotny as Yuka
Sasha Paysinger as Nana
Shelley Calene-Black as Shirakawa

Afshar Kharat as Bully A (ep 8)
Allison Sumrall as
Girl (ep 9)
Girl on Street (ep 6)
Number 3 (ep 10)
Saitoh (ep 11)
School Girl (ep 8)
Woman on Beach (ep 5)
Andy McAvin as Police Officer (ep 2)
Brandon Peters as
Detective B (eps 2, 11)
Machine Operator (ep 10)
Police Officer C (ep 9)
SAT B (ep 12)
SWAT C (ep 10)
Chris Ayres as
Detective A (eps 2, 11)
Police Officer A (ep 9)
SAT A (ep 12)
Sharpshooter (ep 1)
SWAT B (ep 10)
Young Man (ep 9)
Chris Patton as
Police B
SWAT A (ep 10)
Young Man
Christine Auten as
Child Kohta
Crepe Customer B (ep 7)
Female Announcer (ep 9)
Mayu's Mother (ep 5)
Nurse (ep 10)
Phone Message Voice (ep 11)
Staff B (ep 8)
David Matranga as
Male Staff (ep 11)
Ohmoni (ep 10)
Police Officer B (ep 9)
George Manley as
Drunk Man (ep 9)
Man (ep 11)
Police Megaphone (ep 10)
SAT Captain
Jessica Boone as Arakawa
John Swasey as
Doctor (ep 10)
Kohta's Father (ep 9)
News Anchor (ep 11)
Kathlen McElfresh as
Female Staff (ep 11)
Young Woman (ep 9)
Kelly Manison as
Bakery Woman (ep 4)
Crepe Customer A (ep 7)
Nurse (ep 6)
Secretary (ep 1)
Staff A (ep 8)
Luci Christian as Hiromi Kurama (ep 10)
Marty Fleck as Narrator
Matt Crawford as
Police Officer D (ep 9)
Researcher B (ep 11)
SWAT D (ep 10)
Monica Rial as
Nurse (ep 4)
Nancy Novotny as Bully B (ep 8)
Rick Piersall as Researcher
Tiffany Grant as
Girl (ep 10)
Ty Mahany as
Crepe Store Owner (ep 7)
Doctor (ep 6)
Mayu's Step-Father (ep 5)
Police A (ep 5)
Xero Reynolds as
Man (ep 1)
Satoh (ep 2)

English companies
ADR Recording: ADV Studios
Disc Production:
Sentai Studios (2019 BD SteelBook)
Seraphim Digital (BD release)
101 Films (UK & Eire)
ADV Films (UK)
New Video Group
Section23 Films (North America; 2011)
DVD Production: ADV Studios
Internet Streaming:
Amazon Prime Video
AnimeLab (Australia & New Zealand)
HIDIVE (Dubbed) 
The Anime Network
Licensed by:
ADV Films
Madman Entertainment (Australia)
French cast
French staff
Julie Basecqz as Lucy / Nyu

Beatrice Wegnez as Mariko
Cécile Boland as Mayu
David Manet as Kurama
Marie Van Ermengem as Arakawa
Marie Van R as Arakawa
Martin Spinhayer as Bandou
Mathieu Moreau as
Yû Kakuzawa
Patrick Brüll as Narrateur
Peppino Capotondi as Sniper
Sophie Landresse as Shirakawa
Véronique Fyon as Yuka
French companies
MCM (from 10 September 2009)
MCM Belgique
Virgin 17 (from 11 October 2008)
@Anime (DVD & Blu-Ray)
Dubbing: Mirroring
Internet Streaming: The Anime Network (French)
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director:
Iñaki Cuello (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Luisma Albarracín (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime; La Universal)
Dubbing Director: Eduardo Garza (Latin American dub)
Raquel Vázquez (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Samuel Jorge González Puente (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
ADR Script: Luisma Albarracín (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Executive producer:
Alejandro Lizardi
Miguel Ángel Hoffmann (Arcade Media)

Theme Song Performance:
Ensamble Quimera (OP; Mexican dub)
Maryan Mg (OP; Mexican dub)
Alondra Hidalgo as Lucy / Nyu (Latin American dub)
Bárbara López as Lucy/Nyu (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Bruno Coronel as Kouta (Latin American dub)
Carles Lladó as Kouta (Spain dub; Buzz Channel)
Luisma Albarracín as Kouta (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Maria Rosa Guillén as Lucy/Nyu (Spain dub; Buzz Channel)

Carmen Ambrós as Mariko (Spain dub; Buzz Channel)
Cristina D. Ruiz as Nana (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Cristina Hernandez as Mariko (Latin American dub)
Dan Osorio as Bando (Latin American dub)
Dori Cano as Nana (Spain dub; Buzz Channel)
Enrique Carmena as Kurama (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Eva Ordeig as Mayu (Spain dub; Buzz Channel)
Gerardo Reyero as Kurama (Latin American dub)
Irene Fuertes as Yuka (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
José Antonio Cerdan as Professor Kakuzawa (Spain dub; Buzz Channel)
Joseba Cordón as
Director Kakuzawa (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Professor Kakuzawa (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Mauricio Pérez as Professor Kakuzawa (Latin American dub)
Melissa Gedeón as Mayu (Latin American dub)
Migca Kazius as Mariko (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Pedro D'Aguillon Jr as Chief Kakuzawa (Latin American dub)
Pep Gaya as Director Kakuzawa (Spain dub; Buzz Channel)
Pilar Morales as Yuka (Spain dub; Buzz Channel)
Ramón Rocabayera as Bandou (Spain dub; Buzz Channel)
Raquel Urda as
Kouta (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime; child)
Mayu (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Romina Marroquín Payró as Nana (Latin American dub)
Samuel López as Bando (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Susana Moreno as Yuka (Latin American dub)
Tasio Alonso as Kurama (Spain dub; Buzz Channel)

Analiz Sánchez as Kisaragi (Latin American dub; eps 1, 10)
Andrés García as Kouta's Father (Latin American dub; ep 12)
Angélica Villa as Arakawa (Latin American dub)
Bárbara López as No. 3 (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Cony Madera as Shirakawa (Latin American dub)
Daniel Abundis as Soldier (Latin American dub; ep 2)
Dulce Guerrero as
Girl A (Latin American dub; ep 7)
Hiromi Kurama (Latin American dub; ep 10)
Eduardo Garza as
Narrator (Latin American dub)
Omori (Latin American dub; ep 10)
Policeman (Latin American dub; ep 9)
Enzo Fortuny as Satō (Mexican dub; ep 3)
Hiromi Hayakawa as Number 3 (Latin American dub; ep 10)
Isabel Martiñon as
Kouta (child, Latin American dub)
Mayu's Mother (Latin American dub; ep 5)
Javier Olguín as Guard (ep 1)
José Antonio Toledano as Tomoo (Latin American dub; eps 8-9)
Leonardo García as Policeman 2 (Latin American dub; ep 2)
Liliana Barba as
Child (Latin American dub; ep 9)
Girl B (Latin American dub; ep 7)
Lourdes Arruti as Saito (Latin American dub; ep 11)
Marc Flores as Isobe (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
María G. Lahoz as
Kanae (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Shirakawa (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
María Martínez as Arakawa (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Maria Rosa Guillén as
Lucy / Nyuu 
Shirakawa (Spain dub; Buzz Channel)
Migca Kazius as
Hiromi Kurama (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Kisaragi (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Paco Mauri as Policeman 1 (Latin American dub; ep 2)
Ricardo Bautista as Sharpshooter (Latin American dub; ep 1)
Ricardo Tejedo as Isobe (Latin American dub)
Zoe Mora as Kanae (Latin American dub)
Spanish companies
Buzz Channel (Spain)
LAPTV (Cityvibe)
Pánico (México)
Anime Latam Group (Latin America)
Japan Weekend Anime (Spain; DVD)
Tema Distribuciones (Spain; DVD)
Dubbing Studio:
Cristal Media (Spain dub; Buzz Channel)
La Universal (Spain dub; Japan Weekend Anime)
Pink Noise (Latin American dub)
Internet Streaming:
Cinépolis KLIC
Vitanime.tv (Buzz Channel dub)
Licensed by:
Arcade Media (Mexico)
Jointo Entertainment (Spain; 2013)
German staff
German cast
Jesco Wirthgen as Kouta
Samia Little Elk as Lucy/Nyu

Engelbert von Nordhausen as Director Kakuzawa
Gerald Paradies as Bandou
Jennifer Weiß as Mariko
Julia Kaufmann as Yuka
Kathrin Neusser as Mayu
Robert Schmalz as Kouta (child)
Rubina Kuraoka as Nana

Anna Predleus as Mädchen im Kinderheim
Bodo Wolf as älterer Polizist
Erich Räuker as Kurama
Ghadah Al-Akel as Kisaragi
Gundi Eberhard as Arakawa
Marco Kröger as Erzähler
Markus Haase as Yuu Kakuzawa
German companies
Broadcaster: Animax Germany
ADV Films
KSM (Blu-ray 2015)
Internet Streaming: The Anime Network (German)
Dutch staff
Dutch cast
Translation: Niels Viveen
Dutch companies
Distributor: Kaze Animation S.A. (Dutch and French)
Russian staff
Russian companies
Distributor: MC Entertainment
Russian cast

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