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The Set List
Top 10 Bleach Theme Songs

by Jacob Chapman,

Some anime are long, some anime are longer, and a few anime are just the longest. When an anime gains enough steam to run for over a decade, it only seems fair to put in a class by itself for a musical countdown. With its beloved and smartly integrated soundtrack, an incredible bevy of talented bands behind its theme music, and its concluded final run, Bleach seemed like the very best candidate for a shounen spotlight. This week, I'm counting down my Top 10 Theme Songs from Bleach, and you can hear them all in the video below! (Please note that we're still working out html5 functionality for our video player, so for the time being, please bear with our Flash player.)

I haven't seen every episode of Bleach, so I didn't think it was fair of me to try and rank these entries on visual marriage with music, since I didn't have context for what was happening in later seasons. On top of that, Bleach has a legacy of great standalone singles, so I wanted to put music for music's sake first in my judging criteria. I also tried to keep the list fairly balanced between OPs and EDs, across all different parts of the show's run and different styles of music as they reflected Bleach's unique style. Now, let the music play!

Last Week's Poll Results

What were your Top 10 Cowboy Bebop Episodes?

  1. 05 Ballad of Fallen Angels 52.7%
  2. 26 The Real Folk Blues (Part 2) 50.1%
  3. 20 Pierrot Le Fou 41.2%
  4. 17 Mushroom Samba 38.6%
  5. 25 The Real Folk Blues (Part 1) 37.9%
  6. The Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door 32.5%
  7. 13 Jupiter Jazz (Part 2) 31.4%
  8. 11 Toys in the Attic 30.1%
  9. 24 Hard Luck Woman 29.0%
  10. 12 Jupiter Jazz (Part 1) 28.3%

What were your Top 10 Cowboy Bebop Tracks?

  1. Call Me Call Me 51.3%
  2. Green Bird 43.3%
  3. Rain 40.5%
  4. Space Lion 36.4%
  5. Blue 36.2%
  6. Gotta knock a little harder 35.9%
  7. Ave Maria (Ballad of Fallen Angels) 32.1%
  8. AsK DNA 31.5%
  9. What planet is this?! 20.5%
  10. Mushroom Hunting 19.0%

This Week's Set List Poll

Didn't see your favorite song on the list? Cast your own vote in the poll below!

Pick as many or as few faves as you like, and in two weeks we'll have the results and a new poll ready to go. See you next time!

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