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楠 大典
Family name (in kanji):
Given name (in kanji): 大典
Birth name: Daisuke (大典) Fukuda (福田)
Date of birth: 1967-03-18
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: B
Dyn in "Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria" (VG)
Non-anime roles:
Aaron in "Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria" (VG) (Japanese)
Alfred in "Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night" (VG) (Japanese)
Angriff Dahlmann in "Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey" (VG) (Japanese)
Antonio in "Etrian Odyssey II Untold: The Fafnir Knight" (VG) (Japanese)
Aratak in "Horizon Zero Dawn" (VG) (Japanese)
Balbagan in "Infinite Undiscovery" (VG) (Japanese)
Balmaint in "SaGa: Scarlet Grace" (VG) (Japanese)
Benjamin Warner in "Resistance 2" (VG) (Japanese)
Berial in "Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition" (VG) (Japanese)
Bob in "Devil's Third" (VG) (Japanese)
Boreas in "Genshin Impact" (VG) (Japanese)
Borneo in "Dark Chronicle" (VG) (Japanese)
Chaos Gamma in "Sonic Battle" (VG) (Japanese)
Chief in "Isle of Dogs" (animated movie) (Japanese)
Curtis Manning in "24" (live-action TV series) (Japanese)
Dagger in "Sdorica -sunset-" (mobile game) (Japanese)
Daigo in "Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki – Hibiki Tokkun Daisakusen!" (VG) (Japanese)
Dallas in "Ratchet: Deadlocked" (VG) (Japanese)
Darth Vader in "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" (live action) (Japanese)
Darth Vader in "Star Wars Rebels" (animated series) (Japanese)
Django (Jamie Foxx) in "Django Unchained" (live-action film) (Japanese)
Dong Zhuo in "Sangokushi Lovers" (Drama CD) (Japanese)
E-102 Gamma in "Sonic Adventure" (VG) (Japanese) 
E-123 Omega in "Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games" (VG) (Japanese)
E-123 Omega in "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games" (VG) (Japanese)
E-123 Omega in "Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games" (VG) (Japanese)
E-123 Omega in "Shadow the Hedgehog" (VG) (Japanese)
E-123 Omega in "Sonic Colors" (VG) (Japanese)
E-123 Omega in "Sonic Forces" (VG) (Japanese)
E-123 Omega in "Sonic Heroes" (VG) (Japanese)
E-123 Omega in "Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)" (VG) (Japanese)
E-123 Omega in "Team Sonic Racing" (VG) (Japanese)
Emmett Graves in "Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale" (VG) (Japanese)
Emperor Griffon in "Dark Chronicle" (VG) (Japanese)
Eso in "Granblue Fantasy" (VG) (Japanese)
Farant in "Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria" (VG) (Japanese)
François-Thomas Germain in "Assassin's Creed: Unity" (VG) (Japanese)
Freke's Apprentice in "Demon's Souls (2020)" (VG) (Japanese)
Gabriel Celesta in "Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria" (VG) (Japanese)
Ganondorf in "Hyrule Warriors" (VG) (Japanese)
General Alma in "Star Ocean 5 -Integrity and Faithlessness-" (VG) (Japanese)
Goliath in "Gargoyles" (Animated TV series) (Japanese)
Haniel in "Star Ocean: Second Evolution" (VG) (Japanese)
Howard Clemens in "Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown" (VG) (Japanese)
Hugo Hewitt in "Wild Arms the 4th Detonator" (VG) (Japanese)
Ian in "Open Season" (animated movie) (Japanese)
Imperial Army in "Panzer Dragoon Orta" (VG)
Irmfried Burkhardt in "Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo" (VG) (Japanese)
John White in "Infamous 2" (VG) (Japanese)
Juro Horinouchi in "Yakuza: Like a Dragon" (VG) (Japanese)
Kaisei Kishi in "Karajishi Kamen / Lion-Girl" (live-action movie) (Japanese)
Kamunabi in "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" (VG) (Japanese)
Kenneth J. Sullivan in "Resident Evil HD Remaster" (VG) (Japanese)
Killa Taiga in "Granblue Fantasy" (VG) (Japanese)
Kingley Graham in "Anonymous;Code" (VG) (Japanese)
Leone Abbachio in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle" (VG) (Japanese)
Leopold von Bergliez in "Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes" (VG) (Japanese)
Lu Su in "Dynasty Warriors 8" (VG) (Japanese)
Lu Su in "Dynasty Warriors 9" (VG) (Japanese)
Lu Su in "Warriors Orochi 4" (VG) (Japanese)
M. Bison in "Wreck-It Ralph" (animated movie) (Japanese)
Male Customer in "Lupin the 3rd: Treasure of the Sorcerer King" (VG) (Japanese)
Marvin in "Guardian Tales" (VG) (Japanese)
Mathias in "Neo Angelique" (VN) (Japanese)
Mathias in "Neo Angelique: Tenshi no Namida" (VN) (Japanese)
Mifune in "Everybody's Golf Portable 2" (VG) (Japanese)
Mr. Eko in "Lost" (live action TV series) (Japanese)
Mysterious Man in "Gacha Mecha Stadium Saru Battle" (VG) (Japanese)
Nagoriyuki in "Guilty Gear Strive" (VG) (Japanese)
Neftin Prog in "Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus" (VG) (Japanese)
Nick Kang in "True Crimes: Streets of LA" (VG) (Japanese)
Optimus Prime (TAV21) in "Transformers : Adventure" (Toyline) (Japanese)
Paylor Sakaki in "God Eater 2" (VG) (Japanese)
Paylor Sakaki in "God Eater" (VG) (Japanese)
Pipotron G in "Saru! Get You! Million Monkeys" (VG) (Japanese)
Pipotron Krack in "Saru! Get You! Million Monkeys" (VG) (Japanese)
Pipotron Meta in "Saru! Get You! Million Monkeys" (VG) (Japanese)
Pipotrons in "Gacha Mecha Stadium Saru Battle" (VG) (Japanese)
Psoron in "Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria" (VG) (Japanese)
RE-Xe-LD in "Summon Night EX-Thesis: Wings of Dawn" (VG) (Japanese)
Rentaro Satsuma in "Digimon Savers: Another Mission" (VG) (Japanese)
Rude in "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion" (VG) (Japanese)
Rude in "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII" (VG) (Japanese)
Rude in "Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia" (VG) (Japanese)
Rude in "Final Fantasy VII Rebirth" (VG) (Japanese)
Rude in "Final Fantasy VII Remake" (VG) (Japanese)
Sector in "Summon Night 4" (VG) (Japanese)
Sharp in "Arknights" (VG) (Japanese)
Soldier 76 (second voice) in "Overwatch" (VG) (Japanese)
Soldier in "Etrian Odyssey II Untold: The Fafnir Knight" (VG) (Japanese)
Solomon "Warlock" Bates (voiceover for Charles Parnell) in "Top Gun: Maverick" (live-action movie) (Japanese)
Spike in "Rugrats Go Wild!" (animated movie) (Japanese)
Subordinate in "Lupin the 3rd: Treasure of the Sorcerer King" (VG) (Japanese)
Tank Evans in "Surf's Up" (animated movie) (Japanese)
Terrorblade in "DOTA: Dragon's Blood" (Japanese)
Tonosamagekomon in "Digimon Adventure" (VG) (Japanese)
Torgal in "The Last Remnant" (VG) (Japanese)
Toshio Tazaki in "Famicom Detective Club Part II: The Girl Who Stand Behind" (VG; 2021 remake) (Japanese)
Truck in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" (US First-Person Shooter Game, Japanese Dub) (Japanese)
Venom in "Spider-Man 2 (2023)" (VG) (Japanese)
Worker in "Lupin the 3rd: Treasure of the Sorcerer King" (VG) (Japanese)
Yodaka in "Relayer" (VG) (Japanese)
Zephetto in "Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis" (VG) (Japanese)
Zunde in "Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria" (VG) (Japanese)
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Staff in:
Love Lab (TV) : Insert Song Performance ("Nete mo Samete mo Lingerie"; eps 4, 11)
Monster (TV) : Key Animation
(The) Prince of Tennis (TV) : Theme Song Performance (ED7)
(The) Prince of Tennis II OVA vs. Genius 10 : Theme Song Performance (ED#4,5)
(The) Prince of Tennis: The National Tournament (OAV) : Theme Song Performance (OP1)
Transformers: Robots in Disguise (U.S. TV 2015) : Theme Song Performance (ED1)

Cast in:
86 (TV) as Reff Adleheit
86 (TV 2) as Lev Aldrecht (ep 23)
A3! Season Autumn & Winter (TV) as Yuzo Kashima
A3! Season Spring & Summer (TV) as Yuzo Kashima
All Out!! (TV) as Ryūjin Zanba
Appleseed XIII (TV) as Karl Knute (eps 1, 3, 6)
Appleseed XIII: Tartaros & Ouranos (movie) as Karl Knute (Tartaros)
Aquarion Logos (TV) as Sougon Kenzaki (Young; eps 16, 23)
(The) Aristocrat's Otherworldly Adventure: Serving Gods Who Go Too Far (TV) as Heavenly King D (ep 12)
Armored Trooper Votoms: Phantom Arc (OAV) as General Kan Nam (ep 2)
Assassination Classroom (TV) as Red Eye (ep 8)
Assassination Classroom (TV 2) as Red Eye (ep 10)
Asura (movie) as Magoroku
Baby Steps (TV) as Coach Yusaku Miura
Baby Steps (TV 2) as Coach Yusaku Miura
Baccano! (TV) as Elean Douger
Back Street Girls: Gokudols (TV) as Steve (eps 5, 10)
Baki Hanma (ONA) as Samuel (eps 5-7)
Bakugan: Evolutions (TV) as Lars (eps 13, 25-26)
Bakugan: Legends (TV) as Lars (ep 10)
Banner of the Stars II (TV) as Yuri Dokufu
Battle Spirits Saikyō Ginga Ultimate Zero (TV) as Ultimate-Siegwurm-Nova
Battle Spirits: Heroes (TV) as Mahiru Hinobori
Battle Spirits: Shōnen Gekiha Dan (TV) as Heliostom
Battle Spirits: Shōnen Toppa Bashin (TV) as Kyuusaku Kujō/Number Nine
(The) Beast Player Erin (TV) as Taikou
Beast Saga (TV) as Liogre
BEASTARS (TV) as Ibuki (ep 9)
BEASTARS (TV 2) as Ibuki
Beatless (TV) as Shinguji Kimitaka
Beet the Vandel Buster Excellion (TV) as Atoron
BEM (TV 2019) as 18th Section Chief
BEM: BECOME HUMAN (movie) as 18th Section Chief
Beyblade: Metal Fury (TV) as Argo Gracie (ep 117)
Beyblade: Metal Masters (TV) as Argo Gracy (6 episodes
eps 81-84, 96-97

Beyblade: Shogun Steel (TV) as Argo Garcia
Bikkuriman 2000 (TV) as Bag Y Yaa; Chiensou
Black Lagoon (TV) as Boris (eps 8-10)
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage (TV) as Boris
Blade of the Immortal (TV 2019) as Shishiya Arashino (eps 18, 21-23)
Blade Runner: Black Lotus (U.S. TV) as Marlowe
Bleach (TV) as Edorad Leones (arrancar); Zommari Leroux (Espada)
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond (TV) as Deremid Dan Morse (ep 4)
Boarding School Juliet (TV) as Angry brother (ep 8)
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (TV) as Ibiki Morino
Bullbuster (TV) as Ginnosuke Mutō
Bumblebee (live-action movie) as Jack Burns
Cardfight!! Vanguard Gaiden if (TV) as Leader (ep 6)
Case Closed (TV) as Junnosuke Toda (ep 987); Kamiyo Someda (ep 242); Kana Hideki; Kenzou Taira (eps 640-641); Teruaki Onda (ep 893); Yasuyuki Sunada (ep 680); Zengo Goto (eps 537-538)
Cerberus (TV) as Giiru
Chillin' in Another World With Level 2 Super Cheat Powers (TV) as Yuigarde
Chōyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi (TV) as Fujiwara no Michitaka
ClassicaLoid (TV) as Bach
ClassicaLoid (TV 2) as Bach (eps 6, 11-13)
Code:Breaker (TV) as Baba (eps 4-5)
Cowboy Bebop (live-action TV) as Jet Black
CUE! (TV) as Shohei Danda
Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier (TV) as Time Agent A (ep 37)
Dai Yamato Zero-go (OAV) as Ganon Guyler
Darker than Black (TV) as Sōichi Isozaki (ep 19)
Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor (TV) as Lebanon (eps 4-6)
Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody (TV) as Count Kuhanou (ep 12)
Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z (TV) as Professor Utonium Kitazawa
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (TV) as Rokuro (ep 26)
Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno (movie 19) as Zengo Goto
Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet (movie 24) as John Boyd
Digimon: Data Squad (TV) as Retarou Satsuma
Doki Doki Densetsu Mahōjin Guru Guru (TV) as Sly
Dr. Stone: New World (TV 3) as Oarashi (eps 10-11)
Dr. Stone: New World (TV 4) as Oarashi
Dragon Ball Z Kai (TV) as Nail
Dragon Ball Z Kai (TV 2) as Nail (ep 122)
Dragon Collection (TV) as Yut
Dragonaut - The Resonance (TV) as Kō Yonamine
Drifters (TV) as Black King
Edens Zero (TV) as Drakken Joe
Edens Zero (TV 2) as Drakken Joe
(The) Empire of Corpses (movie) as Frederick Barnaby
Ergo Proxy (TV) as Al (ep 19)
Eyeshield 21 (TV) as Mamoru Banba; Onihei Yamamoto
(The) Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons (TV) as Mennovil (eps 8-9)
(The) File of Young Kindaichi Returns (TV 2) as Shuuji Matsuoka (eps 26-28)
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (movie) as Rude
Fire Force (TV) as Leonard Burns
Fire Force (TV 2) as Leonard Burns
Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma: The Fourth Plate (TV) as Tosuke Megishima
Food Wars! The Third Plate (TV 2) as Tosuke Megishima (ep 22)
Fox Spirit Matchmaker (ONA) as Golden-faced Kagami (eps 14-17)
FUUTO PI (TV) as Kūya Kagamimo
Gakuen Handsome (TV) as Jirō
Gakuen Handsome the Animation (OAV) as Jirō
Galilei Donna (TV) as Roberto Materrazzi
GeGeGe no Kitarō (TV 2018) as Sumitomi (ep 81)
Gegege no Kitarō (TV 5/2007) as Shoukera (ep 16)
Giant Killing (TV) as Yotaro Natsuki
Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe wieder (TV) as Headmaster (Bartomalaus)
God Eater (TV) as Paylor Sakaki
Golden Kamuy (TV 2) as Kiyohiro Suzukawa
Golgo 13 (TV) as Sabine Brother Younger (ep 3)
Gon (TV) as Sword (eps 23, 50)
Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! (TV) as Fleaguildy (ep 10)
A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd (TV) as Nanai
Gunma-chan (TV 2) as Haniwa Black Ankoku Daimaō (ep 13c)
Gunslinger Girl (TV) as Marcello (ep 5)
Gurazeni: Money Pitch (TV) as Organization Manager (ep 4)
Harlock: Space Pirate (movie) as Captain
Hatarakids My Ham Gumi (TV) as Daiki
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto (TV) as Policeman (ep 5)
Heartcatch Precure! (TV) as Professor Sabaaku
(The) Heike Story (TV) as Fujiwara no Tadakiyo (ep 6)
Her Blue Sky (movie) as Trumpet Player
(The) Heroic Legend of Arslan (TV) as Bahadur (ep 17)
High Card (TV) as Alexander Alekson (eps 8-10)
Hitori No Shita The Outcast 2 Zensei Chapter (TV) as Riku Kin
Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (TV) as Tadatsugu Sakai
Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II (TV) as Tadatsugu Sakai
How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom (TV) as Georg Carmine
How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom (TV 2) as Georg Carmine (ep 17)
Hunter × Hunter (TV 2011) as Morel McCarnathy
Idaten Jump (TV) as Guard Captain (eps 1-2)
IDOLiSH7 Third Beat! (TV 2) as Nekriva P (eps 14, 17, 25)
In Another World With My Smartphone (TV) as Alfred Urnea Ortflinde
In Another World With My Smartphone (TV 2) as Alfred Urnea Ortflinde (eps 7-8)
Isekai Cheat Magician (TV) as Twin-headed dragon (eps 7, 11)
Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World (ONA) as Björn (eps 17, 24); Lucas (ep 19)
Kaiji (TV) as Espoir Blacksuit (ep 1)
Kaiji: Against All Rules (TV) as Blacksuit (ep 24)
Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight (US live-action TV) as Dan Ramirez
Kedama no Gonjiro (TV) as Bruttel's Father (ep 28)
Kengan Ashura (ONA) as Muteba Gizenga
Kengan Ashura (ONA 2) as Muteba Gizenga
Kiba (TV) as Tasker
Kingdom (TV) as Meng Wu (Mō Bu)
Kingdom (TV 2) as Mōbu
Kingdom (TV 3) as Mō Bu (Meng Wu)
Kingdom (TV 4) as Mō Bu (Meng Wu)
KING’S RAID: Successors of the Will (TV) as Zayed (ep 18)
Kochoki (TV) as Oda Nobuhide
Kuromukuro (TV) as Sebastian
Last Order Final Fantasy VII (OAV) as Rude
(The) Legendary Hero is Dead! (TV) as Larcvalt XIII (eps 3-5, 10)
Love Lab (TV) as Masanobu Maki (Maki's father; eps 4, 11)
Lupin III vs. Detective Conan (special) as Kyle
Lupin III: Elusiveness of the Fog (special) as Takaya's Father
Lupin III: Operation Return the Treasure (special)
Lupin III: Return of Pycal (OAV) as Guest
Lupin III: The Columbus Files (special) as Rosalia's Father
Lupin III: The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure (special) as Harimao
Lupin the 3rd: Princess of the Breeze! (special) as Koshare
Majin Bone (TV) as Barlish / Dark Behemoth; Dark Scorpion
Major (TV) as Shuuichi Kashimoto (Coach)
Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari (TV) as Kai
Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari (TV 2) as Kai
MapleStory (TV) as Gallus
Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers (TV) as Mandarin
Master Keaton (TV) as Eric (ep 20)
Meine Liebe (TV) as Headmaster
Meitantei Conan: Edogawa Conan Shissō Jiken -Chijō Saiaku no Futsukakan- (special) as Kenji Otani
Milky Panic twelve (movie) as Ippon
MIX Season 2 (TV) as Goro Ōyama
Mix: Meisei Story (TV) as Goro Ōyama
Mob Psycho 100 II (TV) as Banjoumaru Shinra
Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (TV) as Stoller Guavaran (eps 11-13)
Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2: Gravity Front (OAV) as Milos Karlby (ep 3)
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny (TV) as Alliance soldier (ep 2); Assistant General (ep 34); Atlantic Alliance President (eps 6, 9); Car leader (ep 18); Herbert von Reinhardt; Logos (ep 5); Madd Aves; Mine Guard (ep 31); Orb Soldier (eps 28, 30); President Joseph Copeland; Shinn's Father (eps 1, 8)
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus: The Chosen Future (OAV) as Herbert von Reinhardt
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Special Edition (OAV) as Madd Aves
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed FREEDOM (movie) as Herbert von Reinhard
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (TV 2) as Sandoval Reuters
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury (TV) as Naji Geor Hija (eps 10-12)
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury (TV 2) as Naji Geor Hija (eps 15, 24)
Monster (TV) as Bodyguard (eps 15-16); Man (ep 57)
Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit (TV) as Casual Kimono (ep 5)
Mr. Tonegawa (TV) as Ueno (ep 23)
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation II (TV 3) as Badigadi
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation II (TV 4) as Badigadi
Naruto (TV) as Gantetsu; Ibiki Morino
Naruto Shippūden (TV) as Ibiki Morino
Neo Angelique Abyss (TV) as Mathias
Neo Angelique Abyss -Second Age- (TV) as Mathias
Ninjala (ONA) as Van's Father (ep 1)
Ninjala (TV) as Jacket (eps 81-87); Max (Van's Father)
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Demon Capital (TV) as Gashadokuro
One Outs (TV) as Dennis Johnson
One Piece (TV 1999) as Rolling Logan; Urouge
One Piece Stampede (movie 14) as Urouge
Overlord III (TV) as Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself (eps 6, 10-11)
Pazudora (TV) as Toki
Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ (TV) as Tony Stone
Plastic Memories (TV) as Shinya Godou (eps 2, 4-6)
(The) Prince of Tennis (TV) as Gen'ichirou Sanada
(The) Prince of Tennis II (TV) as Gen'ichirō Sanada
(The) Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup (TV) as Genichirō Sanada
(The) Prince of Tennis: Eikoku-shiki Teikyū-jō Kessen! (movie) as Genichirou Sanada
(The) Prince of Tennis: The National Tournament (OAV) as Gen'ichirou Sanada
Promare (movie) as Vulcan Haestus; Vulcan Hastus 
Promare: Lio-hen (ONA) as Vulcan Haestus
Psycho-Pass 3 (TV) as Tetsuya Sasagawa (eps 1-2)
Radiant (TV) as Oxumare (ep 15)
(The) Reincarnation of the Strongest Exorcist In Another World (TV) as Gull Galeos (eps 2-3)
(The) Rising of The Shield Hero (TV) as Mald (eps 21-22)
(The) Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 (TV) as Mald (ep 1)
(The) Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 (TV) as Mardo (ep 10)
Romantic Killer (ONA) as Tsukasa's Father (eps 11-12)
SD Gundam Force (TV) as Epyon, Evil Warrior; Tallgeese, Knight Of The Tempest
SD Gundam World Heroes (ONA) as Arsene Gundam X
Seton Academy: Welcome to the Pack (TV) as Ando Andrew (eps 10-12)
Sgt. Frog (TV) as Trunks/Boxers (ep 254)
Shigurui: Death Frenzy (TV) as Hyouma Funaki
Shura no Toki: Age of Chaos (TV) as Hijikata Toshizou; Kuki Kazuma (eps 5-6); Sanada Yukimura (ep 9)
Sirius the Jaeger (TV) as Naotora Momose (eps 4-5)
Sket Dance (TV) as Yabuta (ep 59)
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen -Chaos in Urbanrama- (TV) as Damian
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen -Doom of Dragon's Sanctuary- (TV) as Damian
Souten no Ken (TV) as Charles de Guise
Space Brothers #0 (movie) as Phillip Louis
Space Dandy Season 2 (TV) as Public Prosecutor (ep 12)
Squid Girl (TV) as Yūta's father (ep 8)
Stitch! (TV) as Tachicchu (ep 3)
Tekken: Bloodline (ONA) as Heihachi Mishima
Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai-hen Semifinal (OAV) as Gen'ichirou Sanada
Tennis no Oujisama: Atobe Kara no Okurimono (movie) as Genichirou Sanada
Terraformars: Chikyū-hen (OAV) as Daniel Arthur Jr.
(The) Testament of Sister New Devil BURST (TV) as Gald
Tiger & Bunny (TV) as Antonio Lopez/Rock Bison
Tiger & Bunny 2 (TV) as Antonio Lopez/Rock Bison
Tiger & Bunny The Movie -The Rising- as Antonio Lopez/Rock Bison
Tiger & Bunny the Movie: The Beginning as Antonio Lopez/Rock Bison
Time Stranger Kyoko (OAV) as Widoshiku
'Tis Time for "Torture," Princess (TV) as Garyuo (ep 12)
Tokyo 24th Ward (TV) as Gōri Suidō
Tokyo Ghoul √A (TV) as Kuzen (ep 8)
Tokyo Ghoul:re (TV) as Kuzen (ep 36)
Tokyo Underground (TV) as Heat
Toriko (TV) as Niceny
Tōsōchū: The Great Mission (TV) as Mafia Boss (ep 50)
Transformers (live-action movie) as Jazz (Meister)
Transformers: Armada (TV) as Rad's Father (eps 41, 46)
Transformers: Cybertron (TV) as Galaxy Convoy
Transformers: Robots in Disguise (TV) as Black Convoy
Transformers: Robots in Disguise (U.S. TV 2015) as Optimus Prime
Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy - Kingdom (ONA) as Nemesis Prime
Trigun: Badlands Rumble (movie) as Shane B. Goodman
Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- (TV 2) as Io
Undead Murder Farce (TV) as Justin Ganimard; Lestrade 
Unlimited Psychic Squad (TV) as Allen Walsh
Usagi-chan de Cue!! (OAV) as Cyber Dekao; Dekao 
Vatican Miracle Examiner (TV) as Torones Antonio Beninwanbi
Venus to Mamoru (TV) as Soshi Kikukawa
Vinland Saga (TV 2) as Thorgil
Virtua Fighter (TV) as Liu Kowloon
Welcome to Irabu's Office (TV) as TV Drama Director (ep 9)
Whistle! (TV) as Sōjū Matsushita (2002 version)
Xam'd: Lost Memories (ONA) as Talca (eps 21, 23-24)
Xenosaga: The Animation (TV) as Margulis
Yowamushi Pedal (TV) as Driver (ep 4)
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (TV) as Jin Himuro
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (TV) as Don Zaloog (one of 7 stars: # 4)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal II (TV) as Shadow Giant
YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world. (TV) as Kōzō Ryūzōji
Zetman (TV) as Black Suit B
Zombie Land Saga Revenge (TV) as Judge C (ep 5)
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