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Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight (US live-action TV)

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Alternative title:
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Kamen Rider: Los caballeros dragón (Spanish)
Kamen Rider: O Cavaleiro Dragão (Portuguese)
カメンライダー ドラゴンナイト (Japanese)
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: An evil General known as Xaviax has taken over the Mirror World and their warriors- the Kamen Riders. Now hes set his eyes on Earth as his next target, but when he kidnaps Frank Taylor, it sets his son Kit on the path to become the new Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Now Kit, along with Wing Knight Len, must recover the Advent Decks from evil Kamen Rider's and stop Xaviax's plan.
Number of episodes: 40
Episode titles: We have 40
2008-12-13 to 2009-12-26 (USA, CW4Kids)
2009-06-29 (Brazil, Rede Globo - TV Globinho)
2009-08-17 (Televisa Canal 5 - México)
2009-10-06 to 2010-02-16 (Japan, Toei Channel)
2009-10-07 (Cartoon Network Latin America)
2009-10-26 (Portugal - RTP2)
2010-06-14 (Portugal - Panda Biggs)
Release dates: We have 15
Opening Theme:
"Dive Into the Mirror" by defspiral [Japanese version; TV Asahi broadcast] (eps 5-14)
"Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Opening Theme" by Cage9
"Kamen Rider" by Cartoni in Faccia [Italian version]
Ending Theme:
"Another World" by Tatsuhisa Suzuki and Satoshi Matsuda [Japanese version; TV Asahi broadcast] (eps 7-14)
Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight was the first Kamen Rider title to be adapted to American audiences since the ill-fated 1995 series The Masked Rider (which was loosely based on Kamen Rider BLACK RX). The series aired on The CW and ran for 36 episodes before it was canceled; the final four episodes were made available online on the 4Kids website on December 18, 2009. Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight was the first show to receive the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Stunt Coordination.
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Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Kengo Motoi (TV Asahi)
Naomi Takebe (Toei)
Shinichiro Shirakura (Toei)

Theme Song Arrangement:
defspiral (OP)
tatsuo (ED)
Theme Song Composition:
Ryo (defspiral; OP)
tatsuo (ED)
Theme Song Lyrics:
Shōko Fujibayashi (ED)
Theme Song Performance:
defspiral (OP)
Satoshi Matsuda (ED)
Tatsuhisa Suzuki (ED)
Hōchū Ohtsuka as Xaviax
Tatsuhisa Suzuki as
Adam / Kamen Rider Onyx
Kit Taylor / Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Yuria Haga as Maya Young

Miyuki Sawashiro as Kase / Kamen Rider Siren
Rikiya Koyama as Frank Taylor
Satoshi Matsuda as Len / Kamen Rider Wing Knight
Takahiro Sakurai as Danny Cho / Hunt / Kamen Rider Axe
Tomokazu Sugita as JTC / Price / Kamen Rider Strike
Tsuyoshi Koyama as Eubulon / Advent Master
Yōko Soumi as Michelle Walsh
Yūki Kaji as Trent

Ayaka Yamashita as Grace Kiefer
Hideo Ishikawa as Vic Frasier / Kamen Rider Wrath
Hiroki Takahashi as Richie Preston / Kamen Rider Incisor
Hiroshi Kamiya as Chris Ramirez / Kamen Rider Sting
Junji Majima as Brandon
Kenji Matsuda as Grant Staley / Kamen Rider Camo
Kōji Yusa as Drew Lansing/Chance/Kamen Rider Torque
Kouzou Douzaka as Paul Wright
Manabu Sakamaki as
Grant's Master
Race Announcer
Masaki Terasoma as Agent Phillips
Rina Akiyama as Sara
Ryō Iwasaki as Monster
Ryota Murai as Albert Cho / Chase / Kamen Rider Spear
Satoshi Taki as Detective Grimes
Shouma Yamamoto as Brad Barrett / Kamen Rider Thrust
Taiten Kusunoki as Dan Ramirez
Yoshiyuki Kaneko as Dr. Heath
Yuka Komatsu as Lacey
Japanese companies
Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (2010-04-06 to 2010-06-29)
Toei Channel
TV Asahi (2010-04-01 to 2010-07-01)
Distributor: Toei Video Co., Ltd.
Internet Streaming:
YouTube (via Toei Tokusatsu YouTube Official)
English staff
English cast
Colin Gillis (6 episodes
eps 2, 6, 14, 19, 26-27

Jeff Walker (6 episodes
eps 9-11, 13, 25, 28

Michael Wang
Nathan Long (16 episodes
eps 1, 5, 8, 16, 20, 22-24, 30-32, 36-40

Scott Phillips (12 episodes
eps 3-4, 7, 12, 15, 17-18, 21, 29, 33-35

Steve Wang
Episode Director:
John Fasano (11 episodes
eps 7-10, 17-19, 26-29

Mark Allen (5 episodes
eps 11-12, 33-35

Michael Wang (8 episodes
eps 5-6, 20-22, 30-32

Steve Wang (16 episodes
eps 1-4, 13-16, 23-25, 36-40

Original creator: Shōtarō Ishinomori
First Assistant Camera: Carson Reaves
Line Producer: Jimmy Sprague
Stunt Coordination:
Dorenda Moore
Reuben Langdon (eps 1-4)
Aria Alistar as Maya Young
Stephen Lunsford as
Adam / Kamen Rider Onyx
Kit Taylor / Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
William O'Leary as Xaviax

Carrie Reichenbach as Kase / Kamen Rider Siren
Jeff Davis as Frank Taylor
Kathy Christopherson as Michelle Walsh
Mark Dacascos as Eubulon / Advent Master
Matthew Mullins as Len / Kamen Rider Wing Knight
Mike Moh as Danny Cho / Hunt / Kamen Rider Axe
Scott Bailey as JTC / Price / Kamen Rider Strike
Taylor Emerson as Trent

Aaron Toney as Minion #3
Brian R. Norris as Brandon
Christopher Babers as Grant Staley / Kamen Rider Camo
Christopher Foley as Drew Lansing / Chance / Torque
Chuck Williams as Security Guard
Colette De la Croix as Mrs. Mowry
David Beron as Dan Ramirez
James Howell as Dr. Heath
James Paterson as Detective Grimes
Jamison Jones as Agent Phillips
Jimmy Sprague as Race Announcer
Kathleen Gati as Kit's Foster Mom
Keith Stone as Brad Barrett / Kamen Rider Thrust
Kevin Will as Electrician
Marisa Lauren as Lacey
Mark Wystrach as Vic Frasier / Kamen Rider Wrath
Michael Cardelle as Chris Ramirez / Kamen Rider Sting
Omi Vaidya as Fish
Peter Sherayko as Paul / Race Announcer 
Reuben Langdon as Minion #1
Sean Nepita as Cashier
T.J. Storm as Grant's Master
Tadahiro Nakamura as Minion #2
Tony Moras as Richie Preston / Kamen Rider Incisor
Tony Sano as Albert Cho / Kamen Rider Spear
Victoria Jackson as Aunt Grace
English companies
Cartoon Network Philippines
Okto (Singapore - as Channel i) 
The CW (CW4Kids)
Distributor: MediaLink Entertainment Limited (Asia-Pacific)
Internet Streaming: 4Kids TV
Licensed by: ADNESS
Spanish cast
Spanish staff
ADR Director: Jaime Roca (Spain dub)
ADR Script: Jaime Roca (Spain dub)
Jaime Roca as Walter Connors/Xaviax (Spain dub)
Jorge Saudinós as Kit Taylor/Dragon Knight (Spain dub)
Marta Sáinz as Maya Young (Spain dub)

Adolfo Pastor as Len/Kamen Rider Wing Knight (Spain dub)
Regino Ramos as Frank Taylor (Spain dub)

Alex Saudinós as Albert Cho/Kamen Rider Spear (Spain dub)
Alfredo Martínez as Drew Lansing (Spain dub)
César Díaz Capilla as Chris Ramirez/Kamen Rider Sting (Spain dub)
Diana Torres as Lacey Sheridan (Spain dub)
Emilio García as Danny Cho/Kamen Rider Axe (Spain dub)
Jordi Estupiñá as Fish (Spain dub; ep 28)
José Carabias as Trent (Spain dub)
Juan Francisco Lamata as Brandon (Spain dub)
Julia Martínez as Michelle Walsh (Spain dub)
Miguel Ángel Pérez as JTC (Spain dub)
Yolanda Quesada as Kase/Kamen Rider Siren (Spain dub)

Carolina Tak (Spain dub)
Javier Lorca (Spain dub)
Juan Navarro Torello (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
Distributor: Cloverway
Dubbing Studio: Alamis Doblaje (Spain dub)
Licensed by: Arait Multimedia (Spain)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Niseem Onorato as Xaviax
Patrizio Prata as Len / Kamen Rider Wing Knight
Renato Novara as
Adam / Kamen Rider Onyx
Kit Taylor / Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Sonia Mazza as Maya Young

Leonardo Graziano as Trent Mosely
Simone D'Andrea as JTC / Price / Kamen Rider Strike

Renata Bertolas as Lacey Sheridan
Italian companies
Dubbing Studio: LOGOS srl
Translation: C.I.T.I.
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director: Angela Bonatti
Ettore Zuim as Xaviax
Marcelo Garcia as Len / Kamen Rider Wing Knight
Priscila Amorim as Maya Young
Reinaldo Buzzoni as Kit Taylor / Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Fabíola Martins as Michelle Walsh
José Leonardo as Trent
Maurício Berger as Frank Taylor

Christiano Torreão as Drew Lansing
Eduardo Dascar as Grant Staley / Kamen Rider Camo
Iara Riça as Lacey Sheridan
Jorge Eduardo as Richie Preston / Kamen Rider Destruidor
Luiz Sérgio Vieira as Danny Cho / Kamen Rider Axe
Maíra Góes as Kase / Kamen Rider Siren
Mariângela Cantú as Grace Kiefer
Renan Freitas as Chris Ramirez / Kamen Rider Sting
Rodrigo Antas as Albert Cho / Kamen Rider Spear
Portuguese companies

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