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Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Kanji name: 朝日放送株式会社
Foundation date: 1951-03-15
Mailing address: 1-1-30 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka 553-8503, JAPAN
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Anime with which this company was involved:
(Japanese version)
Aldnoah.Zero (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Aldnoah.Zero (TV 2) : Production

Ashita no Nadja (TV) : Production

(The) Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
(The) Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water (TV 2) : Broadcaster
, Production
B-PROJECT (TV) : Broadcaster

B-PROJECT: Zecchō Emotion (TV) : Broadcaster

Beyond the Boundary (TV) : Broadcaster (2013-10-02)

Bikkuri-Man (TV) : Broadcaster

Boys Over Flowers (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
(The) Brave Command Dagwon (TV) : Broadcaster

(The) Brave of Gold Goldran (TV) : Broadcaster

(The) Brave Police J-Decker (TV) : Broadcaster

Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas (TV) : Broadcaster

CODE-E (TV) : Broadcaster (2007-07-03)

Cooking Papa (TV) : Production

Dokonjo Gaeru (TV) : Broadcaster

Doraemon the Movie: "Kachi-Kochi" Nobita's Great Adventure in the Antarctic : Production Cooperation

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Birth of Japan 2016 : Production Cooperation

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Space Heroes : Production Cooperation

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration : Production Cooperation

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Treasure Island : Production Cooperation

Eiga Dokidoki! Precure Mana Kekkon!!? Mirai ni Tsunagu Kibō no Dress (movie) : Production

Eiga Precure All Stars: Haru no Carnival (movie) : Production

Eiga Smile Precure: Ehon no Naka wa Minna Chiguhagu! (movie) : Production

Engaged to the Unidentified (TV) : Broadcaster (2014-01-08)

Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club (TV) : Broadcaster (2013-07-04)
, Production
Free! Eternal Summer (TV) : Broadcaster (2014-07-03)
, Production
Fresh Pretty Cure (TV) : Production

From the New World (TV) : Broadcaster (2012-10-03)

Futari wa Precure Max Heart 2: Yukizora no Tomodachi (movie) : Production

Futari wa Precure Splash Star (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Futari wa Precure Splash Star Tick Tack Kiki Ippatsu! (movie) : Planning Assistance (ABC)
, Production
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart (TV) : Production

Ganbare! Odenkun (TV) : Broadcaster

Gangsta. (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Ghost Sweeper Mikami (TV) : Broadcaster

Gin-iro no Olynssis (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Glass Fleet (TV) : Broadcaster (2006-04-06)
, Production
Glitter Force (TV) : Production

Glitter Force Doki Doki (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Go! Princess Precure (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions (TV) : Broadcaster

Grimm's Fairy Tales (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Gunparade Orchestra (TV) : Broadcaster (2005-10-12)

H2 (TV) : Production

Hai Step Jun (TV) : Broadcaster

Hajime Ningen Gyatoruz (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
HappinessCharge PreCure! (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Healin' Good Precure (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Heartcatch Precure! (TV) : Production

Heartcatch Precure! Hana no Miyako de Fashion Show…Desu ka!? (movie) : Production

Hello! Spank (TV) : Planning Production
, Production
Heybot! (TV) : Broadcaster

High Speed! -Free! Starting Days- (movie) : Production

Hikari no Densetsu (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Himouto! Umaru-chan (TV) : Broadcaster

Hugtto! Precure (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Immortal Grand Prix (TV 2) : Broadcaster (2005-10-11)

Kamichu! (TV) : Broadcaster (2005-07-07 to 2005-10-06)

Kiznaiver (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique: Kokoro no Mezameru Toki (TV) : Broadcaster

Little Lulu (TV) : Production

Magical Taruruuto-kun (TV) : Broadcaster

Maho Girls Precure! (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Maple Town Stories (TV) : Broadcaster

Marmalade Boy (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Maya the Bee (TV) : Broadcaster

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 (TV) : Broadcaster

Mokke (TV) : Broadcaster (2007-10-10)

Monarch: The Big Bear of Tallac (TV) : Production

Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Mushishi: The Next Chapter (TV) : Broadcaster (2014-04-10)

Myriad Colors Phantom World (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Neighborhood Story (TV) : Broadcaster

New Grimm's Fairy Tales (TV) : Production

New Maple Town Stories (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Occultic;Nine (TV) : Broadcaster (ABC; 2016-10-08)

Ojamajo Doremi (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Ojamajo Doremi # (TV) : Broadcaster

Orange (TV) : Broadcaster

Oreshura (TV) : Broadcaster (2013-01-09)

Perfect Blue (movie) : Production Cooperation

Plastic Memories (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Precure All Stars DX2: Kibō no Hikari—Rainbow Jewel o Mamore! (movie) : Production

Precure All Stars DX: Minna Tomodachi—Kiseki no Zenin Daishūgō (movie) : Production

Precure All Stars New Stage 2: Kokoro no Tomodachi (movie) : Production

Precure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi (movie) : Production

Precure All-Stars DX3 Mirai ni Todoke! Sekai o Tsunagu Niji-Iro no Hana (movie) : Production

Pretty Cure (TV) : Production

Qualidea Code (TV) : Broadcaster

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (TV) : Broadcaster

Saint Tail (TV) : Production

Servant × Service (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Shin Bikkuriman (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Sisters of Wellber (TV) : Broadcaster (2007-04-04)

Sky High (live-action movie) : Production

(il) sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion (TV) : Production

Sound! Euphonium 2 (TV) : Broadcaster

Stand By Me Doraemon 2 (movie) : Production

Star Twinkle Precure (TV) : Production

Sumomomo Momomo - Chijō Saikyō no Yome (TV) : Broadcaster (2006-10-10)

Super Bikkuriman (TV) : Broadcaster

Taeko no Nichijō (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Tama & Friends: Uchi no Tama Shirimasen ka? (TV) : Broadcaster

Tiger Mask W (TV) : Broadcaster

Tonde Mon Pe (TV) : Production

Tongari Bōshi no Memoru (TV) : Broadcaster

Topo Gigio (TV) : Production

Utawarerumono (TV) : Broadcaster (2006-04-03)

Wish Upon the Pleiades (TV) : Broadcaster

Witch Craft Works (TV) : Broadcaster (2014-01-08)

Yes! Precure 5 (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! (TV) : Broadcaster (2008-02-03)
, Production
Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday (movie) : Production

Yume no Crayon Oukoku (TV) : Broadcaster
, Production
Yume Tsukai (TV) : Broadcaster (2006-04-11)

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