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New Grimm's Fairy Tales (TV)

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Alternative title:
C'era una volta (Italian)
Grimms Märchen (German)
New Grimm Masterpiece Theater
Nuevos cuentos de los hermanos Grimm (Spanish)
Raconte-moi une histoire (French)
Shin Grimm Meisaku Gekijō (Japanese)
Новые сказки братьев Гримм (Russian)
في جعبتي حكاية (Arabic)
新グリム名作劇場 (Japanese)
Themes: fairy tales
Number of episodes: 23
Episode titles: We have 23
1988-10-02 to 1989-03-26
1990-02-20 (Colombia - Cadena 3)
1992-01-10 (France)
1996-05-23 to 1996-06-16 (Italy, Italia 1)
Release dates: We have 4
Links: We have 1
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics - Season 2 (Blu-ray) 2021-08-31 (from $98.00)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Akira Miyazaki (8 episodes
eps 5, 8-9, 12, 16-17, 20-21

Nobuyuki Fujimoto (11 episodes
eps 2-4, 10-11, 14-15, 18-19, 22-23

Yū Yamamoto (eps 1, 13)
Fumio Kurokawa (4 episodes
eps 4, 8, 12, 20

Hiroshi Saitō (ep 1)
Kazuyoshi Yokota (5 episodes
eps 6, 10, 14, 18, 22

Keiji Hayakawa
Kōzō Kusuba (ep 16)
Shinya Hanai (eps 13, 21)
Takayoshi Suzuki (6 episodes
eps 2-3, 7, 11, 15, 23

Episode Director:
Fumio Kurokawa (5 episodes
eps 4, 8, 12, 16, 20

Hiroshi Saitō (ep 1)
Kazuyoshi Yokota (5 episodes
eps 6, 10, 14, 18, 22

Shinya Hanai (5 episodes
eps 5, 9, 13, 17, 21

Takayoshi Suzuki (7 episodes
eps 2-3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23

Music: Hideo Shimazu
Original story:
Jacob Grimm
Wilhelm Grimm
Animation Director:
Hirokazu Ishino (eps 6, 14, 22)
Kōji Katō (5 episodes
eps 2-3, 12, 17, 21

Masaru Oshiro (4 episodes
eps 11, 15, 19, 24

Satoshi Takeuchi (4 episodes
eps 5, 9, 16, 20

Shuichi Ishii (5 episodes
eps 1, 4, 11, 15, 23

Tetsunari Ishikawa (4 episodes
eps 3, 7, 10, 18

Executive producer: Kōichi Motohashi
Cinematography: Toshiaki Morita
Production: Hiroshi Saitō
Mitsuko Horie as Narrator

Atsuko Mine as
Mother Duck (ep 8)
Nanny (ep 12)
Bin Shimada as The Hunter (ep 22)
Chieko Honda as Majo
Chihoko Shigeta as Irene (ep 9)
Chikao Ohtsuka as Godfather Death (ep 23)
Chiyoko Kawashima as The Peasant's Wife (ep 7)
Daiki Nakamura as
Florist (ep 3)
Soldier (ep 12)
Daisuke Gouri as
Bull Monster (ep 1)
Monster (ep 3)
The Cook (ep 11)
Gara Takashima as
Court Lady (ep 23)
Rapunzel's Mother (ep 5)
Hideyuki Hori as The Prince (ep 10)
Hideyuki Tanaka as The King (ep 12)
Hiroko Maruyama as Witch (ep 6)
Hiromi Tsuru as Helga (ep 21)
Hiroshi Izawa as The Peasant (ep 7)
Hiroshi Takemura as The Second Son (ep 10)
Hōchū Ohtsuka as
Rapunzel's Father (ep 5)
The Eldest Son (ep 13)
The Rabbit (ep 9)
The Soldier (ep 7)
Ichirō Nagai as
The Father (ep 13)
The Wolf (ep 8)
Ikuya Sawaki as Goblin Bandit B (ep 6)
Junko Hagimori as
Child (ep 11)
Child Duck (ep 8)
The Miller's Infant Son (ep 22)
Kaneto Shiozawa as Prince (ep 3)
Katsuji Mori as Prince (ep 5)
Kazuhiko Inoue as The Doctor (ep 23)
Kazuo Oka as The Priest (ep 7)
Keaton Yamada as
Old Man (ep 4)
The Miller (ep 22)
Keiichi Nanba as The Fourth Son (ep 10)
Kenichi Ogata as
God (ep 23)
Servant (ep 11)
The King (ep 13)
The Rooster (ep 9)
Kenichi Ono as Eldest Son (ep 1)
Kimie Hantani as The Peasant's Child B (ep 7)
Kōhei Miyauchi as The King (ep 23)
Kōichi Yamadera as
The Eldest Son (ep 10)
Two-tailed Fox (ep 2)
Kōzō Shioya as
Hank the One-tailed Fox (ep 2)
Middle Son (ep 1)
Kumiko Takizawa as Mrs. Fox (ep 2)
Machiko Washio as Sorceress (ep 1)
Masaharu Satō as
Servant (ep 12)
The Miller (ep 4)
Masako Katsuki as Hannah (ep 3)
Masami Kikuchi as
The Fourth Son (ep 13)
The Third Son
Masato Hirano as
Steward (ep 23)
The Knight (ep 13)
Masaya Taki as Elder Statesman (ep 11)
Mayumi Tanaka as Rudolf (ep 12)
Megumi Hayashibara as
Rapunzel's Son (ep 5)
The Sixth Son (ep 10)
Michitaka Kobayashi as
Coach Driver (ep 23)
Goblin Bandit D (ep 6)
Soldier (ep 11)
Miho Yoshida as Helen (ep 3)
Miki Itō as Child (ep 23)
Minoru Inaba as Four-tailed Fox (ep 2)
Mitsuaki Hoshino as
Goblin Bandit C (ep 6)
Landlord (ep 22)
Three-tailed Fox (ep 2)
Mitsuko Horie as
Hildegard (ep 9)
Lily (ep 2)
Maria (ep 3)
Princess (ep 1)
Rapunzel (ep 5)
The Hunter's Wife (ep 22)
The Princess (ep 13)
The Servant Girl (ep 6)
Thousand-Furs (ep 11)
Witch's daughter (ep 4)
Youngest Daughter (Princess) (ep 10)
Miyoko Aoba as Woman (ep 6)
Miyoko Asō as Witch (ep 5)
Miyoko Otowa as Child (ep 11)
Nana Yamaguchi as
Mother Holle (ep 9)
Old Woman of the Mountain (ep 22)
Noriko Uemura as
Housewife (ep 8)
Lady (ep 5)
Mother (ep 23)
The Miller's Wife (ep 22)
The Queen's mother (Witch) (ep 10)
Osamu Saka as
Prince's father (ep 3)
The King (ep 11)
Reiko Yamada as
The Witch (ep 12)
Witch (ep 4)
Rihoko Yoshida as The Nixie (Water Spirit; ep 22)
Shigeru Chiba as Devil (ep 2)
Shinobu Adachi as The Hen (ep 9)
Shō Hayami as The Prince (ep 11)
Takeshi Aono as The Devil (ep 7)
Takurō Kitagawa as
Senior Lord (ep 23)
The Deer (ep 8)
Takuzō Kamiyama as The Landlord (ep 7)
Tesshō Genda as Mr. Fox (ep 2)
Tomomichi Nishimura as Goblin Bandit A (ep 6)
Toshiharu Sakurai as The Third Son (ep 13)
Toshiko Fujita as The Evil Queen (ep 10)
Toshio Furukawa as Owl/Prince (ep 6)
Unshō Ishizuka as The King (ep 10)
Yō Yoshimura as The Second Son (ep 13)
Yoku Shioya as
Hunter (ep 4)
The Fox (ep 8)
Youngest Son (ep 1)
Yoshino Ohtori as The Stepmother (ep 9)
Yukimasa Natori as Peasant (ep 23)
Yukitoshi Hori as Farmer (ep 8)
Yumiko Shibata as The Peasant's Child A (ep 7)
Yuriko Yamamoto as Rosa (ep 12)

Minoru Inaba (ep 10)
Yukitoshi Hori (ep 10)
Japanese companies
Art Room Boomerang (eps 2, 11)
Film Magic (4 episodes
eps 7, 15, 19, 23

Studio Loft (13 episodes
eps 1-3, 5, 7-8, 10-22 even

Studio WHO (6 episodes
eps 4, 6, 9, 13, 17, 21

Film Developing: Tokyo Laboratory
In-Between Animation: Group Donguri (8 episodes
eps 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 17-18, 21

Ink & Paint: Studio Killy
Key Animation:
Anime Friend (ep 6)
Bebow (ep 1)
Doga Kobo (eps 9, 13, 21)
Oh! Production (ep 7)
Samtack (ep 5)
Studio Emu (ep 1)
T.T. Production (ep 3)
Photography: Trans Arts Co.
Recording Production: Onkyo Eizo System Co., Ltd.
Recording Studio: Studio Taiping
Sound Effects: Fizz Sound Creation
English staff
English cast
ADR Director: Scott Page-Pagter
Translation: Sheldon Drzka (Discotek SD Blu-ray)
Executive producer:
Haim Saban
Jerald E. Bergh (Executive in Charge of Production)
Producer: Justin Sevakis (Discotek SD Blu-ray)

ADR Coordination: Kelly Griffin
Associate producer: Caleb McPhee (Discotek SD Blu-ray)
Blu-Ray Authoring: Justin Sevakis (Discotek SD Blu-ray)
Blu-Ray Compression: Justin Sevakis (Discotek SD Blu-ray)
Menu Design: Gary Swarer (Discotek SD Blu-ray)
Music Administration: Ron Kenan
Music Supervision: Andrew Dimitroff
Packaging Design: Douglas Smith (Discotek SD Blu-ray)
Post-Production Assistant: Amber Santilli
Post-Production Supervision: Eric S. Rollman
Production Accounting:
Carol Diesel
Val DeCrowl
Production Assistant: Sherry Jeffreys (Assistant to Mr. Saban)
Quality Control: Marc Levy (Discotek SD Blu-ray)
Re-Recording Engineer:
Clive Mizumoto
Gary Coppola
R.D. Floyd
Restoration Editor: Caleb McPhee (Discotek SD Blu-ray)
Script Coordinator: Kelly Griffin
Script Supervision: Tony Oliver
Sound Effects Editing:
Gary Jaye
John Valentino
Subtitle Editing: Logan Rebholz (Discotek SD Blu-ray)
Subtitle Timing: Yuri Petnys (Discotek SD Blu-ray)
Supervising Producer: Winston Richard
Ted Layman as Narrator

Ardwight Chamberlain as
Franz (The Four Skillful Brothers)
Johan (Bearskin)
Arlene Banas as Mother Holle (Mother Holle)
Barbara Goodson as
Elaine (Mother Holle)
Mrs. Fox (The Marriage of Mrs. Fox)
Mrs. Hedgehog (The Hare and the Hedgehog)
The Queen (The Man of Iron)
Bill Capizzi as
Rumpelstiltskin (Rumpelstiltskin)
Soldier (Brother and Sister)
The Cook (The Man of Iron)
The Crab (The Hare and the Hedgehog)
The King (The Iron Stove)
The Rabbit (Mother Holle)
Brianne Siddall as
Lisbeth the Servant Girl (The Old Woman in the Woods)
Rapunzel's Son (Rapunzel)
Sean (The Water Nixie, young)
The Child (The Hare and the Hedgehog)
The Wren Prince (The Wren and the Bear)
Clifton Wells as
Hans Müller (Bearskin)
The Miller (The Water Nixie)
Daniel Woren as
Soldier (The Brave Little Tailor)
The King (Rumpelstiltskin)
The Prince (Beauty and the Beast)
Two-Tailed Fox (The Marriage of Mrs. Fox)
Dave Mallow as
The Fox (The Wolf and the Fox; The Wren and the Bear)
The King (Brother and Sister)
The Other Lumberjack's Son (The Spirit in the Bottle)
The Owl/Prince (The Old Woman in the Woods)
The Peasant (The Faithful Watchmen)
The Wren Prince (The Wren and the Bear)
Wilhelm (The Four Skillful Brothers)
Doug Stone as
Anton (The Crystal Ball)
The Soldier (The Faithful Watchmen)
Eddie Frierson as Prince William (The Iron Stove)
Edie Mirman as
Gisela (Bearskin)
Grandma (The Wren and the Bear)
Helen (Beauty and the Beast)
The Nanny (Brother and Sister)
The Old Woman (The Water Nixie)
The Witch (The Crystal Ball; The Magic Heart; The Old Woman in the Woods)
Edward Mannix as Maria's Father (Beauty and the Beast)
Frank Catalano as Prince Alexander (The Coat of Many Colors)
Jeff Winkless as
Butler (The Godfather of Death)
Old Samuel (The Hare and the Hedgehog)
The Farmer (The Godfather of Death)
The Father (The Four Skillful Brothers)
The Miller (The Magic Heart)
Julie Maddalena as
Heidi (The Water Nixie)
The Princess (The Brave Little Tailor; The Iron Stove)
Kerrigan Mahan as
King Wren (The Wren and the Bear)
Prince/Swan (The Six Swans)
Sean (The Water Nixie)
The Fox (The Hare and the Hedgehog)
The Other Lumberjack (The Spirit in the Bottle)
Kirk Thornton as
General (The Brave Little Tailor)
Rapunzel's Father (Rapunzel)
Lara Cody as
Brother (Brother and Sister)
Rapunzel (Rapunzel)
The Princess (The Six Swans)
Mari Devon as The Nixie (The Water Nixie)
Melodee M. Spevack as
The Evil Queen (The Six Swans)
The Peasant's Wife (The Faithful Watchmen)
Michael Forest as
Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
Death (The Godfather of Death)
John the Woodcutter (The Spirit in the Bottle)
The King (The Four Skillful Brothers; The Man of Iron)
Michael McConnohie as
General Bear (The Wren and the Bear)
The Innkeeper (Bearskin)
The King (The Six Swans)
The Spirit of Justice (The Godfather of Death)
Michael Reynolds as
Giant (The Brave Little Tailor)
Goblin Bandit (The Old Woman in the Woods)
The Chamberlain (Rumpelstiltskin)
The King (The Coat of Many Colors)
The Landlord (The Faithful Watchmen)
The Wolf (The Wren and the Bear)
Michael Sorich as
General (The Brave Little Tailor)
Prince/Swan (The Six Swans)
Milton James as
The Demon (Bearskin)
The Devil (The Faithful Watchmen)
The Frog (The Iron Stove)
Rebecca Forstadt as
Hanna (Beauty and the Beast)
Sister (Brother and Sister)
The Little Girl (The Wren and the Bear)
Richard Epcar as
Guard (The Iron Stove)
Hans (The Man of Iron)
Soldier (The Brave Little Tailor)
The Blacksmith (The Man of Iron)
Robert Axelrod as The Hare (The Hare and the Hedgehog)
Robert V. Barron as
Mr. Fox (The Marriage of Mrs. Fox)
Servant (Brother and Sister)
The Florist (Beauty and the Beast)
The Miller (Rumpelstiltskin)
The Old Man (The Magic Heart)
Ron Rolek as
Frederick (The Spirit in the Bottle)
Junior (The Hare and the Hedgehog)
Peter (The Four Skillful Brothers)
The Doctor (The Godfather of Death)
Stephen Apostolina as Tailor (The Brave Little Tailor)
Steve Kramer as
George (The Crystal Ball)
Prince/Swan (The Six Swans)
Soldier (The Brave Little Tailor)
The Cook (The Coat of Many Colors)
The Devil (The Marriage of Mrs. Fox)
The Hedgehog (The Hare and the Hedgehog)
The King (The Godfather of Death)
The Priest (The Faithful Watchman)
The Wolf (The Wolf and the Fox)
Villager (Rumpelstiltskin)
Tom Wyner as The King (The Brave Little Tailor)
Tony Oliver as
Four-Tailed Fox (The Marriage of Mrs. Fox)
Sebastian (The Crystal Ball)
The Deer (The Wolf and the Fox)
The Prince (The Six Swans)
Wendee Lee as Christina (Bearskin)

Amy Greenbaum (Mega Dub)
Dana Mushkatbl (Mega Dub)
Dor Zweingenbom (Mega Dub)
Eva Hadad (Mega Dub)
Giora Kenet (Mega Dub)
Howard Rypp (Mega Dub)
Jeremy Kaplan (Mega Dub)
Jodi Schenck (Mega Dub)
Johanan Herson (Mega Dub)
Linda Lovitch (Mega Dub)
Robert Schenck (Mega Dub)
English companies
Adaptation: Saban Entertainment
Broadcaster: Nickelodeon
Distributor: Saban Entertainment
Licensed by: Discotek Media (2020)
French staff
French cast
Theme Song Performance: Claude Lombard
Arlette Thomas as Narratrice

Agathe Mélinand as Maria (La Belle) (ep 27)
Alexandre Gillet as
Fils 3 (ep 37)
Serviteur (ep 42)
Arlette Thomas as
Belle-Mère (ep 34)
Fils de Rose (ep 29)
Frère 3 (ep 34)
Grand-Mère (ep 44)
Magicienne (ep 46)
Marâtre (ep 36)
Mère (ep 31)
Mère des canards (ep 32)
Moustique (ep 44)
Oisillon 3 (ep 44)
Poule (ep 33)
Reine (ep 42)
Soeur 1 (ep 27)
Sorcière (ep 26)
Thérèse (ep 40)
Aurélia Bruno as Petite Fille de la Forêt Enchantée (ep 30)
Barbara Delsol as
Christine (ep 40)
Jeune fille (ep 26)
Lily (ep 25)
Barbara Tissier as Eddy (ep 46)
Bertrand Liebert as
Fils 1 (ep 37)
Fils du Bûcheron (ep 38)
Jeune Garçon (ep 28)
Prince (eps 27, 29, 36)
Renard (ep 44)
Roi (ep 45)
Christian Peythieu as
Chambellan (ep 45)
Chasseur (ep 36)
Conseiller du prince (ep 35)
Forgeron (ep 42)
Orfèvre (ep 38)
Prêtre (ep 35)
Roi (eps 37, 43)
Claude Joseph as
Loup (ep 32)
Vieil Homme (ep 28)
Daniel Lafourcade as
Cuisinier (ep 35)
Fils 2 (ep 37)
Frère 1 (ep 34)
Lièvre (ep 41)
Eric Missoffe as
Gaspard/ Peau d'Ours (ep 40)
George (ep 26)
Poêle à Charbon/ Prince (ep 39)
Franck Baugin as Antoine (ep 26)
Georges Caudron as
Beau renard (ep 25)
Cerf (ep 32)
Frère 4 (ep 34)
Le Petit Tailleur (ep 43)
Prêtre (ep 31)
Prince (ep 35)
Roi (ep 34)
Gilbert Levy as
Esprit (ep 31)
Hawk (ep 25)
Ginette Pigeon as Dame Renard (ep 25)
Hervé Caradec as
Corbeau (ep 44)
Père d'Helga (ep 45)
Jacques Ciron as
Coq (ep 33)
La Mort (ep 47)
Jacques Frantz as
Frère 3 (ep 26)
Seigneur de la Forêt (ep 26)
Jean-Claude Sachot as
Géant (ep 43)
Meunier (ep 28)
Ours (ep 44)
Père de Maria (ep 27)
Jean-Paul Richepin as Loup (ep 44)
Jean-Pierre Moulin as Géant (ep 42)
Jérôme Berthoud as
Jean (ep 46)
Jeune Prince (ep 42)
Joelle Guigui as
Helga (ep 45)
Oisillon 1 (ep 44)
Princesse (ep 43)
Liliane Gaudet as
Maman Holle (ep 33)
Vieille femme (ep 34)
Lita Recio as Sorcière (ep 29)
Marcel Guido as
Renard (ep 32)
Seigneur (ep 31)
Sorcière (ep 30)
Michel Modo as
Bon Dieu (ep 47)
Cuisinier (ep 42)
Père de la Princesse (ep 47)
Roi (ep 47)
Michèle Lituac as
Oisillon 2 (ep 44)
Petite fille (ep 44)
Nicole Favart as
Narratrice (ep 29)
Sorcière (ep 28)
Patrick Guillemin as Roitelet (ep 44)
Philippe Peythieu as
Aubergiste (ep 40)
Chambellan (ep 43)
Hibou (ep 30)
Mr Herisson (ep 41)
Père (ep 31)
Tromalin (ep 45)
Pierre Baton as
Lapin (ep 33)
Roi (ep 35)
Vieil Elmuth (ep 41)
Régine Teyssot as
Hélène (ep 33)
Hildegarde (ep 33)
Princesse (ep 37)
Rose (ep 36)
Soeur des Cygnes (ep 34)
Richard Darbois as Esprit malin (ep 25)
Roland Timsit as Père de Rose (ep 29)
Sarah Marot as
L'Ondine (ep 46)
Princesse (eps 42, 47)
Serge Faliu as
Frère 2 (ep 34)
Médecin (ep 47)
Meunier (ep 46)
Prince (ep 34)
Serge Lhorca as
Crabe (ep 41)
Diable (ep 40)
Grenouille 2 (ep 39)
Valérie Siclay as Peau d'âne / Mille Fourrure (ep 35)
Véronique Alycia as
Gisèle (ep 40)
Jeune fille (ep 28)
Le double (ep 39)
Mère de Rose (ep 29)
Véronique Soufflet as Princesse (ep 39)
Virginie Ledieu as Méchante Fée (ep 39)
William Sabatier as La Bête (ep 27)
Yves Barsacq as
Bûcheron (ep 38)
Père (ep 37)
Père du Médecin (ep 47)

French companies
La 5 (from 10 January 1992)
NT1 (from December 2005)
Dubbing: PM Productions
Spanish staff
Spanish companies
ATN Televisión (Colombia)
Cadena 3 (Colombia)
Cadena Uno (Colombia)
Canal A (Colombia)
Canal Caracol (Colombia)
Canal Uno (Colombia)
Cristovision (Colombia)
Inravision (Colombia)
Señal Colombia (Colombia)
Teleantioquia (Colombia)
Telecaribe (Colombia)
Telecinco (from 1990)
Telepacífico (Colombia)
Internet Streaming: Canal Caracol (Colombia)
Spanish cast
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Paolo Torrisi
Dialogues: Paolo Torrisi
Anna Bonel as Principessa (ep 34)
Antonio Paiola as
Padre (ep 40)
Signor Volpe (ep 25)
Dania Cericola as Bella (ep 27)
Daniela Fava as
Moglie (ep 46)
Raperonzolo (ep 29)
Daniele Demma as
1° Principe (ep 34)
Primo Ministro (ep 35)
Diego Sabre as
4° Principe (ep 34)
Padre di Raperonzolo (ep 29)
Donatella Fanfani as Principessa / Millepelli (ep 35)
Gabriele Calindri as
Cacciatore (ep 28)
Principe (ep 34)
Gianfranco Gamba as 2° Principe (ep 34)
Giusy Di Martino as Madre di Raperonzolo
Grazia Migneco as
Maga Buona (ep 46)
Strega (ep 29)
Irene Scalzo as Teresa (ep 40)
Ivo De Palma as Principe (eps 29, 35)
Karin Giegerich as Gisella (ep 40)
Lidia Costanzo as Matrigna (ep 36)
Luigi Rosa as 5° Principe (ep 34)
Marcella Silvestri as
Figlia della Strega (ep 28)
Ondina (ep 46)
Rose (ep 36)
Marco Balzarotti as Principe (ep 36)
Mariagrazia Errigo as Signora Volpe (ep 25)
Mario Scarabelli as Spirito Maligno (ep 25)
Maurizio Scattorin as
Mugnaio (ep 46)
Padre di Bella (ep 27)
Nadia Biondini as Cristina (ep 40)
Orlando Mezzabotta as Re (ep 34)
Paolo Torrisi as
3° Principe (ep 34)
Figlio (ep 29)
Figlio del Mugnaio (ep 46)
Pietro Ubaldi as Bestia (ep 27)
Roberta Gallina Laurenti as Lily (ep 25)
Stefano Albertini as Re (ep 35)
Stefano Dondi as 6° Principe (ep 34)
Tony Fuochi as Demonio (ep 40)
Tullia Piredda as Strega del Bosco (ep 34)
Valeria Falcinelli as
Regina Cattiva (ep 34)
Strega (ep 28)
Veronica Pivetti as Rodolphe (ep 36)
Italian companies
Canale 5 (from 1989) 
Hiro (from 2009)
Italia 1 (from May 23 1996)
Bim Bum Bam Video (from 1992)
DeAgostini (from 1989)
Dubbing: DENEB Film
German staff
German cast
Achim Schülke as
Der Tod (Gevatter Tod)
Zaunkönig (ep 20)
Aranka Jaenke Mamero as Großmutter (ep 20)
Ben Hecker as
Bär (ep 20)
Herr des Waldes (ep 1)
Krebs (ep 17)
Riese (ep 19)
Brigitte Bottrich as
Frau Taube (Aschenputtel)
Füchsin (Der Wolf und die ...)
Hans' Mutter (Hans im Glück)
Königin (Die sechs Schwäne)
Rapunzels Mutter
Stiefmutter (Schneewittchen)
Christian Stark as
Joringel (Joringel und Jorinde)
Jüngerer Prinz (Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot)
Daniela Reidies as
Douglas Welbat as
Hans (Hans im Glück)
Tauber (Aschenputtel)
Teufel (Die Hochzeit der Füchsin)
Eva Michaelis as Prinzessin (ep 13)
Franz Josef Steffens as
Böser Zwerg (Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot)
Erzähler (Hase und Igel)
Senior (Schneewittchen)
Hans Paetsch as Erzähler
Hildegard Krekel as Lilli (ep 2)
Isabella Grothe as Mutter des Prinzen (ep 18)
Jens Wawrczeck as Hahn (ep 9)
Kai Henrik Möller as Igel (ep 17)
Katja Seker as Prinzessin (Die sechs Schwäne)
Kerstin Draeger as Prinzessin (ep 18)
Konrad Bösherz as Prinz Josef (Das Wasser des Lebens)
Lothar Grützner as
König (ep 19)
Müller (ep 21)
Marek Erhardt as
Junge (ep 14)
König (ep 12)
Prinz (ep 5)
Marion Elskis as Müllerstochter (ep 21)
Marion von Stengel as
Böse Fee (Der Eisenofen)
Hildegard (Frau Holle)
Mädchen (Der Krautesel)
Maria (Die Schöne und das Biest)
Michael Weckler as Vater (ep 3)
Nicolas Böll as Anton (ep 1)
Nicolas König as
Franz (ep 22)
Junger Jägersmann (ep 4)
Sascha Draeger as
Eisenofen (ep 15)
Hase (ep 17)
Johann (ep 16)
Prinz (ep 10)
Thomas Karallus as Schneiderlein (ep 19)
Traudel Sperber as Prinzessin (ep 15)
Uschi Vogel as
Alte Frau (ep 4)
Grossmutter (Rotkäppchen)
Utz Richter as Wache (Der gestiefelte Kater)
Verena Wiet as
Alte Frau (Die sechs Schwäne)
Frau Holle
German companies
Tele 5
Dubbing: Planet Wave
Arabic staff
Arabic cast
General Supervision: Mannaa Hijazi
Mixage: Muhammad Hashem
OP Theme Song Performance: Tariq Al-Arabi Tourgane
Preparation: Ayman Bkirati
Production manager: Mahir Al-Hajj Weiss
Theme Song Lyrics: Jumana Al-Noman
Arabic companies
Broadcaster: Spacetoon
Dubbing: Al Zahra Centre - VENUS (Syria)

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