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Cerberus (TV)

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Alternative title:
Seisen Cerberus: Ryūkoku no Fatalite (Japanese)
聖戦ケルベロス 竜刻のファタリテ (Japanese)
Genres: adventure, fantasy
Plot Summary: On a continent ruled by sword and magic called Kunaaan, there are three kingdoms with a fragile power balance that could spell disaster and war at any moment. Another power, the evil dragon Daganzord, also resides on the continent, and no one is powerful enough to stop him from spreading destruction and charred land in his wake. Bairo and Kismitete, and a party of wizards attempted to seal the dragon, but were foiled. This event was known thereafter as the Balbagoa Tragedy. Bairo and Kismitete's son Hiiro is saved by Giiru, and Hiiro swears to avenge his parents' deaths and trains himself with the sword. When Hiiro turns 16, he sets out on a journey to slay the dragon, and Giruu accompanies him, having no choice. Along the way, they meet many types of people, and gain companions on their journey.
User Ratings: 108 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 1 vote (raw:1)
 Excellent: 2 votes (sub:2)
 Very good: 9 votes (sub:9)
 Good: 20 votes (sub:18, others:2
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
 Decent: 30 votes (sub:25, dub:4, others:1
1 Indonesia subtitled
 So-so: 23 votes (sub:22, others:1
1 Russian dubbed
 Not really good: 8 votes (sub:8)
 Weak: 9 votes (sub:7, others:2
1 Arabic subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
 Bad: 3 votes (sub:3)
 Awful: 2 votes (sub:2)
 Worst ever: 1 vote (sub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 194 users, rank: #3797 (of 9317)
Median rating: Decent
Arithmetic mean: 5.574 (Decent−), std. dev.: 1.7754, rank: #7953 (of 9420)
Weighted mean: 5.504 (Decent−), rank: #8078 (of 9420) (seen all: 5.61 / seen some: 6.15 / won't finish: 3.87)
Bayesian estimate: 5.731 (Decent−), rank: #6597 (of 7093)
Running time: half hour per episode
Number of episodes: 13
Episode titles: We have 13
Vintage: 2016-04-04
Opening Theme:
"Resonant Heart" by Maaya Uchida
Ending Theme:
"Xenotopia" by Suzuko Mimori
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Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Nobuhiro Kondo
Series Composition: Hiroshi Ohnogi
Hiroshi Ohnogi (7 episodes
eps 1-3, 6, 11-13

Masashi Sogo (eps 3-5, 7-10)
Akitoshi (OP; ep 10)
Nobuhiro Kondo (ED; eps 1, 3, 13)
Shōgo Kōmoto (eps 2, 5, 11-12)
Yasuhiro Tanabe (ep 4)
Episode Director:
Fumio Ito (eps 2, 12)
Hidehiko Kadota (eps 3, 6, 11)
Mana Uchiyama (ep 1)
Mitsuto Yamaji (ep 5)
Unit Director: Mana Uchiyama (OP,ED)
Character Design: Gou Toutsuki
Art Director: Kouki Nagayoshi
Chief Animation Director:
Isamu Fukushima
Yoshinori Deno
Animation Director:
Isamu Fukushima (ep 1)
Jouji Yanase (eps 1, 10)
Kenichi Watanabe (eps 8, 13)
Masahiko Itojima (ep 10)
Mitsunori Yamaguchi (ep 8)
Motoki Yagi (eps 5, 10)
Takuro Shinbo (Nakamura Production; ep 13)
Tomomi Kakutani (ep 1)
Yoshito Narimatsu (ep 9)
Yuji Shibata (ep 8)
Yuka Takemori (ep 8)
Yuuji Hakamada (ep 9)
Sound Director: Noboru Haraguchi
Director of Photography: Hiroshi Ōizumi

2nd Key Animation:
Ryuhei Sada (Nakamura Production; ep 5)
Shino Ninomiya (Nakamura Production; ep 5)
Yōsuke Murata (Nakamura Production; ep 5)
Yuriko Tanaka (Nakamura Production; ep 5)
Yūya Sawaguchi (BSP; ep 9)
Assistant Director: Mana Uchiyama
Background Art:
Hiroko Murai (Headworks)
Hiromi Bando (Headworks)
Kaoru Chiba (Headworks)
Mirai Iida (Headworks)
Miwa Suzuki (Headworks)
Natsuko Nakanishi (Headworks)
Rie Sugiyama (Headworks)
Rumi Matsumoto (Headworks)
Tetsuo Yokota (Headworks)
Yasushi Wada (Headworks)
Color design: Hisako Furukawa
Color Specification: Hisako Koga (Wish)
Creature Animation Director: Kenichi Takase
Digital Paint: Junichi Kouno (Studio μ; ep 10)
Finish Check: Hisako Koga (Wish)
Key Animation:
Akiko Nakano (ep 5)
Ako Kagiyama (ep 2)
Atsushi Tsukamoto (ep 6)
Aya Kato (Studio Zaendou; ep 9)
Eri Ishikawa (eps 1, 13)
Hayato Kurosaki (eps 1, 5, 8, 13)
Hideki Shibuya (Studio Zaendou; ep 9)
Hidenori Miyahara (Nakamura Production; ep 13)
Hideo Amemiya (eps 1, 6)
Hiroaki Takagi (ep 10)
Hiroki Abe (ep 2)
Hiroki Nozawa (ep 4)
Hiromi Kurosawa (Nakamura Production; ep 13)
Hiroshi Akiyama (ep 10)
Hirotaka Kinoshita (ep 5)
Hiroyuki Furukawa (ep 4)
Hiroyuki Kamura (eps 1, 8)
Jouji Yanase (eps 1, 5)
Jun'ichi Kitamura (ep 4)
Kanako Baba (ep 10)
Kanami Nakao (ep 7)
Kazunori Ota (eps 1, 8, 13)
Kazuo Ohara (eps 1, 5)
Kazuyo Tominaga (eps 1, 5, 8)
Kenji Fukazawa (Studio Cosmo; eps 8, 13)
Kyoko Sugiyama (eps 2, 10)
Mai Sakamoto (ep 10)
Manami Itō (ep 7)
Mari Shirakawa (eps 2, 10)
Masahiko Maruyama (ep 7)
Masahiko Ōuchi (ep 1)
Masahito Wada (ep 5)
Masaru Nishino (ep 1)
Maya Uenishi (ep 10)
Midori Nakamura (Studio Zaendou; ep 9)
Midori Sawaki (ep 2)
Miho Tanaka (ep 10)
Miki Nonaka (ep 10)
Mineko Yagihara (ep 3)
Mitsunori Yamaguchi (eps 1-2)
Miwako Shibata (ep 4)
Mizuki Takahashi (eps 1, 5, 8, 13)
Motoki Yagi (ep 1)
Naomi Utsuno (Nakamura Production; eps 8, 13)
Naoto Satō (Studio Zaendou; ep 9)
Noriko Hatta (Studio Zaendou; ep 9)
Noritaka Suzuki (ep 2)
Nozomu Fujii (ep 1)
Nozomu Shimazaki (Studio Zaendou; ep 9)
Rika Kanno (Studio Cosmo; ep 13)
Ryū Kanazawa (ep 3)
Ryuichi Baba (ep 4)
Satoshi Abe (Studio Zaendou; ep 9)
Satoshi Miyoshi (Nakamura Production; ep 8)
Sayaka Ooyama (Studio Zaendou; ep 9)
Setsuko Unno (eps 5-6)
Shigeki Awai (ep 6)
Shinsuke Kasahara (Studio Zaendou/Nakamura Production; eps 3, 9, 13)
Shintarō Tomita (Studio Zaendou; ep 9)
Shinya Yamamoto (eps 1, 5, 8, 13)
Shouji Endo (ep 7)
Sumio Watanabe (ep 5)
Taeko Mitsuhashi (Nakamura Production; ep 13)
Takaaki Sekizaki (ep 7)
Takanori Yamamoto (ep 10)
Takao Ozone (ep 7)
Takashi Nishikawa (ep 4)
Takashi Yoshiyama (eps 1, 4, 8)
Takeo Tominaga (Nakamura Production; ep 13)
Takurō Sakurai (eps 2, 10)
Tatsuo Nakajima (Nakamura Production; ep 13)
Tatsuya Miki (ep 1)
Tatsuya Nakajima (eps 1-2, 10)
Tomoe Kikuchi (Nakamura Production; ep 13)
Tomoyuki Arai (Studio Cosmo; ep 8)
Tomoyuki Tajima (Nakamura Production; ep 13)
Toshiharu Sugie (ep 5)
Tsuguru Fukuda (Nakamura Production; eps 10, 13)
Tsutomu Nishiyama (ep 1)
Tsutomu Yamamoto (Studio Zaendou; ep 9)
William Lee (ep 5)
Yasuko Chiba (Studio Cosmo; eps 8, 13)
Yasushi Shingō (ep 5)
Yoko Komaki (ep 4)
Yōko Tsubaki (ep 10)
Yoshiki Mizuno (eps 2, 7, 10)
Yoshinobu Ando (eps 1, 5, 13)
Yoshito Naitou (eps 1-2)
Yūichi Matsumoto (ep 4)
Yuji Shibata (eps 1, 8, 13)
Yuki Kudou (Nakamura Production; ep 8)
Yumie Wada (Nakamura Production; eps 8, 13)
Yuuta Nakajou (Studio Zaendou; ep 9)
Yuya Kishi (ep 5)
Jiro Tazawa (T2 Studio)
Takeo Goto (T2 Studio; OP; eps 1-13)
Tomohiro Takahashi (T2 Studio)
Prop Design: Gou Toutsuki
Recording: Jiro Miyazawa
Sound Effects: Hiroki Nozaki
Special Effects: Takeshi Ogawa (T2 Studio)
Theme Song Performance:
Maaya Uchida (OP)
Suzuko Mimori (ED)
M.A.O as Salahto

Arisa Ogasawara as Tomitte
Maaya Uchida as Erin
Manami Numakura as Mumū
Mariya Ise as Sharisharu
Masayuki Omoro as
Shunsuke Sakuya as Nambuuko
Taiten Kusunoki as Giiru
Yōji Ueda as Palupa

Hideki Kojima as Knight of Isilfen Kingdom (eps 11-12)
Jin Urayama as Old Knight (ep 1)
Kanae Oki as
Amo (eps 1-4)
Maritta (ep 7)
Koichi Sakaguchi as Feudal Lord (eps 1-2)
Mayumi Asano as Nobility (ep 6)
Meiko Kawasaki as
Civilian (ep 12)
Host (ep 8)
Kismitate (eps 1, 7, 13)
Peshate (eps 2-4)
Rintarou Nishi as Ragout (ep 7)
Shinya Takahashi as
Corps B (ep 12)
Entourage (ep 3)
Gate Guard (ep 1)
Legionnaire (eps 4, 6)
Ogre A (ep 7)
Operator (ep 5)
Soldier (eps 2, 13)
Subordinate A (ep 9)
Tool Shop Owner (ep 8)
Vanrodis Kingdom Knight (ep 11)
Voice (ep 10)
Takaaki Uchino as
Holy Amoria Kingdom Knight (ep 11)
Ogre B (ep 7)
Takayuki Kondō as Bairro (eps 1, 13)
Tetsuo Goto as Old teacher (eps 9-10, 13)
Tsuguki Hayashi as Kilias noble (ep 5)
Yui Fukuo as Jupiter (eps 1, 3-4)
Yūtarō Honjō as Young Giiru (ep 7)
Yūya Murakami as
Adjutant (6 episodes
eps 2-4, 10-11, 13

Corps A (ep 12)
Guest (ep 1)
Orc (ep 6)
Subordinate B (ep 9)
Weapon Shop Owner (ep 8)
Japanese companies
3D Works: T2 Studio
Animation Direction:
Nakamura Production (ep 13)
Studio Neun (ep 4)
Animation Production: Bridge
Color Check: Wish
Color Coordination: Wish
Editing: Jay Film
Key Animation:
Studio Angle (ep 10)
Jumondo (ep 3)
Kagura (ep 10)
Nakamura Production (eps 8, 10, 13)
Namu Animation (ep 4)
Rocket Vision (ep 10)
Studio Cosmo (eps 8, 13)
Studio Gimlet (ep 10)
Studio Wanpack (ep 10)
Studio Zaendou (ep 9)
Sung San Production (ep 7)
White Line (ep 7)
Original Creator: Gree
Photography: T2 Studio
Photography Direction: T2 Studio (assist.)
Production Cooperation:
Kelmadick (ep 7)
Seven (ep 4)
Studio Guts (ep 12)
Sound Production: Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
special effects: T2 Studio
Video Editing: Q-Tec
English staff
English companies
Broadcaster: Animax Asia
Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll
Licensed by: Crunchyroll
English cast
Italian staff
Italian companies
Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll
Italian cast

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