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Transformers (live-action movie)

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Hasbro/DreamWorks LLC/Paramount Pictures

Alternative title:
トランスフォーマー (Japanese)
트랜스포머 (Korean)
Themes: mecha, military
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Deep in the deserts of Qatar, a U.S. military base is destroyed by a Decepticon disguised as an Air Force helicopter. Capt. William Lennox and his surviving troops must get in contact with the Pentagon and warn the U.S. government of the new threat. Meanwhile, in suburban America, high school student Sam Witwicky buys his first car in the form of a rusted 1976 Chevrolet Camaro - only to discover that it transforms into the Autobot Bumblebee. Shortly afterwards, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Jazz and Ratchet arrive on Earth to protect Sam and prevent Megatron and the Decepticons from acquiring the mysterious cube known as the "Allspark."
Vintage: 2007-06-11
Premiere date:
2007-06-11 (South Korea - N Seoul Tower)
2007-06-12 (Australia - Sydney)
2007-06-20 (Spain - Sitges Film Festival)
2007-06-21 (Italy - Taormina Film Festival)
2007-06-27 (USA - Los Angeles Film Festival)
2007-06-28 (Australia)
2007-06-28 (Indonesia)
2007-06-28 (Italy)
2007-06-28 (Malaysia)
2007-06-28 (New Zealand)
2007-06-28 (Philippines)
2007-06-28 (Singapore)
2007-06-28 (South Korea)
2007-06-28 (Taiwan)
2007-06-28 (USA - Rhode Island)
2007-07-02 (USA - Advanced Screening in Select Theatres)
2007-07-02 (USA - Anime Expo 2007)
2007-07-03 (USA)
2007-07-04 (Austria)
2007-07-04 (Canada)
2007-07-04 (Denmark)
2007-07-04 (Egypt)
2007-07-04 (Finland)
2007-07-04 (Norway)
2007-07-04 (Russia)
2007-07-04 (Spain)
2007-07-04 (Sweden)
2007-07-05 (Croatia)
2007-07-05 (Israel)
2007-07-06 (Bulgaria)
2007-07-06 (Turkey)
2007-07-07 (Lithuania)
2007-07-11 (China)
2007-07-12 (Greece)
2007-07-19 (Argentina)
2007-07-20 (Brazil)
2007-07-20 (Colombia)
2007-07-20 (Mexico)
2007-07-25 (Belgium)
2007-07-25 (France)
2007-07-26 (Hong Kong)
2007-07-27 (UK)
2007-07-27 (Venezuela)
2007-08-02 (Germany)
2007-08-03 (Estonia)
2007-08-04 (Japan)
2007-08-10 (Iceland)
2007-08-16 (Slovakia)
2007-08-17 (Poland)
2007-09-21 (USA - IMAX Edition)
Release dates: We have 5
Ending Theme:
#1: "What I've Done" by Linkin Park
#2: "Doomsday Clock" by Smashing Pumpkins
#3: "This Moment" by Disturbed
#4: "Technical Difficulties" by Julien-K
Official website:
Links: We have 2
Trivia: We have 63
DVD Easter Eggs: We have 6
Winner of four awards (Visual Effects in a Visual Effects-Driven Motion Picture, Best Single Visual Effect of the Year, Models/Miniatures in a Motion Picture, Compositing in a Motion picture) at the 6th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards. Voted "Best Film" at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards.
Nominated for Achievement in Sound Editing, Achievement in Sound Mixing and Achievement in Visual Effects at the 80th Academy Awards.
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Bumblebee / Transformers - 6-Movie Pack (Dub.Blu-ray) 2019-04-02 (from $63.99)
    Bumblebee / Transformers - 2-Movie Collection [4K] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2021-06-08 (from $25.99)
    Transformers - 2-Disc Special Edition (Dub.Blu-ray) 2008-09-02 (from $1.99)
    Transformers (Dub.Blu-ray) 2011-06-07 (from $12.86)
    Transformers - 3-Movie Set (Dub.Blu-ray) 2011-12-13 (from $19.99)
    Transformers - [Walmart Exclusive MetalPak] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2013-05-07
    Transformers (Dub.Blu-ray) 2014-06-03 (from $7.50)
    Transformers - 2-Disc Special Edition [With Free Movie Ticket] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2014-06-03 (from $34.31)
    Transformers - [Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2014-09-07 (from $7.43)
    Transformers - 4-Movie Collection (Dub.Blu-ray) 2014-09-30 (from $39.00)
    Transformers (Dub.Blu-ray) 2017-06-06 (from $17.81)
    Transformers - [Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2017-06-11 (from $49.99)
    Transformers - 5-Movie Collection (Dub.Blu-ray) 2017-09-26 (from $36.70)
    Transformers - 5-Movie Collection [Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2017-09-26
    Transformers - The 5-Ultimate Movie Collection (Dub.Blu-ray) 2018-09-04 (from $31.51)
    Transformers - [4K] The 5-Ultimate Movie Collection (Dub.Blu-ray) 2018-11-06 (from $44.85)
    Transformers - [SteelBook] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2020-08-31
    Transformers [4K] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2017-12-05 (from $24.94)
DVD (Region 1)
    Transformers (DVD) 2007-10-16 (from $6.99)
    Transformers - 2-Disc Special Edition (Dub.HD-DVD) 2007-10-16 (from $6.00)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Akio Kato as Bumblebee
Fuminori Komatsu as Sam Witwicky
Fumiya Yazaki as William Lennox
Hiroshi Iwasaki as Bumblebee (Radio voice)
Kanako Tōjō as Mikaela Banes
Kōtarō Nakamura as Megatron
Tesshō Genda as Optimus Prime

Chō as Reggie Simmons
Jin Urayama as Ratchet
Jin Yamanoi as Robert Epps
Katsuhiro Kitagawa as
Marika Hayashi as Maggie Madsen
Minoru Hirano as John Keller
Tadashi Miyazawa as Starscream
Taiten Kusunoki as Jazz (Meister)
Tetsuo Goto as Ron Witwicky
Wataru Takagi as Glen Whitmann
Yukari Nozawa as Judy Witwicky

Chafurin as Bobby Bolivia
Setsuji Satoh as Patrick Donnelly
Tomoyuki Shimura as Jorge Figueroa
Yasuyoshi Hara as Tom Banacheck
Yoshimasa Hosoya as Miles Lancaster
Yuzuru Fujimoto as Captain Archibald Witwicky
Japanese companies
English staff
English cast
Director: Michael Bay
Steve Jablonsky
Tomoyasu Hotei ("Battle w/o Honor or Humanity")
Director of Photography: Mitchell Amundsen
Associate producer:
Kenny Bates
Michelle McGonagle
Car Stunt Man: Andrew Michaels
Character Animation: Makoto Koyama
Co-Stunt Coordinator: Frank Torres
Costume Design: Deborah Lynn Scott
Digital Effects: Atsushi Ikarashi
Digital Matte Paint: Mayumi Shimokawa
Fight Coordinator: Warren Garrett
Line Producer: Ian Bryce
Locations Consultant: Matthew Mancour
Production Design: Jeff Lewis
Stunt Associate: Tina Sen Gordon
Stunt Coordination:
Kenny Bates
Troy Robinson
Stunt Pilot: Frédéric North
Technical Animation: Keiji Yamaguchi
Thank You: Brandon Alexander
Theme Song Performance:
Disturbed ("This Moment")
Goo Goo Dolls ("Before It's Too Late")
HIM ("Passion's Killing Floor")
James Brown ("I Got You - I Feel Good")
Julien-K ("Technical Difficulties")
Linkin Park ("What I've Done")
Marvin Gaye ("Sexual Healing")
Player ("Baby Come Back")
Smashing Pumpkins ("Doomsday Clock")
Styles of Beyond ("Second to None")
The Cars ("Drive")
The Used ("Pretty Handsome Awkward")
Truck Stunts: Gene Hartline
Visual Effects Supervision: Scott Farrar
Hugo Weaving as Megatron (voice)
Josh Duhamel as Capt. William Lennox
Mark Ryan as Bumblebee (voice)
Megan Fox as Mikaela Banes
Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime (voice)
Shia LaBeouf as Samuel James "Sam" Witwicky

Anthony Anderson as Glen Whitmann
Charlie Adler as Starscream (voice)
Darius McCrary as Jazz (voice)
Jess Harnell as
Barricade (voice)
Ironhide (voice)
Jimmie Wood as Bonecrusher (voice)
John Turturro as Agent Simmons
John Voight as Defense Secretary John Keller
Julie White as Judy Witwicky
Kevin Dunn as Ron Witwicky
Michael O'Neill as Tom Banachek
Rachael Taylor as Maggie Madsen
Reno Wilson as Frenzy (voice)
Robert Foxworth as Ratchet (voice)
Tyrese Gibson as USAF Tech Sgt. Epps

Aaron Michael Lacey as SWAT Cop
Amaury Nolasco as ACWO Jorge "Fig" Figueroa
Andy Milder as R&D Team Leader
Arne Starr as Mission City Runner
Ashkan Kashanchi as Mahfouz
Bernie Mac as Bobby Bolivia
Bob Stephenson as Xbox Guy
Brian Prescott as Aide
Brian Stepanek as Sector Seven Agent
Bylle Michele Price as Pentagon Employee
C.J. Thomason as Sailor
Cade Courtley as Sector 7 Commando
Cathy Beasley as Pedestrian (uncredited)
Charlie Bodin as USAF Staff Sergeant
Chester the Chihuahua as Mojo (uncredited)
Colin Fickles as Pentagon Analyst 1
Colleen Porch as Enlisted Aide
Colton Haynes as Cafe Kid
Esther Scott as Glen's Grandmother
Frederic Doss as Naval Petty Officer
Geoffrey M. Reeves as Secret Service Agent
Glenn Morshower as Col. Sharp
Holly Dunlap as Pedestrian (uncredited)
James Blackburn as Pedrestrian
James D. Weston II as Pentagon Ops Officer
Jeremy Jojola as Reporter 2
Jesse Heiman as ASI Employee 1
Jessica Kartalija as News Reporter
Joel Lambert as Sector 7 Commando
John Robinson as Miles
John Wayne as Bumblebee (Radio Voice; archive sound)
Joshua Feinmann as Sergeant
Katie Danzer as Waitress (uncredited)
Kevin Carvell as USAF Captain
Kyle Saylors as NY Pedestrian
Laurel Garner as Mom in Car
Maja Kljun as Socialite (as Maya Klayn)
Mark Bedell as Strike Team Soldier
Matt Cannon as Reporter
Matt Noble as Bald Ranger Team Member
Michael Bay as Guy Flicked by Megatron (uncredited)
Michael Buonomo as USAF Captain
Michael Trisler as Ranger Team #4
Michael J. Fisher as Football Coach
Michelle Pierce as Socialite
Mike Allen as Man on Corner
Nichelle Nichols as Bumblebee (Radio Voice; archive sound)
Nicole Randall Johnson as ASI Security Woman
Odette Annable as Socialite (as Odette Yustman)
Omar Benson Miller as Glen's Cousin
Orson Welles as Bumblebee (Radio Voice; archive sound)
Pat Mulderrig as Ranger Team #2
Paul Michael Bloodgood as Arctic Explorer
Ravi Patel as Telephone Operator
Rizwan Manji as Akram
Ron Mitchell as Car Lot Security Guard
Ronnie Sperling as Lead Scientist
Samantha Smith as Sarah Lennox
Sean Hampton as USMC Private
Sean Smith as Scientist
Sebastian Lionell as Soldier
Seth Miller as SWAT team member
Sophie Bobal as Little Girl
Stuart G Murphy as SWAT Team
Tavia Schwartz as Pedestrian (uncredited)
Tom Everett as National Deputy Directory of Operations
William Morgan Sheppard as Captain Archibald Witwicky
Zack Ward as 1st Sgt. Donnelly

Mary Decaro (uncredited)
English companies
French cast
French staff
Adaptation: Marc Bacon (Quebec)
Voice Direction: Marc Bacon (Quebec)
Catherine Proulx-Lemay as Mikaela Banes (Quebec)
Guy Nadon as Optimus Prime (Quebec)
Hugolin Chevrette as Sam 'Spike' Witwicky (Quebec)
Patrice Dubois as Captain Lennox (Quebec)
Vincent Davy as Megatron (Quebec)

Alain Zouvi as Ron Witwicky (Quebec)
Benoit Rousseau as Tom Banachek (Quebec)
Claudine Chatel as Judy Witwicky (Quebec)
François L'Ecuyer as Agent Simmons (Quebec)
Gilbert Lachance as Glen (Quebec)
Jean-Marie Moncelet as Defense Secretary John Keller (Quebec)
Manuel Tadros as Ironhide (Quebec)
Patrick Chouinard as Sgt. Epps (Quebec)
Raymond Bouchard as Ratchet (Quebec)
Tristan Harvey as Starscream (Quebec)

Karine Vanasse as Maggie Madsen (Quebec)
Thiéry Dubé as Bobby Bolivia (Quebec)
French companies
ADR Production: Cinélume (Quebec)
Internet Streaming: Club illico (Quebec)
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director:
Alejandro Mayen
Manuel García Guevara (Spain dub)
Translation: Josep Llurba (Spain dub)
ADR Script: Manuel García Guevara (Spain dub)
Alfredo Basurto as Bumblebee
Arturo Mercado Jr. as Capt. William Lennox
Blas Garcia as Optimus Prime
Gerardo Vásquez as Megatron
Graciela Molina as Mikaela Banes (Spain dub)
Jordi Boixaderas as Optimus Prime (Spain dub)
José Posada as Captain William Lennox (Spain dub)
Liliana Barba as Mikaela Banes
Manuel Gimeno as Samuel James "Sam" Witwicky (Spain dub)
Miguel Ángel Jenner as Megatron (Spain dub)
Paco Gázquez as Bumblebee (Spain dub)
Victor Ugarte as Sam Witwicky

Antonio García Moral as Ron Witwicky (Spain dub)
Camilo García as John Keller (Spain dub)
Eduardo Liñan as Ratchet
German Fabregat as Starscream
Jaume Comas as Tom Banachek (Spain dub)
Javier Amilibia as Jazz (Spain dub)
Joel Mulachs as Maggie Madsen (Spain dub)
Jorge Varela as Barricade (Spain dub)
Juan Carlos Gustems as Ratchet (Spain dub)
Luis Alfonso Padilla as Ron Witwicky
Mario Arvizu as Ironhide
Mario Castañeda as Glen Whitmann
Pedro Molina as Agent Seymour Simmons (Spain dub)
Rafael Calvo as Glen Whitman (Spain dub)
Ricky Coello as Ironhide (Spain dub)
Rosa María Hernández as Judy Witwicky (Spain dub)

Alfonso García Zambrano as
Admiral Brigham (Spain dub)
USA President (Spain dub)
Angel de Gracia as Astonished Boy (Spain dub)
David Jenner as Miles (Spain dub)
Eduard Farelo as Sargent Robert Epps (Spain dub)
Emilio Freixas as Captain Archibald Witwicky (Spain dub)
Fina Rius as Glen's Grandmother (Spain dub)
Gonzalo Abril as Operation assistant (Spain dub)
Jordi Ribes as ACWO Jorge "Fig" Figueroa (Spain dub)
José Antonio Jiménez as Tiny (Spain dub)
José Javier Serrano as Sergeant Donnelly (Spain dub)
Juan Fernández as Bobby Bolivia (Spain dub)
Lola Oria as Sarah Lennox (Spain dub)
Luis Fenton as Mr. Hosney (Spain dub)
Manuel Osto as Manny (Spain dub)
Marina García Guevara as Girl in Car (Spain dub)
Pep Papell as Trent (Spain dub)
Ramón Rocabayera as Ron and Judy's Interviewer (Spain dub)
Víctor Martínez as USAF Staff Sergeant (Spain dub)

Ana Vidal (Spain dub)
Angel del Río (Spain dub)
Antonio Moro (Spain dub)
Carlos Vicente (Spain dub)
Ernesto Castaño (Spain dub)
Oscar Ruíz (Spain dub)
Pablo Gomez (Spain dub)
Pedro López (Spain dub)
Pedro Torrabadella (Spain dub)
Rafael Parra (Spain dub)
Ramón Rocabayera (Spain dub)
Rosa Moyano (Spain dub)
Santi Torrabadella (Spain dub)
Víctor Martínez (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
Canal RCN (Colombia)
Canal Sony (Latin America)
Canal Uno (Colombia)
Fox Latin America
SPACE (Latin America)
The Film Zone (Latin America)
TNT (Latin America)
Internet Streaming: Canal RCN (Colombia)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Carlo Cosolo

Dialogues: Carlo Cosolo
Dubbing Assistant: Andreina D'Andreis
Dubbing Engineer: Enzo Mandara
Mixing: Steve Maslow
Alessandro Rossi as Optimus Prime
Alessia Amendola as Mikaela Banes
Davide Perino as Sam Witwicky
Luca Biagini as Megatron
Niseem Onorato as Capt. William Lennox
Saverio Indrio as Bumblebee

Achille D'Aniello as Barricade
Angelo Maggi as Ag. Seymour Simmons
Angelo Nicotra as Ratchet
Federica De Bortoli as Maggie Marconi (Maggie Madsen)
Franca D'amato as Judy Witwicky
Luigi Scribani as Starscream
Massimo De Ambrosis as Glen Whitmann
Paolo Buglioni as Ron Witwicky
Paolo Marchese as Jazz
Roberto Draghetti as Serg. Robert Epps
Roberto Pedicini as Ironhide
Saverio Moriones as John Keller
Stefano De Sando as Tom Banachek

Alberto Bognanni as FBI Agent
Daniela di Giusto as Glen's grandmother
Diego Suarez as Manny
Francesco Pannofino as Bobby Bolivia
Francesco Pezzulli as Jorge "Fig" Figueroa
Gabriele Trentalance as Pentagon Analyst 2
Sasha De Toni as Pentagon Analyst 1
Sergio Lucchetti as Agent Sector 7
Stefano Mondini as Col. Sharp
Italian companies
German staff
German cast
Dubbing Director: Tobias Meister
David Turba as Sam
Hans-Jürgen Wolf as Megatron
Helmut Gauß as Bumblebee
Luise Helm as Mikaela
Reiner Schöne as Optimus Prime

Anja Stadlober as Maggie
Axel Lutter as Starscream
Jan Spitzer as Ratchet
Klaus-Dieter Klebsch as Banachek
Oliver Siebeck as
Stefan Fredrich as Simmons
Tobias Kluckert as Epps
Tobias Müller as Glen

Gerrit Schmidt-Foß as Donnely
Jan Odle as
Bobby Bolivia
The President
Jaron Löwenberg as Hosney
Kaspar Eichel as Sharp
Robin Kahnmeyer as Trent
Tayfun Bademsoy as Indian Call Centre Guy

German companies
Polish staff
Polish companies
Internet Streaming:
Polish cast
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director: Guilherme Briggs
Alexandre Moreno as Capt. William Lennox
Eduardo Borgerth as Bumblebee
Guilherme Briggs as Optimus Prime
José Santacruz as Megatron
Sérgio Cantú as Sam Witwicky
Sylvia Salustti as Mikaela Banes

Duda Espinoza as Ironhide
Hélio Ribeiro as Agente Simmons
Jomery Pozolli as John Keller
José Sant'anna as Starscream
Júlio César as Barricade
Júlio Chaves as Ratchet
Mauro Ramos as Ron Witwicky
Priscila Amorim as Maggie Madsen
Reginaldo Primo as Jazz
Ricardo Juarez as Sgt. Epps
Sheila Dorfman as Judy Witwicky
Portuguese companies
Dubbing Studio: Delart

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