安元 洋貴
Family name (in kanji): 安元
Given name (in kanji): 洋貴
Date of birth: 1977-03-16
Hometown: Yamaguchi, Japan
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Web Diary / Blog:
Twitter account (Japanese)
Non-anime roles:
Ace Lancer in "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate" (VG) (Japanese)
Adam Jensen in "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" (VG) (Japanese)
Adam Jensen in "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" (VG) (Japanese)
Agil in "Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment" (VG/PSP) (Japanese)
Aim Liard in "Dai-2-ji Super Robot Taisen Z Hakai-hen" (VG/PSP) (Japanese)
Aim Liard in "Dai-2-ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-hen" (VG/PSP) (Japanese)
Alex in "Tatsunoko vs. Capcom" (VG) (Japanese)
Ankrowyer/Ankrauser in "Spectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires" (VG) (Japanese)
Asura in "Asura's Wrath" (VG) (Japanese)
Azrael in "BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle" (VG) (Japanese)
Azrael in "BlazBlue: Centralfiction" (VG) (Japanese)
Azrael in "BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma" (VG) (Japanese)
Azrael in "BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend" (VG) (Japanese)
Azrael in "BlazBlue: Revolution Reburning" (VG) (Japanese)
Bacchus D-79 in "Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope" (VG) (Japanese)
Barbell in "Monster Hunter Explore" (VG) (Japanese)
Carlos Oliveira in "Resident Evil 3 (2020)" (VG) (Japanese)
Carlos Oliveria in "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City" (VG) (Japanese)
Chikage Karasuma in "7'scarlet" (VG) (Japanese)
Code Phoenix in "SD Gundam G Generation Over World" (VG) (Japanese)
Colonel in "Rockman.EXE 5 DS: Twin Leaders" (VG) (Japanese)
Crow in "Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus" (VG) (Japanese)
Crow in "Lord of Vermilion Arena" (VG) (Japanese)
Dag Shunaid in "Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden: Missing Link" (VG) (Japanese)
Dark Knight in "Dungeon Fighter Online" (VG) (Japanese)
Diego in "Dead or Alive 6" (VG) (Japanese)
Fu Xi in "Warriors Orochi 2" (VG) (Japanese)
Fu Xi in "Warriors Orochi 3" (VG) (Japanese)
Fu Xi in "Warriors Orochi 4" (VG) (Japanese)
Galahad Kelly in "Bravely Default II" (VG) (Japanese)
Gilliam in "Breath of Fire 6" (VG) (Japanese)
God of Death in "The Cursed Crusade" (VG) (Japanese)
Göetz Von Berlichingen in "Dies irae 〜Interview with Kaziklu Bey〜" (VG) (Japanese)
Grigori Weaver in "Call of Duty: Black Ops" (VG) (Japanese)
Grog in "Galaxy Angel II: Eigo Kaiki no Koku" (VG) (Japanese)
Grog in "Galaxy Angel II: Mugen Kairo no Kagi" (VG) (Japanese)
Guile in "Street Fighter IV" (VG)
Guile in "Street Fighter V" (VG) (Japanese)
Guile in "Street Fighter X Tekken" (VG) (Japanese)
Guile in "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" (VG) (Japanese)
Guile in "Ultra Street Fighter II - The Final Challengers" (VG) (Japanese)
Haleceles in "Crimson Spell" (Drama CD) (Japanese)
Han in "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3" (VG) (Japanese)
Harada Sanosuke in "Ryu ga Gotoku Isshin!" (VG) (Japanese)
Hassan in "Dragon Quest Heroes II" (VG) (Japanese)
Hassan in "Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary" (VG) (Japanese)
Isaac Feldman in "God Eater 2: Rage Burst" (VG) (Japanese)
Izumo in "Super Robot Wars Z3; Time Prison" (VG) (Japanese)
Jin Grandet in "Ikémen Ouji: Bijo to Yajuu no Saigo no Koi" (mobile game) (Japanese)
Jin in "Granblue Fantasy" (VG) (Japanese)
Junya in "Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki – Hibiki Tokkun Daisakusen!" (VG) (Japanese)
Kan'u Gundam in "Super Robot Wars UX" (VG) (Japanese)
Kane in "Jump Force" (VG) (Japanese)
Klaus in "Mōjū-tsukai to Ōji-sama ~Flower & Snow~" (VG) (Japanese)
Le Nguyen in "Blazing Souls Accelate" (VG) (Japanese)
Legault in "Fire Emblem Heroes" (VG) (Japanese)
Male Hunter Voice #20 in "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate" (VG) (Japanese)
Masato Aizawa in "Yakuza 5" (VG) (Japanese)
Mason in "Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen" (VG) (Japanese)
Mephostophilis in "Animamundi"
Nekomaru Nidai in "Super Danganronpa 2: Sayonara Zetsubō Gakuen" (VG) (Japanese)
Nobuharu Baba in "Sengoku Night Blood" (VG) (Japanese)
Orwin Granberg in "Tales of Crestoria" (VG) (Japanese)
Ouga in "Shironeko Tennis" (VG) (Japanese)
Pod 042 in "NieR:Automata" (VG) (Japanese)
Pod 042 in "Soulcalibur VI" (VG) (Japanese)
Pontos in "Saint Seiya Episode G" (drama CD)
Postman in "Nier Replicant" (VG) (Japanese)
Raubahn Aldynn in "FINAL FANTASY XIV" (Japanese)
Raven in "Guilty Gear 2: Overture" (VG) (Japanese)
Raven in "Guilty Gears Xrd -REVELATOR-" (VG) (Japanese)
Ringo Roadagain in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle" (VG) (Japanese)
Ringo Roadagain in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven" (VG) (Japanese)
Ruler in "Erementar Gerad ~Aozora no Senki~: Limited Edition Manga Volume Drama CD" (Drama CD) (Japanese)
Ruler in "Erementar Gerad ~Aozora no Senki~: Service to All Subscribers Drama CD" (Drama CD) (Japanese)
Satoya Murasame in "Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 6" (VG) (Japanese)
Sgt. John Forge in "Halo Wars" (VG) (Japanese)
Smile in "Million knights Vermilion" (VG) (Japanese)
Story Mode Narration in "Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus" (VG) (Japanese)
Sun Ce in "Sangokushi Lovers" (Drama CD) (Japanese)
Tsukasa Sugai in "Storm Lover V" (VG) (Japanese)
Tylong in "Last Ranker" (VG) (Japanese)
Victor S. Arseid in "The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II" (VG) (Japanese)
Victor S. Arseid in "The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III" (VG) (Japanese)
Victor S. Arseid in "The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel" (VG) (Japanese)
Watts Stepny in "Super Robot Wars V" (VG) (Japanese)
Wizard in "Dragon's Crown" (VG) (Japanese)
Yagyuu Munenori in "Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 7" (VG) (Japanese)
Yōma Rai in "Saint Beast: Rasen no Shō" (VG) (Japanese)
Zangetsu in "Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night" (VG) (Japanese)
Zoltan in "Shinen Resist" (VG) (Japanese)
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Staff in:
Blessing of the Campanella (TV) : Theme Song Performance (OP ep 8)
Grand Blue Dreaming (TV) : Theme Song Performance (ED; as Izu no Kaze)
Hetalia - Axis Powers (TV) : Theme Song Performance (ED #2)
Hozuki's Coolheadedness (TV) : Theme Song Performance (OP)
Hozuki's Coolheadedness (TV 3) : Theme Song Performance
Kumamiko - Girl meets Bear (TV) : Theme Song Performance (ED)
Kyōran Kazoku Nikki (TV) : Theme Song Performance (ED2)
One Punch Man (OAV) : Theme Song Performance (ED6)
Yowamushi Pedal (TV) : Theme Song Performance (OP3)

Cast in:
009-1 (TV) as James (ep 4½); Man (ep 5)
ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. (TV) as Pine
Active Raid (TV) as Makoto Shimura (ep 6)
Agū: Tensai Ningyō (TV) as Erbat
Air Gear: Kuro no Hane to Nemuri no Mori -Break on the Sky- (OAV) as Falco
Akahori Gedō Hour Rabuge (TV) as Ant Soldier A (ep 13); Glasses Girl Fetish Salesman (ep 2); Keisuke Gokumon (ep 6); Male Stand-up Comedian A (ep 11)
Aldnoah.Zero (TV) as Vlad
(The) Ancient Magus' Bride (TV) as Spriggan (eps 6, 15)
Ani × Para: Anata no Hero wa Dare Desu ka (special) as Jay Hogan
Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de (TV) as D. Fisher (eps 2-3)
Aquarion Evol (TV) as Izumo
Arata The Legend (TV) as Tsutsuga (eps 3-4)
Aura: Koga Maryuin's Last War (movie) as Yamamoto
Baccano! (TV) as Inspector Bill Sullivan (eps 1, 8)
Baki (ONA 2) as Shunsei Kaku
Bakugan Battle Brawlers (TV) as Golem
Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman (TV) as Perry
Battle Spirits Saikyō Ginga Ultimate Zero (TV) as Ultimate-Grand-Woden (ep 15)
Battle Spirits: Shōnen Gekiha Dan (TV) as Gaana (ep 17)
Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes (TV) as Brau Balm
Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes Gekitōden (TV) as Brau Balm; Soul (ep 37)
Ben-To (TV) as Tadaaki Endō (eps 4-6)
Berserk (TV 2016) as Azan
Best Student Council (TV) as Doctor B (ep 24)
Black Blood Brothers (TV) as Cain Warlock
Black Butler (TV) as Agni
Black Butler II (TV) as Agni (eps 5-6)
Black Butler: Book of Circus (TV) as Agni
Black Butler: Book of Murder (OAV) as Agni
Black Butler: His Butler, Performer (OAV) as Agni
Blassreiter (TV) as Researcher (eps 5, 7); XAT Team 1 A (ep 4)
Bleach (TV) as Bawabawa; Bohaha (ep 33); Gang Member (ep 118); Sado Yasutora; Zonzain (ep 213)
Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse as Yasutora "Chad" Sado
Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody as Sado "Chad" Yasutora
Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion (movie) as Sado "Chad" Yasutora
Blessing of the Campanella (OAV) as Golem; Nagan Maycraft
Blessing of the Campanella (TV) as Golem; Nagan Maycraft
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond (TV) as Humphrey Tiger (ep 3)
Bodacious Space Pirates (TV) as Shō
Bodacious Space Pirates The Movie: Abyss of Hyperspace as Show
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (TV) as Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki
Boruto: Naruto the Movie as Kinshiki
Buddha: The Great Departure (movie)
Burning Kabaddi (TV) as Ayumu Rokugen
Busō Chūgakusei Basket Army (ONA) as Torch
Buso Renkin (TV) as Chono Family Bodyguard (ep 6)
By the Grace of the Gods (TV) as Ryoma Takebayashi (adult)
C – Control – The Money and Soul of Possibility (TV) as Entre (ep 1)
Carole & Tuesday (TV) as Lonesome Clarence (ep 24); Skip (eps 6, 14)
Case Closed (TV) as Ryosuke Sawada (ep 860)
Casshern Sins (TV) as Robot (ep 2)
Cheer Boys!! (TV) as Jin Dōmoto
Chrome Shelled Regios (TV) as Irein Garfeat (Legend of Regios)
Clannad After Story (TV) as Waiter (ep 14)
CODE-E (TV) as Group of 4 Managers (ep 7)
Concrete Revolutio: The Last Song (TV 2) as Koichi Amato (ep 16)
Coyote Ragtime Show (TV) (ep 7); Aren (ep 9); Caster (ep 1)
Cute High Earth Defense Club HAPPY KISS! (TV) as Rafunui
Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (TV) as Macho young man A (ep 7); Thunder
Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! (TV) as Dadacha; Thunder (eps 11-12)
Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! (OAV) as Dadacha; Zundar
D-Frag! (TV) as Mob Father
Daily Lives of High School Boys (TV) as Vice President
Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School: Despair Arc (TV) as Nekomaru Nidai
Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School: Hope Arc (special) as Nekomaru Nidai
DAYS (TV) as Susumu Inohara
Death Parade (TV) as Fujii (ep 5)
(The) Devil is a Part-Timer! (TV) as Albert Ende
Devils and Realist (TV) as Baphomet
Devils' Line (TV) as Mercenary (ep 11)
Dies irae (TV) as Göetz Von Berlichingen
Digimon: Data Squad (TV) as Belphemon (real; eps 37-38); Franz Norstein
Dojin Work (TV) as Justice
Donten ni Warau Gaiden: Ketsubetsu, Yamainu no Chikai (movie) as Seiichirō Takamine
Donten ni Warau Gaiden: Shukumei, Sōtō no Fūma (movie) as Seiichirō Takamine
Drifters (TV) as Hijikata Toshizo
Durarara!! (TV) as Hiroshi (eps 3-4, 25)
Durarara!!×2 Shō (TV) as Hiroshi (ep 11)
Eiga Smile Precure: Ehon no Naka wa Minna Chiguhagu! (movie) as Gyūmaō / Ox King
Eureka Seven (TV) as Norma 01 (ep 7)
Fairy gone (TV 2) as E.J. Davin Thor
Fairy Musketeers (TV) as Asel; Shadow Voice (ep 1)
Fairy Tail (TV) as Edolas Elfman; Elfman; Elfman Strauss
Fairy Tail (TV 2/2014) as Elfman Strauss
Fairy Tail (TV 3/2018) as Draculos Hyberion; Elfman Strauss; Zordio (ep 296)
Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess as Elfman Strauss
Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry (movie) as Elfman Strauss
Fate/Grand Order The Movie Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot as Agravain
(The) File of Young Kindaichi Returns (TV 2) as Kaito Sabaki (eps 38-39)
Fire Force (TV) as Charon
Fire Force (TV 2) as Charon
Fist of the Blue Sky Regenesis 2 (TV) as Robert Arendt (eps 16-17)
Flavors of Youth (movie) as Steve ("Chiisana Fashion Show")
Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma: The Fourth Plate (TV) as Subaru Mimasaka
Food Wars! The Second Plate (TV) as Subaru Mimasaka
Food Wars! The Third Plate (TV) as Subaru Mimasaka
Food Wars! The Third Plate (TV 2) as Subaru Mimasaka
Future Card Buddyfight (TV) as Jacknife Dragon; Principal Malcom Nigirikobushi
Future Card Buddyfight 100 (TV) as Jacknife Dragon
Future Card Buddyfight Ace (TV) as Jackknife Dragon
Future Card Buddyfight Triple D (TV) as Jackknife Dragon
Future Card Buddyfight X: All-Star Fight (TV) as Jack
Gallery Fake (TV) as Giorgo (ep 3)
(The) Garden of Sinners (movie series) as Leeder (Part 3)
GATE (TV) as Akira Tomita
GATE (TV 2) as Akira Tomita
Genshiken: Second Generation (TV) as Mitsunori Kugayama
Giant Killing (TV) as Commentator (ep 18); TV Caster (ep 26)
Gifū Dōdō!! Kanetsugu to Keiji (TV) as Kagekatsu Uesugi; Uesugi Kagekatsu (16 episodes
eps 1, 3-8, 11-12, 14-19, 21

Gintama' (TV 2/2011) as Captain Koro (ep 215)
Glass Fleet (TV) as Soldier C (Hector's ship) (ep 8)
Gleipnir (TV) as Tadanori Sanbe
(The) God of High School (TV) as Seo Hallyang (eps 10-12)
Golgo 13 (TV) as Falcão's Man (ep 21)
Grand Blue Dreaming (TV) as Shinji Tokita
Grand Blues! (TV) as Jin (ep 4)
Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions (TV) as Armored goblin (eps 4, 8); Britney
Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino (TV) as Franco
Hajime no Ippo Rising (TV) as Hama Dankichi (Young)
Haruka Nogizaka's Secret (TV) as Sailor 1 (ep 2); Takenami
Haruka Nogizaka's Secret: Purezza (TV) as Takenami
Hataraki Man (TV) as Reporter B (ep 6)
Hatenkō Yūgi (TV) as Sergeant (eps 8-9)
Healin' Good Precure (TV) as Guaiwal; Minoru Homura
Hell Girl (TV) as Reporter (ep 4); Saki's Father (ep 14)
Hell Girl: Two Mirrors (TV) as Angler (ep 21); Masato's Father (ep 18); Tatsuhiko Makimura (ep 13)
Hells (movie) as Male Gatekeeper
Hellsing Ultimate (OAV) as Ghoul (ep 1)
Heroic Age (TV) as Bellcross (eps 19, 25); Captain (ep 20); Councillor (ep 10); Kilis; Operator (ep 11)
(The) Heroic Legend of Arslan (TV) as Kishuard
(The) Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance (TV) as Kishward
Hetalia - Axis Powers (TV) as Germany
Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint it, White! (movie) as Germany
Hetalia The Beautiful World (TV) as Germany; Mochi Germany (ep 1)
Hetalia The World Twinkle (ONA) as Germany
Hetalia World Series (TV) as Germany
Hetalia World Stars (ONA) as Germany
Hi Score Girl (OAV) as Guile; Ikaiyō Ulcer (ep 14)
Hi Score Girl (TV) as Guile-san
Hi Score Girl II (TV) as Guile-san; Ikaiyō Ulcer
High School DxD New (TV) as Kokabiel
Higurashi no Naku Koroni Kai (TV) as Doctor (ep 14); Policeman (ep 13); Professor (ep 15); Villager (ep 16); Watchdog troop (ep 24); Yamainu (ep 23)
Hiiro no Kakera - The Tamayori Princess Saga (TV) as Eins
Hiiro no Kakera - The Tamayori Princess Saga (TV 2) as Eins
Himōto! Umaru-chan R (TV) as Takeshi "Bonba" Motoba
Himouto! Umaru-chan (TV) as Takeshi "Bonba" Motoba
Honey and Clover (TV) as Nakamura Tatsuyoshi (eps 12-13)
Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II (TV) as Kobold; Takakane Hironaka
Hōzuki no Reitetsu (OAV) as Hōzuki
Hōzuki no Reitetsu (OAV 2) as Hōzuki
Hozuki's Coolheadedness (TV) as Hōzuki
Hozuki's Coolheadedness (TV 2) as Hōzuki
Hozuki's Coolheadedness (TV 3) as Hōzuki
[email protected]: Live For You! (OAV) as Pilot
In Another World With My Smartphone (TV) as Leon Blitz (ep 4)
Infini-T Force (TV) as Raja Kaan
Inukami! (movie)
Inuyasha (TV) as Villager (ep 149)
InuYasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler
Iron Man: Rise of Technovore (OAV) as War Machine/James Rupert "Rhodey" Rhodes
Is This a Zombie? (TV) as Kerberos Wansard (eps 4, 6)
ItaKiss (TV) as Class F homeroom teacher (ep 4); Doctor (ep 6); Kakujirou; Yacchan (ep 8)
Ixion Saga DT (TV) as Narration (ep 6)
Juni Taisen: Zodiac War (TV) as Duedecuple
Kanamemo (TV) as Narration (ep 7)
Kemono Michi: Rise Up (TV) as Kobold husband (eps 8, 11-12)
Kimikiss pure rouge (TV) as Chef (ep 11); Teacher (eps 6, 13)
Kingdom (TV 3) as Rin Bu Kun (Lord Lin Wu)
KONOSUBA - God's blessing on this wonderful world! 2 (TV) as Beldia (eps 8-10)
KONOSUBA - God's Blessing on This Wonderful World– Legend of Crimson (movie) as Verdia
KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!! (TV) as Dullahan
Kumamiko - Girl meets Bear (TV) as Natsu Kumai
Kuroko's Basketball (TV) as Genta Takeuchi (eps 3-5, 22-25)
Kuroko's Basketball (TV 3) as Genta Takeuchi
Kyōran Kazoku Nikki (TV) as Teika Midarezaki
Laughing Under the Clouds (TV) as Seiichirō Takamine
(The) Laws of the Universe: Part 1 (movie) as Geopard
(The) Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These (TV) as Karl Gustav Kempff
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Second (movie series) as Karl Gustav Kempff
(The) Legend of the Legendary Heroes (TV) as Guard (ep 24)
Majin Bone (TV) as Tyrone/Rhino Bone
Maken-Ki! Battling Venus (TV) as Hideki Hebiyama (ep 4)
March comes in like a lion (TV 2) as Junkei Yamazaki (eps 9-10)
Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers (TV) as Blade
Megalobox (TV) as Yūri
Megalobox 2: Nomad (TV) as Yuri
Meganebu! (TV) as Hotaka Shirogane
(The) Millionaire Detective - Balance: UNLIMITED (TV) as Poliador President (ep 5)
Mix: Meisei Story (TV) as Daisuke Nikaidō
Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (TV) as Derek Shackrow
Mobile Suit Gundam UC (OAV) as Watts Stepny
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 (TV) as Watts Stepny
Moriarty the Patriot (TV) as Mycroft Holmes
Naruto Shippūden (TV) as Han; Son Gokū
Natsu no Arashi! (TV) as Hideo Murata
Natsu no Arashi! Akinai-chū (TV) as Hideo Murata
Natsume's Book of Friends (TV) as Susugi (ep 2)
Neo Angelique Abyss -Second Age- (TV) as Universe Conscious (ep 13)
Neuro - Supernatural Detective (TV) as Kouhei Tsukushi (ep 24)
Ninjala (ONA) as Ron (eps 0, 3)
Nobunaga Concerto (TV) as Imagawa's shinobi (eps 2, 4)
Nodame Cantabile (TV) as Male student A (ep 6); Oliver
Nodame Cantabile: Paris (TV) as Oliver
Noein - to your other self (TV) as Operator B (ep 1)
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (OAV) as Aotabou
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (TV) as Aotabō
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Demon Capital (TV) as Aotabō; Fake Kurotabō (ep 2)
Nurarihyon no Mago: Gekitō Dai Futsal Taikai! Nuragumi W Cup!! (OAV) as Aotabou
One Piece (TV) as Bonham (eps 780-782)
One Punch Man (OAV) as King (ep 6)
One Punch Man (TV) as King
One Punch Man (TV 2) as King
Otogi-Jushi Akazukin (OAV) as Spiderfang
Patema Inverted (movie) as Jack
Persona -trinity soul- (TV) (eps 1, 8); Taiichi Udou
Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice as Terrakion
Potemayo (TV) as Jersey-sensei; Morio
(The) Prince of Tennis II OVA vs. Genius 10 as Hōō Byōdōin
Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they? (TV) as Galdo Gasper
Rail Wars! (TV) as Driver (ep 7); Man (ep 8)
(The) Rebirth of Buddha (movie) as Tokuzou Kanemoto
REC (TV) as AD (ep 6); game director (ep 5); Tanaka's Boyfriend (ep 1); writer (ep 10)
Rental Magica (TV) as Judaicus Tholoide (eps 7, 9-10)
Ring ni Kakero 1: Nichibei Kessen Hen (TV) as Nobi
Ring ni Kakero 1: Shadow (TV) as Nobi
(The) Rising of The Shield Hero (TV) as Elhart
Rockman.EXE Beast (TV) as Colonel; Yetiman
Rockman.EXE Stream (TV) as Colonel
Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program (movie) as Colonel
Samurai Flamenco (TV) as Mr. Justice / Alien Flamenco; Narration (ep 11)
Samurai Jam -Bakumatsu Rock- (TV) as Naosuke Ii
Sanjōgattai Transformers Go! (OAV) as Ganoh
Scan2Go (TV) as Dradd
Scar-red Rider XechS (TV) as Granbach
School Rumble (TV) as Kōriyama (Goriyama) (ep 18); Masaru Suzuki; Tougou Masakazu (eps 21-23)
School Rumble Sangakki (OAV) as Masakazu Tōgō
School Rumble: 2nd Semester (TV) as Budo (ep 21); Kouriyama-sensei (eps 3, 5); Masakazu Tōgō (15 episodes
eps 1, 6-11, 14, 18-19, 21-24, 26
; Masaru Suzuki (eps 16-17, 24); Tougou Masakazu 
School Rumble: Extra Class (OAV) as Tougou Masakazu (ep 2)
SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors (TV) as Guan Yu (Kan U) Gundam
SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors: The Super-Duper Movie as Guan Yu (Kan U) Gundam
Sengoku Night Blood (TV) as Nobuhara Baba (Werewolves/Takeda Army)
Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash! (TV) as Murasame (eps 3, 6, 8)
Shakugan no Shana Second (TV) as Bifrons ("The Wanderer") (eps 18-19)
Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Raoh-den Gekitō no Shō (movie)
Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Yuria-den (OAV) as Underling
Shina Dark - Kuroki Tsuki no Ō to Sōheki no Tsuki no Himegimi (OAV) as Vincent
Shining Tears X Wind (TV) as Hyoun
Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san (TV) as Full-Face (Helmet)
Sky Wizards Academy (TV) as Real Nua
Sōten Kōro (TV) as Zhang Liao (Wenyuan)
Soul Link (TV) as Researcher (ep 10)
Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry (TV) as Brad Radflicks (eps 7-8)
Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind (OAV) as Guile
Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World (OAV) as Nekomaru Nidai
Super Street Fighter IV (OAV) as Guile
Sword Art Online (TV) as Agil/Andrew Gilbert Mills (8 episodes
eps 2, 5, 8-9, 13-14, 16, 25

Sword Art Online II (TV) as Agil/Andrew Gilbert Mills
Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale as Andrew Gilbert Mills/Agil
Sword Art Online: Alicization (TV) as Agil
Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld (TV) as Agil
Sword Art Online: Alicization War of Underworld Part 2 (TV) as Agil
Sword Art Online: Extra Edition (special) as Agil
Tales of Symphonia the Animation (OAV) as Desian A (ep 3); Flying dragon arranger (ep 4)
TANK S.W.A.T. 01 (OAV) as Officer Katsu
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar (OAV) as Babalun
(The) Thousand Noble Musketeers (TV) as Einz
Thunderbolt Fantasy (puppet TV) as Cán Xiōng
Thunderbolt Fantasy: The Sword of Life and Death (puppet movie) as Cán Xiōng
to the abandoned Sacred Beasts (TV) ; Edgar
Tokyo Ravens (TV) as Kakugyouki
Tokyo Tribe 2 (TV) as Falcon Jokasaki
Tona-Gura! (TV) as Ruins villager (ep 2)
Toriko (TV) as Gido
Toward the Terra (TV) as Ataraxia mayor (eps 1, 4); Commanding Officer; Guard (eps 8-9); Male voice (ep 20); Sid Johan; Toki (ep 11 and after)
(The) Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk (TV) as Utu
(The) Tower of Druaga: the Sword of Uruk (TV) as Utu
Triage X (TV) as Wild Hunt (eps 5-6)
True Cooking Master Boy (TV) as Alkan
True Cooking Master Boy (TV 2) as Alkan
Twittering Birds Never Fly: Don't Stay Gold (OAV) as Kanji Kageyama
Twittering Birds Never Fly: The Clouds Gather (movie) as Kanji Kageyama
Ushio & Tora (TV) as Ishikui (ep 2)
Vampire Knight (TV) as Tooga Yagari
Vampire Knight Guilty (TV) as Tooga Yagari
Vatican Miracle Examiner (TV) as Bill Suskins
Venus to Mamoru (TV) as Man (ep 1)
Vinland Saga (TV) as Bjorn
Working Buddies! (TV) as Matsuzaka-sempai (ep 11)
Yan Yan Machiko (ONA) as Serra
Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (TV) as Konton
You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle (TV) as Black-Suit Man 2 (ep 1); Man (ep 9)
Young Black Jack (TV) as Bob (ep 4)
Yowamushi Pedal (movie) as Shingo Kinjō
Yowamushi Pedal (TV) as Shingo Kinjō
Yowamushi Pedal Glory Line (TV) as Shingo Kinjō
Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road (TV 2) as Shingo Kinjō
Yowamushi Pedal New Generation (TV) as Shingo Kinjō
Yowamushi Pedal Re: ROAD (movie) as Shingo Kinjō
Yowamushi Pedal Re:Generation (movie) as Shingo Kinjō
Yowamushi Pedal Re:RIDE (movie) as Shingo Kinjō
Yowamushi Pedal: Spare Bike (movie) as Shingo Kinjō
Yowamushi Pedal: Special Ride (OAV) as Shingo Kinjō
Yuri!!! on Ice (TV) as Christophe Giacometti
Zombie Land Saga (TV) as MC (ep 5)
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