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Inuyasha (TV)

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Alternative title:
Dog Yaksha
Inu Yasha
Inu-Yasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale
Инуяся (Russian)
إينوياشا (Arabic)
اينوياشا - Persian (Japanese) 
犬夜叉 (Japanese)
이누야샤 (Korean)
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Kagome Higurashi, after being pulled down a well by a demon, finds herself in Sengoku period of feudal Japan, where she learns that a powerful jewel has been reborn inside her body. After the jewel shatters in an attempt to retrieve it from one of the many demons who was after its power, Kagome must join forces with the half-demon Inu Yasha (also after the jewel's power) to track down the shards of the jewel before its power falls into the wrong hands.
User Ratings: 5886 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 653 votes (dub:329, sub:277, edit.dub:14, ?:8, raw:4, others:21
9 Spanish dubbed
4 Spanish subtitled
1 German subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Tagalog dubbed
1 German dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Excellent: 1187 votes (dub:600, sub:496, edit.dub:27, ?:12, raw:5, others:47
20 Spanish dubbed
5 German dubbed
4 Spanish subtitled
4 Portuguese subtitled
3 Italian dubbed
2 Portuguese dubbed
2 Spanish edited dub
1 Chinese mandarin subtitled
1 Chinese dubbed dubbed
1 Indonesian dubbed
1 Italian edited dub
1 Russian dubbed
1 Italian subtitled
1 Tagalog dubbed
 Very good: 1274 votes (dub:616, sub:558, edit.dub:26, ?:14, raw:9, others:51
15 Spanish dubbed
8 Spanish subtitled
6 German dubbed
5 Portuguese subtitled
3 Portuguese dubbed
3 Polish subtitled
2 Russian subtitled
2 French subtitled
2 German edited dub
2 Italian dubbed
1 Korean dubbed
1 Vietnamese subtitled
1 Tagalog dubbed
 Good: 1188 votes (sub:561, dub:538, edit.dub:24, ?:9, raw:6, others:50
14 Spanish dubbed
6 German dubbed
5 Italian dubbed
5 Portuguese dubbed
4 Spanish subtitled
3 Tagalog dubbed
3 Portuguese subtitled
2 Spanish edited dub
2 French subtitled
1 czech subtitled
1 Catalan dubbed
1 Hungarian subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 Mandarin Chinese dubbed
1 French dubbed
 Decent: 675 votes (dub:348, sub:294, edit.dub:5, ?:4, raw:3, others:21
6 Spanish dubbed
5 German dubbed
3 Italian dubbed
3 Portuguese dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Indonesia dubbed
1 Korean subtitled
 So-so: 305 votes (dub:143, sub:141, edit.dub:7, ?:4, raw:3, others:7
2 German dubbed
2 Spanish dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish edited dub
1 Italian dubbed
 Not really good: 206 votes (dub:100, sub:88, edit.dub:4, ?:3, raw:1, others:10
3 German dubbed
2 Italian dubbed
2 Spanish dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Spanish edited dub
 Weak: 187 votes (dub:103, sub:76, edit.dub:5, ?:1, others:2
1 Italian dubbed
1 German dubbed
 Bad: 88 votes (dub:57, sub:26, edit.dub:1, raw:1, others:3
2 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Awful: 57 votes (dub:31, sub:21, ?:1, others:4
2 Portuguese dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
 Worst ever: 66 votes (dub:43, sub:22, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
Seen in part or in whole by 13536 users, rank: #15 (of 9583)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 7.291 (Good+), std. dev.: 2.0866, rank: #2588 (of 9705)
Weighted mean: 7.151 (Good), rank: #2929 (of 9705) (seen all: 7.63 / seen some: 6.93 / won't finish: 4.75)
Bayesian estimate: 7.152 (Good), rank: #2721 (of 7286)
Running time: 25 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 167
Episode titles: We have 167
2000-10-16 to 2004-09-13
2001-11-06 to 2007-11-27 (Italy)
2001-11-18 (Indonesia, Indosiar)
2002-01-14 (Colombia - Canal RCN)
2002-08-12 (ABS-CBN, Philippines)
2002-08-31 (USA)
2002-08-31 to 2006-10-27 (U.S. TV broadcast - [adultswim])
2002-12-02 (Brazil)
2002-12-02 (Latin America, Cartoon Network)
2003-09-01 (Germany - MTV2Pop)
2003-09-05 to 2006-12-01 (Canada, YTV - Bionix)
2004-06-15 (Spain, Buzz)
2005-01-12 (Brazil - Globo TV, episodes 1-25)
2005-05-11 to 2007-06-04 (Singapore, Arts Central Broadcast)
2005-05-21 (Spain, Localia TV)
2005-06-10 (Mexico, TV Azteca - Potencia-t)
2006-05-05 (Malaysia, NTV7)
2006-07-25 (Mexico, TV Azteca - 2nd Time )
2007-01-01 (Cartoon Network Latin America)
2007-10-20 (AXN Portugal)
2007-10-20 (Spain - AXN)
2008-04-12 (Spain & Portugal - Animax)
2008-09-29 (Spain, Canal Sur 2)
2010 (TV5 Animega Primetime)
2011-05-07 (Portugal, Panda Biggs)
2012-10 (Argentina, ZTV-Telefe)
Release dates: We have 31
Opening Theme:
#1: "Change the World" by V6 (eps 01-34)
#2: "I Am" by Hitomi (eps 35-64)
#3: "Owarinai Yume" by Nanase Aikawa (eps 65-95)
#4: "Grip!" by Every Little Thing (eps 96-127)
#5: "One Day, One Dream" by Tackey & Tsubasa (eps 128-153)
#6: "Angelus" by Hitomi Shimatani (eps 154-167)
Ending Theme:
#1: "My Will" by Dream (eps 01-20,166-167)
#2: "Fukai Mori" by Do As Infinity (eps 21-41)
#3: "Dearest" by Ayumi Hamasaki (eps 42-60)
#4: "Every Heart - Minna no Kimochi" by Boa (eps 61-85)
#5: "Shinjitsu no Uta" by Do As Infinity (eps 86-108)
#6: "Itazurana Kiss" by day after tomorrow (eps 109-127)
#7: "Come" by Namie Amuro (eps 128-148)
#8: "Brand-New World" by V6 (eps 149-165)
Links: We have 29
Trivia: We have 173
DVD Easter Eggs: We have 2
Inu Yasha DVD (Sep 6, 2006)
Inu Yasha DVD 1 (Aug 8, 2003)
Inu Yasha DVD 7 (Jul 19, 2003)
Inu Yasha DVD 2 (Mar 29, 2003)
Inu-Yasha (Jan 1, 1970)
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    InuYasha - Secret of the New Moon (DVD 5) 2003-04-22 (from $12.97)
    InuYasha - Deadly Liasons (DVD 6) 2003-06-03 (from $17.84)
    InuYasha - Secrets of the Past (DVD 7) 2003-06-24 (from $15.29)
    InuYasha - Kikyo's Wandering Soul (DVD 8) 2003-08-12 (from $19.98)
    InuYasha - Origin of the Sacred Jewel (DVD 9) 2003-08-26 (from $15.83)
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    InuYasha - The Way to Wisdom (DVD 19) 2004-06-01 (from $15.37)
    InuYasha - Curse of the Dark Priestess (DVD 20) 2004-08-03 (from $6.95)
    InuYasha - Double Trouble (DVD 21) 2004-08-24 (from $5.00)
    InuYasha - The True Face of Evil (DVD 22) 2004-10-05 (from $8.98)
    InuYasha - Wicked Clutches (DVD 23) 2004-10-26 (from $1.25)
    InuYasha - The True Face Of Evil (DVD 23) 2005-01-02
    InuYasha - Severed Identities (DVD 24) 2004-12-07 (from $10.75)
    InuYasha - Crimson Blade (DVD 25) 2004-12-07 (from $4.16)
    InuYasha - Curse of Generations (DVD 26) 2005-02-08 (from $8.00)
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    InuYasha - Two Souls, One Body (DVD 37) 2005-11-29 (from $4.29)
    InuYasha - Battle on the Sacred Island (DVD 38) 2006-02-07 (from $17.43)
    InuYasha - The Black, Impure Light (DVD 39) 2006-02-28 (from $17.99)
    InuYasha - Divine Malice (DVD 40) 2006-04-04 (from $10.99)
    InuYasha - Naraku Reborn (DVD 41) 2006-04-25 (from $1.38)
    InuYasha - Farewell My Beloved (DVD 42) 2006-06-06 (from $4.44)
    InuYasha - Demons in the Modern Age (DVD 43) 2006-06-27 (from $7.85)
    InuYasha - Most Dangerous Confession (DVD 44) 2006-08-01 (from $3.75)
    InuYasha - The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru (DVD 45) 2006-08-22 (from $17.99)
    InuYasha - An Ancestor Named Kagome (DVD 46) 2006-10-03 (from $4.25)
    InuYasha - On A Pale Horse (DVD 47) 2006-10-24 (from $3.20)
    InuYasha - A Father's Love (DVD 48) 2006-11-21 (from $5.95)
    InuYasha - Tragic Love Song of Destiny (DVD 49) 2006-12-05 (from $12.08)
    InuYasha - Kikyo and Kagome (DVD 50) 2007-02-06 (from $14.00)
    InuYasha - Path to the Netherworld (DVD 51) 2007-02-27 (from $18.00)
    InuYasha - Last Shard of the Jewel (DVD 52) 2007-04-03 (from $23.93)
    InuYasha - Malevolent Machinations (DVD 53) 2007-04-24 (from $8.50)
    InuYasha - Mistakes of the Past (DVD 54) 2007-06-05 (from $17.99)
    InuYasha - The Bond Between InuYasha and Kagome (DVD 55) 2007-06-26 (from $18.88)
    InuYasha - Special Limited Edition Set 1 (DVD 1-3) 2003-12-09 (from $2.99)
    InuYasha - Complete Series [Amazon Exclusive] (DVD 1-55) 2008-12-02
    InuYasha - First Season Box Set [English TV Version] [Edited] (Dub.DVD) 2004-09-07 (from $18.88)
    InuYasha - Second Season Box Set [English TV Version] [Edited] (Dub.DVD) 2005-11-08 (from $14.98)
DVD (Region 4)
    Inuyasha - Complete Adventures (DVD) 2016-12-07
Graphic novel
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 1) 2004-02-01 (from $2.24)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 2) 2004-03-17 (from $6.65)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 3) 2004-06-01 (from $6.45)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 4) 2004-08-10 (from $6.52)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 5) 2004-11-01 (from $6.98)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 6) 2004-09-01 (from $5.99)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 7) 2005-02-01 (from $6.29)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 8) 2005-04-15 (from $5.69)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 9) 2005-06-15 (from $7.87)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 10) 2005-08-01 (from $6.64)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 11) 2005-08-01 (from $9.56)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 12) 2005-12-01 (from $6.18)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 13) 2006-02-07 (from $2.99)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 14) 2006-04-18 (from $9.56)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 15) 2006-06-20 (from $9.56)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 16) 2006-08-15 (from $4.78)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 17) 2006-10-01 (from $13.57)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 18) 2006-12-01 (from $11.99)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 19) 2007-02-01 (from $12.76)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 20) 2007-04-01 (from $9.56)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 21) 2007-06-01 (from $9.36)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 22) 2007-08-01 (from $6.80)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 23) 2007-10-09 (from $9.56)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 24) 2007-12-11 (from $9.56)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 25) 2008-02-12 (from $6.14)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 26) 2008-04-08 (from $11.99)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 27) 2008-06-10 (from $9.56)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 28) 2008-08-12 (from $9.56)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 29) 2008-10-14 (from $9.56)
    InuYasha - Ani-Manga (GN 30) 2008-12-09 (from $9.59)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Masashi Ikeda (eps 1-44)
Yasunao Aoki (eps 45-167)
Series Composition: Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Ai Ota (4 episodes
eps 18-19, 32-33

Akatsuki Yamatoya (23 episodes
eps 73-74, 78, 82, 86, 90, 93, 97-98, 105, 109, 114, 118, 120, 128, 135, 141, 145, 149, 154, 157, 161, 163

Akinori Endo (8 episodes
eps 14-15, 22-23, 29-30, 41-42

Junki Takegami (24 episodes
eps 45, 49-52, 59, 61, 65, 72, 80-81, 85, 91, 101, 106, 112, 119, 129, 138-139, 143, 150, 155, 164

Katsuhiko Chiba (36 episodes
eps 5-7, 13, 56, 60, 63-64, 69-71, 75-77, 88-89, 94-95, 99, 104, 110-111, 117, 121-122, 127, 130, 136, 142, 146, 152-153, 158-159, 162, 165

Katsuyuki Sumisawa (32 episodes
eps 3-4, 9-10, 17, 24-26, 31, 36-37, 39-40, 53-54, 57-58, 62, 68, 87, 100, 107-108, 115-116, 123-124, 131-134, 140

Masashi Ikeda (eps 1-2, 11)
Takashi Yamada (12 episodes
eps 8, 16, 20-21, 28, 34-35, 38, 44, 46-48

Tetsuko Takahashi (16 episodes
eps 12, 27, 43, 55, 66-67, 79, 83-84, 92, 102, 113, 125-126, 137, 160

Akira Nishimori (15 episodes
eps 6, 9, 17, 19, 24, 28-29, 35, 43, 95, 102, 145, 149, 159, 162

Eiji Yamanaka (7 episodes
eps 42, 47, 57, 69, 75, 84, 87

Hitoyuki Matsui (9 episodes
eps 5, 10, 16, 25, 34, 50, 80, 86, 90

Kazuhisa Takenouchi (ep 18)
Kiyoshi Fukumoto (13 episodes
eps 56, 61, 66, 72, 79, 85, 96, 101, 107, 110, 115, 129, 137

Masakazu Amiya (eps 52, 62)
Masakazu Hishida (ep 49)
Masami Hata (15 episodes
eps 22-23, 26-27, 32-33, 39-40, 54, 71, 74, 77, 92, 104, 108

Masashi Ikeda (eps 1-2, 7, 11)
Masayuki Miyaji (3 episodes
eps 120, 126, 139

Megumi Yamamoto (13 episodes
eps 64, 76, 82, 89, 97, 100, 106, 112, 119, 125, 131, 136, 164

Mitsuko Kase (24 episodes
eps 31, 36-37, 46, 51, 55, 59, 65, 109, 114, 117, 124, 132-134, 142, 144, 147-148, 151, 156, 161, 166-167

Susumu Nishizawa (6 episodes
eps 12, 67, 116, 121, 127, 165

Takashi Ikehata (eps 14, 21)
Tatsuya Ishihara (Kyoto Animation; 24 episodes
eps 3, 13, 15, 20, 30, 44, 48, 53, 58, 63, 73, 78, 83, 88, 93, 98, 103, 105, 113, 118, 123, 153, 158, 163

Teruo Sato (9 episodes
eps 81, 91, 141, 147-148, 150, 155, 166-167

Tomoe Aratani (Kyoto Animation; 5 episodes
eps 128, 135, 138, 143, 146

Toshifumi Kawase (9 episodes
eps 4, 8, 15, 130, 133-134, 140, 142, 157

Toshiya Niidome (4 episodes
eps 60, 70, 94, 99

Toshiya Shinohara (ep 122)
Tsukasa Sunaga (3 episodes
eps 152, 154, 160

Yasuhiro Takemoto (Kyoto Animation; ep 68)
Yasunao Aoki (5 episodes
eps 38, 41, 45, 166-167

Yukio Nishimoto (ep 111)
Episode Director:
Akira Nishimori (eps 19, 24, 31)
Hirofumi Ogura (5 episodes
eps 60, 115, 121, 154, 162

Hitoyuki Matsui (4 episodes
eps 5, 10, 16, 25

Kaoru Suzuki (eps 12, 17, 23)
Kiyoshi Fukumoto (11 episodes
eps 56, 61, 66, 72, 79, 85, 96, 101, 107, 129, 137

Kunihiro Mori (ep 7)
Masakazu Amiya (24 episodes
eps 44, 47, 52, 57, 62, 67, 74, 80, 86, 92, 95, 104, 110, 116, 122, 127, 132, 139, 144, 147-148, 152, 157, 161

Masakazu Hishida (7 episodes
eps 6, 13, 18, 28, 33, 40, 49

Masashi Abe (ep 29)
Masashi Ikeda (ep 1)
Megumi Yamamoto (23 episodes
eps 4, 9, 14, 22, 27, 50, 54, 64, 70, 76, 82, 89, 97, 100, 106, 112, 119, 125, 131, 136, 142, 151, 164

Naoki Hishikawa (ep 42)
Satoshi Toba (28 episodes
eps 7, 21, 32, 37, 41, 46, 51, 55, 59, 65, 71, 77, 84, 90, 94, 102, 109, 114, 120, 126, 133-134, 140, 145, 149, 156, 159, 165

Takahiro Okada (ep 38)
Takashi Ikehata (eps 2, 8)
Takehiro Nakayama (ep 35)
Tatsuya Ishihara (Kyoto Animation; 28 episodes
eps 3, 11, 15, 20, 26, 30, 34, 39, 43, 48, 53, 58, 63, 73, 78, 83, 88, 93, 98, 103, 108, 113, 118, 123, 146, 153, 158, 163

Teruo Sato (Studio Deen; 22 episodes
eps 45, 69, 75, 81, 87, 91, 99, 105, 111, 117, 124, 130, 133-134, 141, 147-148, 150, 155, 160, 166-167

Tomoe Aratani (Kyoto Animation; 4 episodes
eps 128, 135, 138, 143

Yasuhiro Takemoto (Kyoto Animation; ep 68)
Yasunao Aoki (ep 36)
Music: Kaoru Wada
Original creator: Rumiko Takahashi
Character Design: Yoshihito Hishinuma
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda
Animation Director:
Atsuo Tobe (5 episodes
eps 5, 14, 150, 166-167

Atsushi Shigeta (6 episodes
eps 13, 19, 21, 25, 28, 32

Ayako Kurata (Studio Live; ep 77)
Hideki Araki (eps 47, 92)
Hiroaki Noguchi (Telecom Animation; eps 16, 22)
Hiroshi Takeuchi (5 episodes
eps 52, 57, 62, 67, 72

Kazuo Takigawa (JEC-E; ep 38)
Keiji Tani (ep 29)
Kenji Hachizaki (ep 109)
Kumiko Takahashi (ep 140)
Mamiko Nakanishi (Doga Kobo; 15 episodes
eps 102, 107, 112, 117, 127, 132, 137, 144, 147-148, 151, 157, 161, 166-167

Naoko Yamamoto (5 episodes
eps 82, 87, 100, 147-148

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Shinichi Sakuma (Studio Dove; 65 episodes
eps 2-8 even, 13, 19, 21, 25, 28, 32-33, 37, 40-46 even, 49, 51, 54, 56, 59, 61, 64, 66, 69, 71, 74, 76, 79, 81, 84, 86, 89, 91, 94-95, 97, 99, 101, 104, 106, 111, 114, 116, 119, 121, 124, 126, 129, 131, 133-134, 136, 139, 141-142, 145, 149, 152, 154, 156, 159, 162, 164-165

Shoko Ikeda (Kyoto Animation; 33 episodes
eps 3, 11, 15, 20, 26, 30, 34, 39, 43, 48, 53, 58, 63, 68, 73, 78, 83, 88, 93, 98, 103, 108, 113, 118, 123, 128, 135, 138, 143, 146, 153, 158, 163

Taka Sato (eps 12, 17, 23)
Takehiro Nakayama (ep 35)
Teiichi Takiguchi (Telecom Animation; ep 9)
Yoshihito Hishinuma (14 episodes
eps 1, 7, 24, 33, 55, 65, 82, 87, 100, 122, 147-148, 166-167

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Hisao Muramatsu
Hitomi Tsuruta
Ikuo Kuwana (eps 1-2, 7)
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Kaori Yoshida
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Kazuhiro Ono
Kazumi Ikeda (Kyoto Animation)
Kazunori Ōta
Kazuya Saitō (Doga Kobo; 19 episodes
eps 82, 87, 92, 95, 102, 107, 112, 117, 122, 127, 132, 137, 144, 147, 151, 157, 161, 166-167

Kazuyo Nakamura (Doga Kobo)
Kei Ajiki
Keiichirō Okamoto
Keiko Ijima
Keiko Katsura (Doga Kobo)
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Masaya Makita (Kyoto Animation)
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Mayumi Fukushi
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Miho Otsuka
Miho Shimogasa
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Mika Takahashi (高橋美香 Studio Live)
Mineko Ueda (Telecom Animation)
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Minoru Okabe
Mio Shirota
Mitsuhiro Yoneda (Kyoto Animation)
Mitsumasa Kimura
Mitsuyoshi Yoneda (Kyoto Animation)
Miwako Yamamoto
Mizue Ogawa
Morotsune Nishibe
Motoi Nakamura
Naoko Yamamoto
Noboru Jitsuhara
Nobuhiro Okazaki (Doga Kobo)
Noe Inagaki
Noriko Shimazawa
Norio Shioyama
Noriyuki Kitanohara (Kyoto Animation; 6 episodes
eps 3, 11, 34, 39, 43, 163

Noriyuki Nakajima
Reiko Fujita (Doga Kobo)
Reiko Kudo
Rie Kawaguchi
Rie Nakajima
Rie Nakashima
Rie Nakayama
Riki Sakamoto
Ryo Komori
Ryouhei Muta (Kyoto Animation)
Saai Dōsono (Kyoto Animation)
Sachiko Sugimoto
Saeko Oofuji (Kyoto Animation)
Sanae Narazaki
Satomi Ikehira
Satomi Kitahara
Satoru Kiyomaru
Satoshi Kadowaki (Kyoto Animation)
Satoshi Tazawa
Sawako Miyamoto (Telecom Animation)
Sayuki Dōsono (Kyoto Animation)
Sayuri Sugitou
Seiichi Nakatani
Shin Itagaki (Telecom Animation)
Shingo Kurakari (Studio Live)
Shinichi Sakuma (Studio Dub)
Shinji Abe
Shinobu Yoshioka (Kyoto Animation)
Shiro Shibata
Shōichi Eura
Shōji Hara (Studio Live)
Shoko Ikeda
Taichi Ishidate (Kyoto Animation; 10 episodes
eps 118, 123, 128, 135, 138, 143, 146, 153, 158, 163

Takaaki Hirayama (Studio Live)
Takamitsu Kondō
Takao Takegami
Takashi Mukouda (Doga Kobo; ep 72)
Takayoshi Hashimoto (Studio Mu; 19 episodes
eps 2, 5, 10, 92, 95, 102, 107, 112, 117, 122, 127, 132, 137, 144, 147, 151, 157, 160, 167

Takayuki Satō
Takehiro Nakayama
Takenori Tsukuma
Takeshi Baba (Telecom Animation; eps 16, 22)
Tatsuo Kamiuto (Kyoto Animation)
Terumi Nishii
Tetsukazu Yamagishi
Tetsuya Ishikawa
Tetsuya Kawakami
Tohru Mitsuhashi (Kyoto Animation)
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Tomohiro Zaizen (Studio Dub)
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Tomomi Kimura (Studio Live)
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Toyoo Ashida (Studio Live)
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Yasuhiro Takemoto (Kyoto Animation)
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Yasutaka Hanabusa
Yasuzō Iino
Yōichi Hirakawa
Yoko Takada (Kyoto Animation)
Yoshiaki Tsubata
Yoshiaki Tsukuma
Yoshiaki Wada (Studio Dub)
Yoshifumi Miyaji
Yoshiharu Sugai
Yoshinori Urata (Kyoto Animation)
Yosuji Kudo
Youhei Kawasaki (Kyoto Animation)
Yousuke Kabashima (ep 54)
Yū Yamashita
Yuichiro Hayashi (Studio Live; eps 62, 67, 72)
Yūji Yanase
Yuka Aono
Yuka Nishiira (Kyoto Animation)
Yūka Takaira (Kyoto Animation)
Yuki Chika (Studio Mu)
Yuki Tsugihashi (Doga Kobo)
Yukiko Horiguchi (Kyoto Animation)
Yuko Goseki
Yūko Sobu (Telecom Animation)
Yumiko Hashi (Kyoto Animation)
Yuriko Chiba
Yutaka Matsubara
Yuusaku Murakami (JEC-E)
Literature Production: Tetsuko Takahashi
Music Performance:
Akihiro Onomoto (Trumpet)
Eijiro Nakagawa (Trombone)
Eri Kawai (Vocals)
Eric Miyashiro (Trumpet)
Gakutaro Miyauchi (Trombone)
Haruki Mino (Piano)
Hideo Sano (Tuba)
Hirofumi Mori (Horn)
Hiroshi Hashimoto (橋本洋; Trumpet)
Hiroshi Matsuzaki (Horn)
Hiroshi Shibayama (Oboe)
Hiroshi Yamagishi (Horn)
Hiroyuki Odagiri (Trombone)
Hitoshi Imai (Horn)
Hitoshi Saito (斉藤仁; Synthesizer Operator)
Hitoshi Yokoyama (Trumpet)
Ichirō Hosoya (Timpani, Wadaiko)
Ikuo Kakehashi (Percussion, Ethnic Percussion)
Josuke Ohata (Bassoon)
Jun Hosogai (Trombone)
Junko Yamashiro (Trombone)
Junpei Inoue (Trombone)
Kaoru Wada (Piano, Synthesizer, Tsugaru Shamisen)
Keiko Miyakoshi (Koto)
Kōji Nishimura (Trumpet)
Kumiko Shuto (Biwa)
Makoto Takei (Shinobue, Noukan)
Manabu Ohno (Trumpet)
Marie Oishi (Percussion)
Masato Yoshinaga (Horn)
Masatsugu Shinozaki (Erhu)
Masatsugu Shinozaki Strings (Strings)
Midori Takada (Percussion)
Osamu Takahashi (高橋 敦; Trumpet)
Satoshi Shōji (Oboe)
Shigeyasu Fujisaki (Shinobue, Noukan)
Shin Hirata (Trombone)
Shin Ogino (荻野 晋; Tuba)
Tadashi Hoshino (Clarinet)
Takanori Takahashi (Horn)
Takao Isshiki (Horn)
Takashi Asahi (Flute)
Takashi Ito (Horn)
Tetsuo Higuchi (Horn)
Tomoko Kusakari (Timpani)
Tomoyuki Asakawa (Harp)
Yasuhito Sugiyama (Tuba)
Yoshiki Hakoyama (Trombone)
Yukio Tanaka (Biwa)
Yuri Iguchi (Trombone)
Orchestra Conductor: Kaoru Wada
Production Business: Michiko Katō
Production Desk: Hiroyuki Satō
Kaoru Asai (Sunrise)
Masami Tatsumi (Sunrise)
Miho Fujimoto (Yomiuri TV)
Wakana Nagai (Yomiuri TV)
Setting Production: Hiroshi Yasukawa
Sound Effects: Eiko Morikawa
Sound Engineer: Yasushi Nagura (Kyoto Animation)
Special Effects:
Rina Miura (Kyoto Animation)
Sachie Tsuda (Kyoto Animation)
Toshio Hasegawa
Yutaka Senba 
Theme Song Arrangement:
day after tomorrow (ED6)
Do as Infinity (ED 2, 5)
h-wonder (ED 4)
Hiroshi Shibasaki (OP3)
Keisuke Kikuchi (ED1)
Mitsuru Igarashi (ED6)
Naoto Suzuki (ED3)
Seiji Kameda (ED2)
Yasuaki Maeshima (OP6)
Zentaro Watanabe (OP2)
Theme Song Composition:
Do as Infinity (ED 2, 5)
Kumi Watanabe (OP1)
Masato Kitano (OP2,ED6)
Yasuo Ootani (ED1)
Theme Song Lyrics:
Ayumi Hamasaki (ED 3)
Do as Infinity
hitomi (OP2)
Kaori Mochida (OP4)
Mai Matsumuro (ED1)
misono (ED6)
Nanase Aikawa (OP 3)
Rie Matsumoto (OP1)
Theme Song Performance:
Ayumi Hamasaki (ED3)
BoA (ED4)
day after tomorrow (ED 6)
Do as Infinity (ED2 and ED5)
dream (ED1)
Every Little Thing (OP4)
Hiroshi Nagano (V6)
hitomi (OP2)
Hitomi Shimatani (OP6)
Namie Amuro (ED7)
Nanase Aikawa (OP3)
Tackey and Tsubasa (OP5, "Sotsugyou")
V6 (OP1 and ED8)
Kappei Yamaguchi as Inuyasha
Satsuki Yukino as Kagome Higurashi

Ai Kobayashi as Akaibo/Akago (6 episodes
eps 123-126, 135, 141
Akiko Yajima as Kohaku
Houko Kuwashima as Sango
Ken Narita as Sesshoumaru
Kenichi Ogata as Myoga
Kouji Tsujitani as Miroku
Kumiko Watanabe as Shippo
Mamiko Noto as Rin
Noriko Hidaka as Kikyo
Rieko Takahashi as Miroku (young)
Taiki Matsuno as Kōga
Toshiyuki Morikawa as Naraku

Ai Kobayashi as Hakudoshi (16 episodes
eps 142-146, 149, 151-153, 156-159, 165-167
Ai Orikasa as Jakotsu (17 episodes
eps 102-111, 114-116, 118-121
Ai Satou as Nun 1 (eps 133-134)
Aki Akiba as Person Playing Kemari 3 (ep 7)
Akihiko Ishizumi as Ongokuki (ep 162)
Akiko Nakagawa as Sota Higurashi
Akiko Yajima as Yura of the Hair
Akio Nojima as Rasetsu no Kansuke (eps 87, 107)
Akira Ishida as Amari Nobunaga
Akira Kosaka as
Member (ep 128)
Schoolgirl (ep 127)
Akira Tomisaka as Hitomi (ep 90)
Asa Shirakura as Princess (ep 16)
Asako Dodo as
geisha (ep 16)
Village Woman with miroku (ep 16)
Women (ep 93)
Asami Imai as Florist (ep 90)
Asami Sanada as Ascetic Temple Boy (eps 166-167)
Atsushi Godai as
Chanting Priest (3 episodes
eps 102-103, 105

Seller (ep 128)
Shouji (3 episodes
eps 102-103, 105
Ayaka Saitō as Mayu
Ben Takada as No-Man (ep 79)
Bin Shimada as
Hell-Painter (ep 17)
Chafūrin as
Catfish Master of the Lake (ep 161)
Master of the Lake
Paper Demon
Chiaki Takahashi as
Princess (ep 22)
Villager (ep 18)
Chinami Nishimura as Botan (eps 63-64)
Chiwa Saito as Village Maiden 2 (ep 129)
Chiyako Shibahara as Boy 1 (ep 136)
Dai Matsumoto as
Izumo (eps 94-95)
Serina and Suzuna's Father (ep 59)
Village Chief (ep 91)
Daiki Nakamura as Orochidayu (eps 94-95)
Daisuke Gouri as Kyokotsu (ep 102)
Daisuke Kishio as
Imp (ep 79)
Villager 4 (ep 14)
Eiji Maruyama as
Elder (eps 108, 115)
old man (ep 49)
Villager (ep 116)
Eisuke Asakura as
Northern Wolf Tribe Demon (ep 39)
Villager (ep 56)
Ema Kogure as Girl (ep 136)
Emi Sagara as Person Playing Kemari 4 (ep 7)
Eri Oono as
Town Girl with Miroku 1 (ep 136)
Villager (ep 150)
Villager 2 (ep 149)
Etsuko Kazakura as Ippo
Etsuko Kozakura as Ippo (ep 130)
Fumi Morisawa as Water Goddess Female Fish Devotee (ep 27)
Fumihiko Tachiki as Tsukomo no Gama (eps 94-95)
Fumiko Orikasa as
Enju (ep 92)
Sara-hime (eps 133-134)
Fuminori Ogata as
Jaken's Demon (ep 18)
Young Master (ep 41)
Fumio Matsuoka as
Royo (eps 102-103)
Saint Hakushin (eps 119-120)
Fumioki as lizard demon (ep 55)
Futoshi Hasegawa as Peddlar (bunka radio broadcasting) (ep 151)
Ginzō Matsuo as
Hai Kobayashi as Noble Lady (ep 148)
Hajime Koseki as Ogre Princess Captive (eps 85-86)
Haruhi Tsumoto as Person Playing Kemari 8 (ep 7)
Haruka Shimazaki as
Village Daughter (ep 56)
Yuki (eps 112-113)
Haruko Kitahama as
Kannon wall painting (eps 131-132)
Hideaki Nonaka as Man (ep 158)
Hideki Tasaka as
Military Commander 3 (ep 9)
Person Playing Kemari 5 (ep 7)
Royo Wolf Clan Member 1 (ep 102)
Hidenari Ugaki as Castle Lord (ep 17)
Hideyuki Hori as Tokajin
Hikari Tachibana as Maid (eps 85-86)
Hikaru Hanada as
Ghost (ep 97)
Villager (ep 57)
Hiroaki Hirata as Suikotsu (8 episodes
eps 107-111, 114-116
Hiroaki Miura as Samurais (ep 5)
Hirofumi Nojima as Traumatized Shinsen Disciple 2 (ep 141)
Hirofumi Tanaka as Villager (ep 87)
Hiroki Yasumoto as Villager (ep 149)
Hiroko Taguchi as Serina
Hiromi Nishikawa as Elder Villager (ep 65)
Hiromi Tsuru as
Demon Head
Ogre Princess (eps 85-86)
Hironori Miyata as Village Chief (ep 146)
Hiroshi Isobe as Shako
Hiroshi Naka as
Wolf Demon Tribe Elder
Villager (ep 31)
Wolf Demon Tribe Elder (eps 83-84, 102)
Hiroshi Takahashi as Fleeing Male Samurai (ep 131)
Hiroshi Yanaka as
Nagasaki Hitomi (ep 24)
Samurai Fighting Faceless Naraku (ep 69)
Scorpion Faceless Naraku (ep 70)
Hirotake Nagata as Shinsen (ep 141)
Hiroya Ishimaru as Lizard Demon (ep 130)
Hiroyuki Yoshino as Ginta
Hisako Kyouda as Kaede
Hisanori Koyatsu as Ghost 2 (ep 59)
Hisao Egawa as
Ginkotsu (8 episodes
eps 105-111, 114

Villager (eps 115-116)
Hisayoshi Suganuma as Tsuyu's Lord
Hitomi Nabatame as Town Girl with Miroku 2 (ep 136)
Ikkei Seta as Villager (ep 87)
Ikue Ōtani as Koryu (ep 68)
Ikuo Nishikawa as Old Male Villager (eps 51-52)
Isao Yamagishi as
Villager 2 (ep 14)
Issei Futamata as Tesso (ep 91)
Izumi Ohgami as
Mantis Demon
Jirō Saitō as Monk (ep 104)
Jouji Yanami as Totosai
Jun Fukushima as
Disciple (eps 69-70)
Monk Musuo Disciple (eps 69-70)
Junji Nishimura as Mimisenri (eps 127-128)
Junko Mashina as
"Iron Chicken" Tekkei (5 episodes
eps 146, 151-154

Junko Noda as
Suekichi (ep 27)
Kaho Kōda as
Chokyukai's little monkey underling (eps 129, 143)
Old Mother (ep 129)
Kamioka Shizukeko as Child (ep 162)
Kaori Mizuhashi as Shiori (eps 73-74)
Kaori Shimizu as
Asuka (7 episodes
eps 149-153, 158, 165

Ken (ep 88)
Shiho (ep 130)
Kaoru Morota as Hiten's Girlfriend (ep 9)
Katsuhiko Tamura as Court Physician (ep 149)
Katsuhiro Harasawa as Man 2 (ep 56)
Katsuhiro Kitagawa as Wolf Demon Tribe Member 1 (ep 102)
Katsumi Suzuki as Jiichan/Kagome's grandfather (second voice)
Kayo Sakata as Children (ep 147)
Kazuaki Itō as Elder Priest (ep 125)
Kazuhiko Inoue as Ryukossei
Kazuhisa Tanaka as Villager (ep 129)
Kazuki Ogawa as Monster (ep 163)
Kazuko Yanaga as
Noh Mask (ep 11)
The Mask of Flesh
Kazumi Okushima as Ascetic Temple Boy (eps 166-167)
Kazunari Tanaka as
Bandit 1 (ep 18)
Bandit 3 (eps 51-52)
Bandit Henchman (ep 69)
Castle Lord Underling (ep 17)
Common Soldier (ep 78)
Commoners (ep 77)
Corpse Seeing Old Villager (ep 131)
Demon (ep 99)
Eastern Wolf Tribe Demon (ep 39)
Fisherman 3 (ep 112)
Fleeing Soldier 1 (ep 47)
Genbu (eps 137-139)
Goblin 2 (ep 140)
Guard (ep 110)
Kosuke's Father (ep 94)
Lumberjack (ep 87)
Male Servant 1 (eps 41-42)
Monk (ep 162)
Nanafushi (ep 72)
One-Eyed Demon (ep 147)
Ordinary rank samurai (ep 32)
Pedlar (ep 16)
Plum Colored Dressed Up Villagers (ep 93)
Policeman 1 (ep 11)
Royo Wolf Clan Member 2 (ep 102)
Samurai 2 (ep 5)
Samurai B (ep 118)
Servant 3 (ep 126)
Street Performer (ep 158)
Town Chief 2 (ep 136)
Village Burning Bandit 1 (ep 146)
Village Chief (ep 65)
Village Man (ep 164)
Villager (5 episodes
eps 35, 43, 73-74, 150

Villager 1 (4 episodes
eps 8, 21-22, 27

Villager B (eps 133-134)
Villager C (ep 1)
Warrior 5 (eps 151-152)
Wolf Demon 1 (ep 37)
Kazuya Nakai as Hoshiyomi (eps 137-140)
Kei Kobayashi as Lady (ep. 149-153)
Kei Kurita as page #2 (ep 32)
Keijin Okuda as
Villager (ep 150)
Villager 4 (ep 149)
Ken Yamaguchi as Shintaro's Father (ep 112)
Kenichi Mochizuki as Villager (ep 161)
Kenichi Ono as Newscaster (ep 11)
Kenji Hamada as Ordinary rank samurai (ep 32)
Kikuko Inoue as
Inuyasha's mother
Mu Onna
Kiyoko Nagaki as
Chambermaid (eps 152-153)
Village Maiden 1 (ep 129)
Kiyomitsu Mizuuchi as Village Leader (ep 88)
Kiyoyuki Yanada as Royakan (eps 75-77)
Kōichi Sakaguchi as Castle Lord (ep 16)
Koji Hattori as Samurais (ep 5)
Komura Tetsou as Monk Ungai (ep 162)
Kouichi Kuriyama as Person Playing Kemari 6 (ep 7)
Kouichi Nagano as Taigokomaru's Bat Demon Army (eps 73-74)
Kouji Haramaki as Samurai (ep 5)
Kouji Watanabe as
Goblin 1 (ep 140)
Villager (ep 125)
Kouji Yoshida as Villager (ep 147)
Kumiko Higa as Child (ep 73)
Kunio Ida as
Sara's Horned Demon (eps 133-134)
Villager (ep 161)
Kunio Joa as Villager
Kyoko Tsuruno as Princess in the Mist
Mahiru Konno as
Female Servant (ep 151)
Female Villager (ep 150)
Mai Tsubasa as Heavenly Girl in Manten's Dream 2 (ep 10)
Makoto Yasumura as Villager (ep 65)
Masafumi Kimura as Zushinezumi (ep 158)
Masaharu Satō as
Village Chief (ep 27)
Masahiko Tanaka as Sango's father
Masahito Kawanago as
Byakko (eps 137-139)
Person Playing Kemari 2 (ep 7)
Masaki Kawanabe as Villagers (ep 6)
Masaki Terasoma as Goryoumaru (eps 166-167)
Masako Katsuki as Water Goddess
Masanobu Kariya as Villager 5 (ep 14)
Masashi Hirose as
Masashi Oosato as Villager (ep 164)
Masatoyo Tetsuno as Noble's Page #1 (ep 32)
Masaya Takatsuka as Shuran (eps 75-77)
Masayo Kurata as Sayo
Masayuki Omoro as Lord Asano (eps 133-134)
Matsuo Matsuo as Samurai (ep 32)
Mayu Amase as Children (ep 147)
Mayu Shibata as
Female Servant (ep 151)
Female Villager (ep 150)
Heavenly Girl in Manten's Dream 1 (ep 10)
Person Playing Kemari 7 (ep 7)
Mayumi Ichikawa as
Woman (ep 31)
Women (ep 93)
Mayumi Niwa as Maid (ep 78)
Mayumi Yanagisawa as Daughter (ep 97)
Megumi Nasu as Young Girl 2 (eps 131-132)
Midori Tamai as Old Woman (eps 148-149)
Mie Akagi as Young Woman (ep 65)
Miho Yamada as Tsubaki (young)
Mika Itō as Kaede (young)
Miki Narahashi as Kanta (ep 143)
Miki Tsuchiya as Village Woman (ep 52)
Minako Ichiki as Shima's Mother (ep 161)
Mio Yasuda as Shintaro's Sister Hana (eps 113, 125)
Mitsuki Saiga as Shintaro (3 episodes
eps 112-113, 125
Mitsuo Iwata as Suzaku (eps 137-139)
Mitsuru Miyamoto as
Kuranosuke Takeda (ep 78)
Miyoko Asō as Shoga (ep 65)
Mizuka Arima as
Grandma Villager (ep 49)
Tsubaki (elder)
Mizuki Saitō as Warrior 4 (eps 151-152)
Mokoto Kumai as Gon
Motoki Takagi as Miroku (Young Ep. 100-101)
Motoko Kumai as
Gon (ep 88)
Mugihito as
Osho (ep 13)
Spider Head
Nami Okamoto as
Boy 1 (ep 55)
Child (ep 73)
Children (ep 5)
Grandson (ep 158)
Headman's Son (ep 65)
Nurse (ep 12)
Shokichi (ep 1)
Villager 2 (ep 18)
Women (ep 93)
Nanae Katou as Child (ep 162)
Naoki Makishima as
Mezu (eps 145, 155)
Rengokuki (ep 142)
Naoki Tatsuta as Weasel Demon (ep 93)
Naomi Kushumi as Tsubaki's Master
Naomi Kusumi as Tsubaki's Master (ep 63)
Naomi Wakabayashi as Kosuke (eps 94-95)
Natsuko Fuji as Jinenji's Mother (Ohtsuka) (eps 31, 96)
Natsuko Kuwatani as Shima (ep 161)
Nobita Hasegawa as Peddlar (ep 152)
Nobutoshi Canna as Hiten
Nonaka Hioeaki as Man (ep 158)
Norikazu Shimizu as Ghost 3 (ep 59)
Noriko Yoshitake as Young Daughter (ep 16)
Nozomu Sasaki as Shinosuke (eps 131-132)
Rei Igarashi as Mistress Centipede
Reiko Takagi as Mizuki (ep 130)
Rena Mizushiro as
Ascetic Temple Boy (eps 166-167)
Young Girl 1 (eps 131-132)
Rie Iwatsubo as Koharu (eps 41-42)
Rie Kugimiya as
Child's voice (ep 98)
Gohou (ep 130)
Rie Saitō as Guarding woman in mansion 2 (eps 151, 153)
Rina Satō as Daughter (ep 97)
Ritsuko Shimamune as Buddhist Nun (Bhikkuni) (ep 79)
Ritsuo Sawa as
Chokyukai (eps 129, 143)
Monkey God (ep 88)
Ryōka Yuzuki as Princess Tsuyu
Ryūji Nakagi as Old Man (eps 150-153)
Ryūji Saikachi as Taigokumaru (eps 73-74)
Ryunosuke Ohbayashi as Water God
Ryuugo Saito as Military Commander 4 (ep 9)
Ryūzaburō Ōtomo as Housenki Senior (eps 154-157)
Sachi Matsumoto as
Boy 2 (ep 55)
Yuki's Brother (ep 43)
Saeko Shimazu as
Princess Abi (6 episodes
eps 146, 149, 151-154
Saori Higashi as
Boy 2 (ep 136)
Jippo (ep 130)
Satchiko Nakajima as Shima's Father
Sawa Ishige as Chiyo (6 episodes
eps 107-109, 113, 115-116
Sayaka Aida as
boy (ep 55)
Yuki (ep 43)
Sayaka Ōhara as
Temple Princess (ep 17)
Wakana (eps 131-132)
Sayaka Uehara as Village Maiden 3 (ep 129)
Seiji Sasaki as Kawaramaru (ep 92)
Shigenori Sōya as
Buddhist Priest (ep 142)
Vassal 2 (ep 16)
Shiho Kikuchi as Momiji (eps 63-64)
Shinichi Namiki as Villager (ep 41)
Shinichirō Ōta as Satsuki's brother (ep 55)
Shinji Matsumoto as Military Commander 2 (ep 9)
Shinobu Satou as Mayu's Mother
Shinpachi Tsuji as Landlord (ep 18)
Shirō Saitō as Hosenki's Son (ep 144)
Shizumi Niki as Lady who takes water from Shintaro (ep 125)
Susumu Chiba as Gozu (eps 145, 155)
Tadahisa Saizen as
Bandit 1 (eps 51-52)
Bandit Leader (ep 69)
Bear (ep 163)
Bear Demon (ep 78)
Bird of Paradise Younger Brother (ep 37)
Boy Playing with Fireworks 1 (ep 12)
Bunza's Father (ep 72)
Centipede Demon (ep 99)
Chief (ep 146)
Chokyukai's kappa underling (eps 129, 143)
Daimyo (ep 150)
Demon (ep 165)
Demon Slayer 2 (ep 25)
Elder (ep 110)
Feudal Lord (ep 151)
Fireman (ep 11)
Fisherman 1 (ep 112)
Fleeing Soldier 2 (ep 47)
Ghost (ep 26)
Ghost Underling (ep 6)
Giant Centipede (ep 65)
Hair Demon (eps 83-84)
Kouga's Wolf Clan Member (ep 36)
Leader (ep 146)
Little red ogre ghost (ep 32)
Male Servant 2 (eps 41-42)
Man (ep 35)
Man 3 (ep 56)
Monk (ep 162)
Monk Attacked by Kagura and Baby (ep 135)
Murdered Demon Slayers (ep 49)
Old Father (ep 129)
Old Man (eps 149, 158)
Osho (ep 91)
Panther King (eps 76-77)
Pine Colored Dressed Up Villagers (ep 93)
Princess Sara's Father (eps 133-134)
Ruler (ep 130)
Samurai 3 (ep 5)
Samurai A (ep 118)
Schoolboy (ep 128)
Seikai's Pupil (eps 22-23)
Seiryū (eps 137-139)
Servant 2 (ep 126)
Shironyuudoh attacking Kagome's Grandpa (ep 127)
Three-Eyed Spider (eps 147-148)
Town Chief 1 (ep 136)
Vassal (ep 17)
Vassal 1 (ep 16)
Village Chief (ep 141)
Village Man (ep 164)
Village Person (ep 166)
Villager (eps 9, 43, 150)
Villager 3 (ep 8)
Villager B (ep 1)
Villger 1 (ep 14)
Warrior 1 (eps 151-152)
Water Goddess Male fish Devotee (ep 27)
Wolf Demon Tribe Member 2 (ep 102)
Wounded Person (ep 71)
Taimei Suzuki as Bokusen-Oh (ep 51)
Takahiro Imamura as
Ghost 1 (ep 59)
Villager 3 (ep 14)
Takashi Kondō as Kisuke (ep 129)
Takashi Kubota as
Traumatized Shinsen Disciple 1 (ep 141)
Villager (ep 147)
Takashi Kuriyama as Villagers (ep 6)
Takatsugu Awazu as Villagers (ep 6)
Takayasu Usui as Villager (ep 65)
Takayuki Fujimoto as
Bamboo Colored Dressed Up Villagers 2 (ep 93)
Wolf-demon (ep 37)
Takeharu Ōnishi as
Samurai (ep 2)
Villager 2 (ep 22)
Takehiro Murozono as
Castle Lord (eps 85-86)
Samurai Commander (ep 5)
Takehito Koyasu as Gatenmaru
Takeshi Aono as Kaijinbo
Takeshi Kusao as Bankotsu (13 episodes
eps 109-111, 113-118, 120-123
Takuma Suzuki as
Tsukuyomaru (ep 74)
Villager (ep 73)
Takumi Kurebayashi as
Coyote Demoness (ep 56)
Mother (ep 2)
Nun 3 (eps 133-134)
Takumi Yamazaki as
Takurō Takasaki as Villager (ep 57)
Tamio Ohki as Old Sage (ep 58)
Tamio Sobami as Gakusanjin (eps 164-166)
Tarō Arakawa as Samurai General O-Yakata (ep 110)
Tarô Yamaguchi as Kanta's Father (ep 143)
Tarou Masuoka as
Bandit 4 (eps 51-52)
Villager (ep 31)
Tetsu Inada as
Mukotsu (eps 103-106)
Tetsuo Komura as Ungai (ep 162)
Tomohisa Asō as
Headman (ep 55)
Old man
Tomokazu Seki as Garamaru (ep 100)
Tomokazu Sugita as
Monk Musou (ep 69)
Renkotsu (13 episodes
eps 104-111, 114, 117-120
Tomoko Hayashi as Yuta (6 episodes
eps 107-109, 113, 115-116
Tomoko Hiratsuji as Mother (ep 3)
Tomoko Kaneda as Child (eps 21-22)
Tomoya Kawai as Bamboo Colored Dressed Up Villagers (ep 93)
Tomoyuki Nakai as Villager 3 (ep 149)
Tomoyuki Shimura as
Birds of Paradise Leader (eps 37, 39)
Village Headman (ep 166)
Villager (ep 43)
Tomoyuki Terai as
Fisherman 2 (ep 112)
Villager (ep 150)
Toshihiko Fujita as Old Exorcist
Toshihiko Nakajima as
"Hachi" Awa no Hachiemon (10 episodes
eps 16, 19, 28, 73-77, 93, 135

Bandit (ep 146)
Bandit 2 (eps 18, 51-52)
Boy Playing with Fireworks 2 (ep 12)
Demon Slayer 1 (ep 25)
Fleeing Soldier 3 (ep 47)
Government Official (ep 125)
Hermit (ep 116)
Horogai Blower (ep 9)
Husband (ep 161)
Man Servant (ep 42)
Man with Scrolls (ep 17)
Monk (ep 162)
Monk Seikai (ep 22)
Murdered Demon Slayers (ep 49)
Northern Wolf Tribe Demon (ep 39)
Policeman 2 (ep 11)
Samurai 1 (ep 5)
Samurai General (ep 103)
Servant 1 (ep 126)
Teacher (eps 60, 62, 69)
Vassal (ep 110)
Village Burning Bandit 2 (ep 146)
Village Headman (eps 32, 119)
Village Man (ep 164)
Villager (eps 6, 147, 150)
Villager 2 (eps 8, 27)
Villager A (eps 133-134)
Warrior 3 (eps 151-152)
Wolf Demon 2 (ep 37)
Toshihiko Seki as Garamaru
Toshiko Fujita as Old Madam Exorcist (eps 85-86, 136)
Toshiko Sawada as Matsu (eps 131-132)
Toshiyuki Morikawa as
Naraku's Faceless Incarnation (eps 69-70)
Toyoko Nagaki as Village Maiden (ep 129)
Wahei Iida as old man (ep 25)
Wakana Yamazaki as Suzuna
Yasuhiko Kawazu as
Tsubaki's Ogre (ep 64)
Tsubaki's Orge
Yasuhiko Tokuyama as
Salamander (ep 27)
Villager 3 (ep 103)
Yasunari Tajima as Servant (ep 92)
Yō Kitazawa as Man 1 (ep 56)
Yokitoshi Hori as Ninmenka
Yōko Teppōzuka as Karan (eps 75-77)
Yoshiko Mori as Unmarried Woman (ep 129)
Yoshiko Ohta as Urasue
Yoshiko Okamoto as Old Female Exorcist (eps 85-86)
Yoshino Ohtori as Nun 2 (eps 133-134)
Yoshinori Sonobe as Monster (ep 163)
Yoshito Inshinami as Lord Hitomi
Yoshiyuki Kouno as Viilager 1 (ep 103)
Youhei Oobayashi as Servant (ep 92)
Yū Kobayashi as Child (ep 162)
Yūji Kishi as Warrior 2 (eps 151-152)
Yūji Ueda as
Akitoki Hojo
Akitoki Hojo's Ancestor (eps 137-140)
Yukana as Kanna
Yuki Kyoui as Middle-aged lady (ep 97)
Yuki Masuda as
Child (ep 5)
Kikyo's Assistant Kochu (7 episodes
eps 149-153, 158, 165

Sanpo (ep 130)
Shunran (eps 75-77)
Yukie Maeda as
Guarding woman in mansion 1 (eps 151-153)
Shintaro's Sister Tsuki (eps 112-113)
Yukiji as Woman 1 (ep 56)
Yukio Kida as
Military Commander 1 (ep 9)
Person Playing Kemari 1 (ep 7)
Yukitoshi Hori as Tree of Human Faced Fruit (eps 57-58)
Yūko Minaguchi as Koyuki (ep 101)
Yūko Mizutani as Souten (ep 68)
Yūko Sasaki as Village Woman (ep 14)
Yūko Satō as
Ascetic Temple Boy (eps 166-167)
Boy (eps 51-52)
Yumi Kakazu as Ayame (eps 83-84, 102)
Yumi Kuroda as Satsuki (ep 55)
Yumi Touma as Toran (eps 75-77)
Yumiko Kobayashi as Bun (ep 88)
Yuri Amano as Tsukiyomi (eps 138-140)
Yuri Shiratori as Koume (ep 91)
Yuriko Yamaguchi as Shizu (Shiori's mother)
Yutaka Nakano as Kagewaki Hitomi's Minister (ep 32)
Yutaka Shibayama as Villagers (ep 6)
Yutaka Shimaka as Master (ep 110)
Yuu Urata as
White Dressed Young Man (ep 127)
Young Boy
Yuuki Ohtsuka as Woman 2 (ep 56)
Yuzuru Fujimoto as Mushin

Asami Sanada (ep 166)
Masahiko Tanaka (ep 148)
Yūko Satō (ep 166)
Japanese companies
Animation Production: Sunrise
Digital Effects: Marix
Film Developing: Tokyo Laboratory
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English cast
English staff
Director: Tomoyuki Saito (Yomiuri TV; Extra)
Erena Shimoda (Blu-ray extras)
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Talent Coordination: Theresa MacFarlane
Andrea Kwan as Kikyou (Animax Dub)
Darren Pleavin as InuYasha (Animax)
Dave Bridges as Miroku (Animax)
Moneca Stori as Kagome Higurashi
Richard Cox as Inuyasha

Alex Doduk as Kohaku
Candice Moore as
Rin (Animax dub)
Sango (Animax dub)
Shippo (Animax dub)
Danny McKinnon as Kohaku (eps 102-167)
David Kaye as Sessho-maru
Don Brown as Jaken
Jillian Michaels as Shippo
Kelly Sheridan as Sango
Kirby Morrow as Miroku
Paul Dobson as
Russell Wait as
Koga (Animax)
Myoga (Animax)
Naraku (Animax)
Onigumo (Animax)
Sesshomaru (Animax)
Scott McNeil as Koga
Willow Johnson as Kikyo

Adam Henderson as Gatenmaru (eps 51-52, 100)
Alaina Burnett as Inuyasha's Mom
Alec Willows as
Host (ep 130)
Mushin (3 episodes
eps 28, 100, 135
Alexandra Carter as Momiji (eps 63-64)
Alison Matthew as Toran
Alison Matthews as Toran (eps 75-77)
Alistair Abell as
Priest Muso (ep 69)
Alvin Sanders as
Manten (ep 100)
Paper Demon (ep 136)
Andrea Kwan as
Chiyo (Animax dub)
Hakudoshi (Animax dub)
Hana (Animax dub; eps 112-113)
Jippo (Animax dub; ep 130)
Kagome Higurashi (Animax Dub)
Kanna (Animax dub)
Ken (Animax dub)
Koume (Animax dub; ep 91)
Mizuki (Animax dub; ep 130)
Princess Abi (Animax dub)
Yuki (Animax dub; eps 112-113)
Andrew Francis as
Hiten (eps 100, 143)
Rengokuki (eps 141-142)
Tsuyu's Lord (ep 8)
Andrew Kavadas as Ninmenka (eps 57-58)
Andrew Toth as
Bun (ep 88)
Lizard Demon (ep 55)
Shinsen's Aide (ep 141)
Andy Toth as Suzaku (eps 137-139)
Anna Cummer as Serina (ep 59)
Beatrice Zeilinger as Kohaku's Fostermother (ep 49)
Brad Swaile as Nobunaga (ep 8)
Brian Dobson as
Lord (ep 151)
Muso (eps 69-71)
Shouga (ep 65)
Spawn Muso (ep 125)
Village Chief (ep 162)
Brian Drummond as
Juromaru (ep 46)
Kageromaru (ep 46)
Brittney Irvin as Koharu (eps 41-42)
Brittney Wilson as Suzuna (ep 59)
Candice Moore as
Getsu (Animax dub; eps 112-113)
Hojo (Animax dub)
Inuyasha's mother (Animax dub)
Jakotsu (Animax dub)
Kaede (Animax dub)
Kagura (Animax dub)
Koyuki (Animax dub; ep 101)
Mistress Centipede (Animax dub)
Ms. Higurashi (Animax dub)
Princess (Animax dub; ep 17)
Shintaro (Animax dub)
Tsuyu (Animax dub; ep 8)
Vixen (Animax dub; ep 9)
Yuka (Animax dub)
Yuta (Animax dub)
Caroline Chan as Satsuki (ep 55)
Cathy Weseluck as
Boy (ep 149)
Bully (ep 136)
Bunza (ep 72)
Fake Princess (ep 28)
Flesh-Eating Mask (ep 11)
Fox Demon (ep 130)
Frightened Boy (ep 94)
Kagome's Mom
Ken (ep 88)
Kochiki (ep 2)
Sanpo (ep 130)
Urasue (eps 14-15, 92)
Young Miroku (ep 100)
Chantal Strand as
Asuka (6 episodes
eps 150-151, 153-154, 158, 165

Chiyo (6 episodes
eps 107-109, 113, 115-116

Mayu (ep 12)
Chiara Zanni as
Sister (eps 112-113)
The Infant
Yura of the Hair (eps 3-5)
Claudia Thompson as
Ayumi (Animax dub)
Bun (Animax dub)
Hitomi (Animax dub; ep 90)
Urasue (Animax dub)
Clay St. Thomas as Kisuke (ep 129)
Colin Murdock as
Bandit (ep 137)
Orochidayu (eps 94-95)
Sango's Father
Seiryu (eps 137-139)
Tokajin's Disciple (ep 57)
Villager (ep 136)
Water God (ep 27)
Danny McKinnon as Suekichi
Darren Pleavin as Villager (Animax dub; ep 93)
Dave Bridges as
Cashier (Animax dub; ep 128)
Jaken (Animax)
Mimisenri (Animax dub; eps 127-128)
Suikotsu (Animax dub)
Dave Ward as Kyokotsu (ep 102)
David Kaye as
Gakusanjin (eps 164-166)
Mimisenri (eps 127-128)
Old Villager (ep 141)
Samurai (ep 131)
David Pettitt as Hosenki "Ep. 155-157"
Don Brown as
Boy's Grandpa (eps 51-52)
Kagewaki's Assistant (eps 24-25)
Monk (ep 104)
Ellen Kennedy as
Lady (ep 125)
Princess in the Mist (ep 56)
French Tickner as Grandpa
Gabe Khouth as Bully (ep 55)
Hiro Kanagawa as Hakushin (eps 119-120)
Janyse Jaud as
Consort (ep 136)
Sister (eps 112, 125)
Jason Simpson as
Master of the Lake (ep 161)
Mezu (eps 145, 156)
Jenn Forgie as
Kaede (girl)
Princess Abi
Sister (eps 112-113)
Jillian Michaels as
Princess Tsuyu (ep 8)
Jocelyne Loewen as
Mizuki (ep 130)
Shunran (eps 75-77)
John Murphy as
Bokuseno (eps 51-52)
Exorcist (3 episodes
eps 102-103, 105

Headman (ep 55)
Shinsen (ep 141)
John Novak as Ungai (ep 162)
John Payne as Rasetsu (eps 87, 107)
Jonathan Holmes as Wolf Demon (ep 102)
Kathy Morse as Tsubaki (elder; eps 60, 64)
Katie Chapman as Kocho (7 episodes
eps 149-151, 153-154, 158, 165
Kelly Metzger as Shima (ep 161)
Kelly Sheridan as Hitomi's Friend (ep 90)
Lalainia Lindbjerg as
Goho (ep 130)
Wakana (eps 131-132)
Lee Tockar as Gyuoh (eps 94-95)
Lee Tokar as Izumo/Gyuoh
Linda Darlow as
Abi's Mother (ep 146)
Tekkei (4 episodes
eps 146, 152-154
Lisa Ann Beley as
Demon Head
Mayu's Mom (ep 12)
Ogre Princess (eps 85-86)
Orge Princess 
Reporter (ep 82)
Shiori's Mother
Maggie Blue O'Hara as Karan (eps 75-77)
Mark Gibbon as
General (ep 110)
Kyokotsu (4 episodes
eps 102, 108, 110, 114
Mark Oliver as Garamaru (ep 100)
Maryke Hendrikse as Tsukiyomi (eps 139-140)
Matt Hill as Bankotsu
Matt Smith as
Akitoki Hojo (eps 137-140)
Bully (ep 136)
Matthew Erickson as
Apprentice (3 episodes
eps 102-103, 105

Wolf Demon (ep 102)
Michael Coleman as
Fox Demon (ep 130)
Ippo (ep 130)
Michael Dobson as
Hoshiyomi (eps 137-140)
Jinenji (eps 31, 96)
Kanta's Pa (ep 143)
Retainer (ep 149)
Villager (eps 103, 165)
Michael Donovan as
Old Man (ep 110)
Michael Kopsa as
byakko  (eps 137-139)
Goshinki (eps 43, 53)
Goza (eps 145, 156)
Refugee (ep 149)
Michael Quinn as
Bankotsu (Animax dub)
Hijiri Island resident (Animax dub; ep 112)
Natalie Walters as Ayame (eps 83-85, 102)
Nathan Tipple as Yuta
Nicole Bouma as
Botan (eps 63-64)
Hitomi (ep 90)
Shiori (eps 73-74)
Nicole Leroux as Shizu (eps 73-74)
Pam Hyatt as Kaede
Patricia Drake as
Koyuki (ep 101)
Patti Allan as Old Exorcist (eps 85-86, 136)
Paul Dobson as
Frog Demon
Gamajiro (eps 94-95)
Giant Bird of Paradise Second Head (ep 37)
Kagewaki Hitomi
Kagome's Teacher
Kanta"s Father
Kohaku's Fosterfather (ep 49)
Onigumo (4 episodes
eps 23, 87, 125, 148

Servant 1 (ep 41)
Shinsen's Aide (ep 141)
Toad Demon (ep 8)
Villager (ep 103)
Paul Kloegman as Old Sage (ep 58)
Pauline Newstone as Mistress Centipede (4 episodes
eps 1-2, 145, 147
Peter New as
Chokyukai (eps 129, 143)
Demon Swarm (ep 134)
Hair Demon
Hosenki's Son (ep 144)
Priest (eps 141-142)
Sara's Horned Demon (ep 134)
Tesso (ep 91)
Rebecca Shoichet as
Enju (ep 92)
Eri (#2)
Fox Demon (ep 130)
Girl (ep 149)
Jippo (ep 130)
Lady (4 episodes
eps 149, 151-153

Lady (ep. 149-153)
Sota Higurashi (#2)
Soten (ep 68)
Reese Thompson as
Shintaro (3 episodes
eps 112-113, 125

Richard Cox as Buyo/Kagome's Cat
Richard Newman as
Lord Asano (eps 133-134)
Old Villager (ep 143)
Spider Demon (ep 24)
Spider Head (ep 13)
Village Elder (ep 136)
Rik Thomas as
Chief of Hijiri Island (Animax dub)
Ginta (Animax dub)
Grandpa Higurashi (Animax dub)
Lord (Animax dub; ep 17)
Male customer (Animax dub; ep 128)
Male villager (Animax dub; ep 93)
Monkey God (Animax dub)
Rikichi (Animax dub)
Saint Hakushin (Animax dub; eps 119-120)
Samurai Leader (Animax dub; ep 5)
Totosai (Animax dub)
Wolf Demon Tribe Elder (Animax dub; eps 83, 102)
Robert O. Smith as
Kaijinbo (eps 44-45)
Villager (ep 165)
Ron Halder as Seikai (ep 22)
Ron Holder as Lord Hitomi
Ross Douglas as
Goryomaru (eps 166-167)
Shintaro's Father (ep 112)
Russell Wait as
Akitoki Hojo (Animax dub)
Garamaru (Animax dub; ep 100)
Hachiemon (Animax dub)
Hijiri Island resident (Animax dub; ep 112)
Hirakimichi (Animax dub)
Hiten (Animax dub)
Kawaramaru (Animax dub; ep 92)
Kotatsu (Animax dub; ep 17)
Male Villager (Animax dub; ep 93)
Mezu (Animax dub)
Renkotsu (Animax dub)
Roro (Animax dub; ep 102)
Sango and Kohaku's father (Animax dub)
Tesso (Animax dub; ep 91)
Weasel Demon (Animax dub; ep 93)
Saffron Henderson as
Souta Higurashi
Samuel Vincent as
Gon (ep 88)
Tokajin (eps 57-58)
Sarah Hauser as
Ayame (Animax dub)
Enju (Animax dub; ep 92)
Eri (Animax dub)
Female villager (Animax dub; ep 93)
Gon (Animax dub)
Ippo (Animax dub; ep 130)
Sota Higurashi (Animax dub)
Wakana (Animax dub: eps 131-132)
Wife (Animax dub; ep 93)
Yura of the Hair (Animax dub)
Scott Logie as Shuran (eps 75-77)
Scott McNeil as
Castle Lord (ep 110)
Ogre (ep 64)
Old Man (eps 151-153)
Old Priest (ep 125)
Old Villager (ep 87)
Panther King (ep 77)
Servant (eps 85-86)
Taigokumaru (eps 73-74)
Tsubaki's Master (eps 63-64)
Village Elder (ep 99)
Village Man (ep 56)
Villager (ep 103)
Weasel Demon (ep 93)
Wolf Demon Tribe Elder (ep 102)
Sharon Alexander as
Kanta (ep 143)
Tsubaki (young)
Stevie Vallance as Jinenji's Ma (eps 31, 96)
Sylvia Zaradic as Water Goddess
Tabitha St. Germain as
Koryu (ep 68)
Koume (ep 91)
Nazuna (ep 13)
Sara (eps 133-134)
Sayo (ep 22)
Shopkeeper (ep 90)
Ted Cole as
Takeda Kuranosuke (ep 78)
Terry Klassen as
Kotatsu the Hell-Painter (ep 17)
Shiho (ep 130)
Teryl Rothery as
Shima's Mother (ep 161)
Tony Sampson as Seikai's Disciple (ep 22)
Trevor Devall as
Commander (ep 103)
Genbu (eps 137-139)
History Teacher (ep 137)
Lizard Demon (ep 130)
Mukotsu (eps 103-106)
Ryukotsuei (eps 53-54)
Samurai Leader (ep 5)
Satsuki's Brother (ep 55)
Shako (ep 147)
Shima's Father (ep 161)
Shinosuke (eps 131-132)
Villager (ep 1)
Victor Lee as
Boss (Animax dub; ep 2)
Kyokotsu (Animax dub)
Royakan (Animax dub)
Ward Perry as
Coyote Demon (ep 56)
Kawaramaru (ep 92)
Lord (ep 16)
No-man (ep 79)
Ongokuki (ep 162)
Serina's Father (ep 59)
Servant 2 (ep 41)
Tsubaki's Orge
William Samples as
Elder (ep 91)
Monkey God (ep 88)

Lila Atherley (ep 152)
English companies
Adaptation: The Ocean Group
ADR Production: The Ocean Group
Adult Swim
Animax Asia (Hong Kong)
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Animax South Africa
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Korean staff
Korean cast
Mi-Suk Jeong as Gayeong (Kagome Higurashi)
Su-Jin Gang as Inuyasha

Hong Siho as Narak (Naraku)
Hwan-Jin Kim as Myoga
Hye-Jeong Seo as Geumgang (Kikyo)
Ja-Hyeong Gu as Mireuk (Miroku)
Jeong-Sin Wu as Sango
Lee Juyeon as Akaibo/Akago
Lee Seonho as Shippo
O Juyeon as Kohaku
Sang-Hyeon Eom as Kouga
Seung-Jun Kim as Sesshoumaru
Soyeon as Rin
Won-Je Tak as Jaken

Gwang Jang as
Jyuro (Juromaru)
Karo (Kageromaru)
Gwang-Ju Jeon as
Akitoki Hojo
Hong Siho as Onigumo
Hwan-Jin Kim as Ginkotsu
Jeong-Hwa Yang as Jakotsu
Jeong-Sin Wu as
Kagome's Mother
Taeyeong (Sota Higurashi)
Ji-Hun Park as Mukotsu
Lee Juyeon as Hakudoshi
O Inseong as Bankotsu
O Juyeon as
Geumsamae (Kaede) (Young)
Sang-Hyeon Eom as Osimki (Goushinki)
Seo Young Kim as Ayame
Seon-Nyeo Seong as Geumsamae (Kaede)
Sewung Yun as
So-Ra Yun as Tsubaki
Soyeon as Kagura
Sun Young Park as
Wan-Gyeong Seong as
Yeong-Jae Pyo as Suikotsu
Yeong-Jun Si as Kyoukotsu
Yeong-Seon Kim as
Korean companies
French staff
French cast
Dubbing Director: Claire Beaudoin
Translation: Kevin Stocker (ADN; eps 53-167)

Spotting: Michael Seguin (Anime Digital Network; eps 121-167)
Jérôme Wiggins as Inuyasha
Maëlys Ricordeau as Kagome Higurashi

Alexandre Borras as Naraku
Audrey Le Bihan as Shippo
Benoît Marchand as Miroku
Claire Beaudoin as Kikyo
David Maisse as Koga
Hugues Boucher as Myoga
Philippe Leroy as Sesshomaru
Yael Elhadad as Sango

Alexis Perret as Nobu
Aurelie Turlet as Mayu
Christophe Reymond as Prêtre Araignée
Christophe Vandevelde as Démon Crapaud
Claire Beaudoin as Tsuyu
Isabelle Bouchemaa as
Mme Ikeda
Rémi Caillebot as
Prince Crapaud
Virginie Emane as Mère de Kagome
Yael Elhadad as Nazuna
Yann Guillemot as
Grand Père
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Internet Streaming: Anime Digital Network
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Spanish cast
Dubbing Director:
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Gabriel Gama
Vanessa Garcel (Audiomaster)
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eps 129, 132-136, 139-140, 143, 147-148

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Executive producer:
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Translation Script: Brenda Nava (All Episodes, Mexico)
Aleix Estadella as Inuyasha (Catalan dub)
Ana Lobo as Ahome/Kagome
Carles Lladó as Inuyasha (Spain dub)
Carmen Ambrós as Kagome Higurashi (Spain dub)
Cristina Mauri as Kagome Higurashi (Spain dub; 1st dub; eps 1-8)
Diana Perez as Kagura
Enzo Fortuny as InuYasha
Gabriel Gama as Houju-Kun Student
Gemma Ibáñez as Kagome Higurashi (Catalan dub)
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Myoga The flea
Daniel Albiac as Kouga (Spain dub)
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Enric Isasi-Isasmendi as Jaken (Catalan dub)
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Esther Solans as Abihime (Catalan dub)
Eva Ordeig as Rin (Spain dub)
Gabriel Gama as Miroku
Geni Rey as Shippo (Catalan dub)
Georgina Sanchez as Kikyo
Gloria Garcia as Sango (Spain dub; eps 24-34)
Hernán Fernández as Kouga (Catalan dub)
Isabel Valls as Kikyo (Catalan dub)
J. Ignacio Latorre as Sesshomaru (Spain dub)
Joel Mulachs as Sango (Catalan dub)
Jordi Vila as Myoga (Catalan dub)
Laura Torres as Shippo
Liliana Barba as Sango
Mar Nicolas as Rin (Spain dub; eps 105-167)
María Rosa Gil as Shippo (Spain dub)
Maria Rosa Guillén as Sango (Spain dub)
Oscar Redondo as Miroku (Spain dub)
Quim Roca as Hachiemon (Catalan dub)
Ramón Rocabayera as Naraku (Spain dub)
Roser Aldabó as Rin (Catalan dub)
Rossy Aguirre as Ayumi
Susana Damas as Kikyo (Spain dub)

Adrià Frías as Kotatsu (Catalan dub)
Albert Roig as
Gozu (Catalan dub)
Renkotsu (Catalan dub)
Albert Trifol Segarra as
Akitoki Houjou (Catalan dub)
Kuranosuke Takeda (Catalan dub)
Alejandro Illescas as Patriarca (1 ep)
Alejandro Villeli as Magic Tree (eps 57-58)
Alex De Porrata as Bankotsu (Catalan dub)
Alex Meseguer as Izumo/gyuou (Catalan dub)
Amadeu Aguado as Genbo (Catalan dub)
Angela Villanueva as
Abuela de Kagome
Kaede (old)
Antoni Forteza as Gamajirō (Catalan dub)
Ariadna Giménez as
Eri (Spain dub)
Miroku (Spain dub; child)
Wakana (Spain dub)
Aurora García as Haraiya (Catalan dub)
Belén Roca as
Enju (Catalan dub)
Shizu (Catalan dub)
Yura (Catalan dub)
Benjamin Rivera as Akitoki Houjou
Berta Cortés as Eri (Catalan dub)
Carlos Iñigo as Janken
Carlos del Campo as Kyokotsu
Carlos Hugo Hidalgo as Kouga's Friend
Carme Canet as Tsubaki (Catalan dub)
Carmen Ambrós as
Goho (Spain dub; ep 130)
Shiho (Spain dub; ep 130)
Carmen Calvell as
Jakotsu (Spain dub)
Kagura (Spain dub)
Cesar Arias as Abuelo de Kagome
Christine Byrd as Enyu
Claudi Domingo as Hojo, eps 1-21 (Catalan dub)
Claudi García as
Mimisendo (Catalan dub)
Mushin (Catalan dub)
Cristina Mauri as Kagura (Catalan dub)
David Brau as Deixeble d'en Shinsen (Catalan dub)
David Jenner as Shintarou (Catalan dub)
Diana De Guzmán as Jippo (Catalan dub)
Diana Perez as Fish #2 (1 ep)
Domenech Farell as Manten (Catalan dub)
Eduard Doncos as Suikotsu (Catalan dub)
Elisabet Bargalló as
Botan (Catalan dub)
Shunran (Catalan dub)
Suzuna (Catalan dub)
Emili Freixas as Mestre d'en Tokaijin (Catalan dub)
Enric Serra Frediani as
Goshinki (Catalan dub)
Hakushin (Catalan dub)
Enrique Mederos as Kuranoshke Natakeda
Esperança Domènech as Kwannon (Spain dub)
Eva Lluch as
Karan (Catalan dub)
Yura de los cabellos (Spain dub)
Eva Ordeig as
Kanna (Spain dub)
Yuka (Spain dub)
Federico Menescal as O-Yakata (Catalan dub)
Fina Rius as Dimoni gos (Catalan dub)
Francesc Rocamora as
Jacken (Spain dub)
Myoga (Spain dub)
Gabriel Gama as Narrator
Gabriel Ortiz as Kouga's Friend
Gaby Ugarte as
Gerardo García as Bankotsu
Gerry Meza as Souta Higurashi
Gloria Cano as Mare de la Hitomi (Catalan dub)
Gloria Garcia as
Eri (Spain dub; ep 48)
Madre de Kagome (Spain dub)
Nazuna (Spain dub)
Urasue (Spain dub)
Gonzalo Curiel as Santo Hakushin
Hector Emmanuel Gómez as Hakudoushi
Igor Cruz as
Iris Lago as
Hitomi (Catalan dub)
Sango (nena) (Catalan dub)
Isabel Muntané as
Mizuki (Spain dub)
Yuka (Spain dub; eps 105-167)
Isabel Valls as Princessa Tsuyu (Catalan dub)
Iván Labanda as Ginta (Catalan dub)
Jaume Costa as Hosenki II (Catalan dub)
Jaume Lleal as
Avi de Kagome (Catalan dub)
Pare de Shintarou (Catalan dub)
Totosai (Catalan dub)
Jaume Mallofre as Pare d'en Kanta (Catalan dub)
Jesús López as Hojo (Spain dub)
Joaquim Sota as Koume (Catalan dub)
Joel Mulachs as
Muuonna (Catalan dub)
Sango (nena) (Catalan dub, 2a veu)
Jordi Dauder as Narrador (Catalan dub)
Jordi Navarro as Kuranosuke Takeda (Spain dub)
Jordi Ribes as
Kawaramaru (Catalan dub)
Nagasaki Hitomi (Catalan dub)
Jorge Ornelas as
Deity of Water (1 ep)
Jorge Santos as Royakan
Jose Antonio Macias as Nobunaga
Jose Luis Orozco as Suikotsu
Jose Luis Reza as Isuno
Josep Maria Mas as
Garamaru (Catalan dub)
Ginkotsu (Catalan dub)
Josep Maria Ullod as
Bokuseno (Catalan dub)
Mushin (Catalan dub)
Lidia Camino as Kanna (Spain dub; eps 105-167)
Liliana Barba as Yura Sakasagami
Lluis Marco as Monjo Aranya (Catalan dub)
Lourdes López as
Mare de Jinenji (Catalan dub)
Urasue (Catalan dub, 2a veu)
Luis Alfonso Padilla as Naraku (2nd voice)
Luis Daniel Ramirez as
Musou Omnigumo
Priest master
Lupita Leal as
Kaede (young)
M. López as Eri (Spain dub; eps 11-13)
Maggie Vera as
Fish #1 (1 ep)
Manel Català as
Kagome's Grandfather (Spain dub)
Naraku (Spain dub; as Onigumo)
Marc Zanni as
Hiten (Catalan dub)
Hojo (Catalan dub; eps 21-167)
María Romeu as Amiga d'en Kisuke (Catalan dub)
María Rosa Gil as Sota Higurashi (Spain dub)
Mariana Ortiz as Satzuki
Mark Ullod as Amari Nobunaga (Catalan dub)
Marta Barbará as
Ayame (Catalan dub)
Sara-hime (Catalan dub)
Marta Covas as Ayumi (Catalan dub)
Marta Martorell as Urasue (Catalan dub)
Marta Ullod as
Koyuki (Catalan dub)
Momiji (Catalan dub)
Satsuki (Catalan dub)
Souten (Catalan dub)
Martin Soto as Dragon Spirit
Maru Guerrero as Shizu (Shiori's mother)
Meritxell Sota as
Koume (Catalan dub)
Satoru Ikeda (Catalan dub)
Sayo (Catalan dub)
Miguel Angel Ghigliazza as Año señor
Miquel Bonet as Professor (Catalan dub)
Moisés Iván Mora as
Koryu (servant)
Monica Manjarrez as Tsubaki
Mònica Padrós as
Miroku (nen) (Catalan dub, 2a veu)
Yuka (Catalan dub)
Mónica Villaseñor as
Montse Miralles as Shouga (Catalan dub)
Montse Puga as Mare de Kagome (Catalan dub)
Montserrat Roig as
Deesa Kannon (Catalan dub)
Màscara de Carn (Catalan dub)
Milpeus Horou (Catalan dub)
Tekkei (Catalan dub)
Neus Sendra as Midoriko (Catalan dub)
Norbert Ibero as Kajinbo (Catalan dub)
Oscar Muñoz as
Gatenmaru (Catalan dub)
Germà de Satsuki (Catalan dub)
Jakotsu (Catalan dub)
Musou Onigumo (Catalan dub)
Paco Mauri as
Patricia Acevedo as
Pep Ribas as Kageromaru (Catalan dub)
Pep Torrents as Rasetsu (Catalan dub)
Pepa Arenós as Kaede (Catalan dub, 2a veu)
Pilar Mora as Tsukiyomi (Spain dub)
Pilar Morales as Mare de Mayu (Catalan dub)
Ramon Canals as Hoshiyomi (Catalan dub)
Ramón Hernández as Hakkaku (Catalan dub)
Rebeca Manriquez as Goddess of Water (1 ep)
Ricardo Mendoza as Renkotsu (1 ep)
Roberto Mendiola as Suikotsu
Rocio Prado as Jakotsu
Romy Mendoza as Madre de Kagome
Rosa Aguado as
Inuyasha nen (Catalan dub)
Kaede (nena) (Catalan dub)
Souta Higurashi (Catalan dub)
Rosa Mercader as Kaede (Spain dub)
Roser Aldabó as
Kanna (Catalan dub)
Suekichi (Catalan dub)
Roser Vilches as
Asuka (Catalan dub)
Kaede (nena) (Catalan dub, 2a veu)
Salvador Delgado as
Sango's father
Santi Lorenz as Naraku (Catalan dub; eps 27-167)
Sergio Mesa as Kisuke (Spain dub)
Sílvia Gómez as
Kochou (Catalan dub)
Mayu (Catalan dub)
Shima (Catalan dub)
Susana Damas as
Ayumi (Spain dub)
Kohaku (Spain dub)
Mayu (Spain dub)
Tasio Alonso as
Houshiyomi (Spain dub)
Renkotsu (Spain dub)
Ryuukotsusei (Spain dub)
Suikotsu (Spain dub)
Teresa Soler as
Ippo (Catalan dub)
Kanta (Catalan dub)
Uraz Huerta as Hermano de Kagome
Vicky Martínez as Bunza (Catalan dub)
Xavier Casan as Suzaku (Catalan dub)
Xavier Fernández as Daija (Catalan dub)
Xochitl Ugarte as

Angel del Río (Spain dub)
Cèsar Andreu (Catalan dub)
Eduard Doncos (Catalan dub)
Francesc Belda (Catalan dub)
Francesc Pujol (Catalan dub)
Gerardo Ortega (Mexican dub)
Ivan Pera (Catalan dub)
Jordi Campillo (Catalan dub)
Jordi Navarro (Spain dub)
Pep Bermúdez (Catalan dub)
Pep Papell (Catalan dub)
Ramon Canals (Catalan dub)
Tasio Alonso (Spain dub)
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Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director:
Fabrizio Mazzotta (eps 27-167)
Melina Martello (eps 1-26)
Arika Tanabe (eps 1-26)
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Yumiko Salvitti (eps 27-52)

Adaptation: Gualtiero Cannarsi
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Kikyo (eps 27-167)
Madre di Mayu (ep.12)
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Totosai (ep.27-167)
Gianluca Musiu as Hakkaku (ep.27-167)
Gianluca Tusco as
Capo Dei Nobushi (ep.2)
Hiyoshimaru (ep.8)
Giorgio Borghetti as Bankotsu (ep.27-167)
Giuliano Bonetto as Kageromaru & Juromaru (ep.46)
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Graziella Polesinanti as Madre Di Jinenji (ep.31)
Ilaria Stagni as Shippo (old)
Laura Lenghi as Tsubaki (ep.60-64)
Letizia Ciampa as Kaede da bambina (ep.1-26)
Lorenza Biella as Madre di Kagome (ep.27-167)
Luigi Ferraro as Kotatsu (ep.17)
Manfredi Aliquò as Padre di Shintaro (ep.112)
Marco Vivio as Kisuke (ep.129)
Mario Bombardieri as Goshinki (ep.43,53)
Massimiliano Alto as Inuyasha (old)
Massimiliano Manfredi as Sesshomaru
Massimo Bitossi as Kyokotsu (ep.27-167)
Massimo Còrizza as Gatenmaru (ep.51-52, 100)
Maurizio Fiorentini as
Renkotsu (ep.27-167)
Samurai (ep.57-58)
Melina Martello as Madre di Kagome (ep.1-26)
Micaela Incitti as Dea Dell'acqua (ep.27)
Mino Caprio as Miyoga (eps 27-167)
Mirko Mazzanti as Suikotsu (ep.27-167)
Monica Bertolotti as Jakotsu (ep.27-167)
Myriam Catania as Principessa Tsuyu (ep.8)
Nanni Baldini as Manten (ep.9-10)
Oliviero Dinelli as Falso Dio (ep.27)
Oreste Lionello as Miyoga (old)
Oreste Rizzini as Rospo Tsukumo (ep.8)
Perla Liberatori as Yura, demone dei Capelli (ep.3-4)
Rachele Paolelli as Koharu (ep.41-42)
Roberto Certoma' as Orochidayu (ep.94-95)
Roberto Stocchi as
Royakan (ep.20-21)
Tokajin (ep.57-58)
Saverio Indrio as Jinenji (ep.31)
Saverio Moriones as Kaijinbo (ep.44-45)
Silvio Anselmo as Bonzo Seikai (ep.22)
Simone Mori as Hitomi Kagewaki (ep.24-25)
Solvejg D'Assunta as Kaede (eps 1-26)
Sonia Scotti as Millepiedi Joro (ep.1)
Stefano Crescentini as Hiten (ep.9-10)
Stefano De Filippis as Taromaru
Stefano Mondini as Ryukotsusei (ep.53-54)
Valeria De Flaviis as
Eri (ep.1-167)
Sotaru (ep.12)
Valeria Vidali as Locandiera (ep.1-26)
Valerio Ruggeri as Nonno di Kagome (ep.27-167, 2nd voice)
Veronica Puccio as
Sayo (ep.22)
Yuka (ep.1-167)
Vittorio Battarra as Nonno di Kagome (ep.27-167, 1st voice)
Vittorio Congia as Nonno di Kagome (ep.1-26)
Vittorio Guerrieri as Musou (ep.27-167)
Vittorio Stagni as Jaken
Italian companies
Cultoon (from February 2008)
GXT (from 1 Mars 2005)
Ka-Boom (from 23 September 2013)
MTV Italia
Nickelodeon Italia (from 15 September 2014)
RTV 38
Super 3
SuperSix (from 3 June 2019)
Telenapoli 34
Dynamic Italia (Italy)
Dynit (from the second season)
CVD (eps 1-26)
E.T.S. European Television Service (eps 27-167)
Internet Streaming: PopCorn TV
German staff
German cast
Dominik Auer as Inu Yasha
Ulrike Jennie as Kagome Higurashi

Angela Wiederhut as Sangoo
Claudia Lössl as Kikyou
Dieter Landuris as Naraku
Florian Halm as Miroku
Julia Haacke as Shippou
Kathrin Gaube as Kanna (1st)
Pascal Breuer as Sesshsomaru
Sonja Reichelt as Kanna (2nd)
Walter von Hauff as Myouga (2nd voice)

Andrea Imme as
Angelika Bender as Exorzistin
Beate Pfeiffer as Souta Higurashi
Christian Wolf as Houjou
Claudia Schmidt as
Dorfbewohnerin (ep 1)
Lady Tausendfuß (eps 1-3)
Mutter (ep 3)
Shoukichis Mutter (ep 2)
Claus Brockmeyer as Gatenmaru
Dagmar Heller as Urasue
Daniel Schlauch as Kohagu
Dirk Galuba as Taigoukumarou
Dirk Meyer as Nobunaga
Donald Arthur as Bokusenoh
Ekkehardt Belle as
Elisabeth von Koch as Yura mit dem langen Haar (eps 3-5)
Frank Röth as Kaijinbou
Gerd Meyer as
Alter Mönch
Bandit C (ep 2)
Dorfbewohner (ep 2)
Dorfbewohner vor 50 Jahren (ep 1)
Samurai (ep 5)
Youkai (ep 6)
Yukichi (part of ep 2)
Gerhard Acktun as
älterer Dorfbewohner (ep 1)
Bandit A (ep 2)
Dorfbewohner (eps 2, 6)
Dorfbewohner C (ep 1)
Samurai (ep 5)
Yukichi (ep 2)
Gudo Hoegel as Koutetsu
Harry Täschner as Kyokotsu
Horst Raspe as Myouga
Ilona Grandke as
Inez Günther as
Johannes Raspe as Kagemaki
Kai Taschner as Yaken
Kathrin Gaube as
Gottesanbeterin [Dämon]
junge Kaede (ep 1)
Shoukichi (ep 2)
Madeleine Stolze as Shioris Mutter
Marc Stachel as
Maria Böhme as Kagomes Mutter
Marieke Oeffinger as
Marion Sawatzki as Shouga
Melanie Jung as
Berg-Prinzessin (ep 54)
Michael Rüth as
älterer Dorfbewohner (ep 2)
Anführer der Banditen (ep 2)
Dorfbewohner (ep 2)
Samurai (ep 5)
Samurai-Anführer (ep 5)
Yukichi (ep 1)
Norbert Gastell as Mushin
Ole Pfennig as Sango's Vater (ep 25)
Philipp Moog as Kuranosuke Oji-sama
Phillip Moog as Takeda Kuranosuke
Reinhard Brock as Kawaramaru
Simone Brahmann as Koyuki
Stefan Günther as Toka-Jin
Stefan Rabow as Mönch (ep 20)
Stephan Rabow as Seikai
Thomas Albus as
Thomas Reiner as
Kagomes Opa
Tobias Lelle as Jinenji
Ulf Söhmisch as Dorfältester
Ulrich Frank as Falscher Wasser Gott
Ute Bronder as Ayumi
Wolfgang Schatz as
Bandit B (ep 2)
Dorfbewohner (eps 2, 6)
Dorfbewohner B (ep 1)

German companies
MTV 2 Pop (uncut)
ProSieben Maxx (from 14 July 2017)
RTL II (from 14 October 2003)
VIVA (from 27 March 2013)
Kazé Germany (Re-Release 2013)
Red Planet/Alive AG
Internet Streaming: Anime on Demand
Arabic staff
Arabic cast
Translation: Malda Hijazi

Montage: Samer Abu Hamad
Production manager: Radwan Hijazi
Proofreading: Ramadan Ayyub
Technical Supervision: Mamoun Rifai
Arabic companies
Broadcaster: Space Power
Distributor: cartoon star
Al Zahra Centre - VENUS (Syria)
Production: cartoon star
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Dubbing Director: Alexx Agcaoili

Channel Director: Joy Go
Channel Manager: Eric Ang Go
Editing: Gym Andalo
Graphic Artist: Chico Dellosa
Donna Alcantara as Kagome
Jojit Lorenzo as Inu Yasha
Owen Caling as Kagome (GMA dub)
Rafael Miranda as Inu Yasha (GMA Dub)

Babes Angeles as Sango (1st)
Irene Tolentino as Sango (2nd)
Jon Maylas as Miroku
Kathyin Masilungan as Kikyo (GMA Dub)
Maynard Llames as Sesshoumaru (GMA Dub)
Richie Padilla as Naraku (GMA Dub)
Sherwin Revestir as

Aya Bejer as Mayu
Donna Alcantara as Kanna
Jay De Castro as Kouga
Jay R Flores as Jaken
Noel Magat as Myoga
Rafael Miranda as Naraku
Richard Arellano as Sesshoumaru
Teng Masilungan as

Gwen Masilongan (GMA Dub)
Tagalog companies
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director:
Gilmara Sanchez (eps 157-167) 
Gisa della Mare (Parisi Vídeo)
Gustavo Nader (Artworks)
José Parisi Jr. (Parisi Vídeo)
Mario Jorge Andrade (Artworks)
Fernando Janson (eps 1-103)
Fred Correa (104-156)
Marcelo Del Greco (eps 49, 86 redub; extras and cut scenes; 11 episodes
eps 133-134, 147-148, 161-167

Executive producer: Murray Lipnik

Background Music Performance:
Augusto Le Sant (guitar; OPs and EDs)
Denilson Rodrigues (keyboard; OPs and EDs)
Music producer: Denilson Rodrigues
Online Editor:
Greg Robbins (eps 1-108)
Jon Kelble (eps 109-160)
Scott Feeley (eps 1-52)
Spencer Hecox (eps 1-52)
Todd Iorio (eps 1-52)
Remastering Engineer: Thais Martins
Story Editing: Pamela Popp
Supervising Producer: Farzin Toussi
Theme Song Composition: Kaoru Wada (OP1 "Like the Wind"; Netflix theme replacement)
Theme Song Performance:
Angélica Sansone (ED1; OP2; ED2; ED3)
Frank Henrique (OP1; OP5; ED8)
Mayara Silva (ED6; ED7)
Meire Rodrigues (OP3)
Sônia Brandão
Sônia Santhelmo (OP4; ED4; ED5)
Letícia Quinto as Kagome Higurashi
Luís Barros as Inuyasha (Portugal)
Maria Camões as Kagome Higurashi (Portugal)
Mauro Eduardo as Inu Yasha

Alna Ferreira as Kaede (ep 2 redub)  (eps 160-167) 
Angelica Santos as Rin (4th voice)
Armando Tiraboschi as Naraku
Bárbara Lourenço as Shippo (Portugal)
Christina Rodrigues as Hakudoshi (baby)
Dráusio de Oliveira as Toutosai
Fábio Lucindo as Miroku
Fátima Noya as Sango
Flávio Dias as Myouga (1st voice; 3rd voice)
Francisco Freitas as Kohaku
Helena Sâmara as Kaede
Ivo Roberto as Jaken (2nd voice)
José Parisi Jr. as Myuga (2nd voice)
Jussara Marques as Rin (2nd voice) 
Letícia Quinto as Kikyou
Luciana Baroli as Hakudoshi
Márcia Regina as Rin (3rd voice)
Márcio Araújo as Bankotsu
Nelson Machado as Jaken
Priscila Concépcion as Shippou (isn't Fernanda Prit)
Raquel Marinho as Kagura
Rita Almeida as Rin (1st voice)
Rogério Duartti as Jaken (3rd voice)
Sílvio Giraldi as Sesshomaru

Adna Cruz as
Suijin (ep 27)
Tsubaki, a sacerdotisa das sombras
Urasui (ep 92)
Adriana Torres as Mãe da Shima (ep 161)
Alessandra Araújo as Máscara (ep 11)
Alex Minei as
Inuyasha Kid
Little Fox Youkai
Sanpo (ep 130)
Alex Wendel as
Ippo (ep 130)
Kagewaki Hitomi (ep 24)
Alfredo Rollo as Sango's father (2 episodes
eps 49 redub, 97
Antônio Moreno as
Hoshiyomi (previews; eps 136-139)
Mushin (ep 100)
Arlete Montenegro as Mãe do Jinenji
Armando Tiraboschi as Onigumo
Bárbara Lourenço as
Kohaku (Portugal)
Mãe da Agome (Portugal)
Sango (Portugal)
Sota Higurashi (Portugal)
Carlos Silveira as
Shinsen (ep 141)
Vovô (3rd voice)
Christina Rodrigues as
Serina (ep 59)
Cláudio Satiro as Mushin (ep 28)
Cristiane Bulara as Souten
Denise Reis as
Koyuki (ep 101)
Momiji (eps 63-64)
Shizu (eps 73-74)
Yura dos cabelos invertidos
Duda Ribeiro as Pai da Shima (ep 161)
Elcio Romar as Nushi (ep 161)
Elcio Sodré as Gatenmaru
Eleonora Prado as Izayoi
Eleu Salvador as Vovô (1st voice)
Erika Menezes as Sara Asano (eps 133-134)
Fadu Costha as
Genbu (eps 137-139)
Shinosuke (eps 131-132)
Fernanda Bullara as
Asuka (eps 149-154)
Koume (ep 91)
Shunran (eps 75-77)
Fernando Mendonça as Goryomaru (eps 166-167)
Figueira Júnior as Shintarô
Flávia Narciso as
Asuka (ep 158)
Goho (ep 130)
Hitomi (ep 90)
Francisco Freitas as
Bun (ep 88)
Bunza (ep 72)
Ginta (ep 36)
Jippo (ep 130)
Shousuke (eps 94-95)
Gabriel Noya as
Souta Higurashi (2nd voice)
Taromaru (ep 27)
Gessy Fonseca as Shoga (ep 65)
Gisa della Mare as Koryuu
Guilherme Lopes as
Seiryuu (eps 137-139)
Taigokumaru (eps 73-74)
Gutemberg Barros as Ungai (ep 162)
Hélio Ribeiro as Ongokuki (ep 162)
Hélio Vaccari as
Daija (ep 27)
Deus da Água
Ivete Jaime as
Curandeira charlatona
Ohtsuka (Jinenji's mother; ep 96)
Ivo Roberto as
Gamajiro (eps 94-95)
Nagasaki Hitomi (ep 24)
Orochidayu (eps 94-95)
Rasetsu (ep 87)
Shuran (eps 75-77)
Tsukumo no Gama (ep 8)
Tsuyu's Lord (ep 8)
José Parisi Jr. as
Gyu (eps 94-95)
Hoshiyomi (eps 137-140)
Kawaramaru (ep 92)
Kyokotsu (ep 114)
Mimisenri (eps 127-128)
Mukotsu (ep 105)
Muotoko (ep 79)
Ninmenka (eps 57-58)
Onigumo (flashback; ep 125)
Rasetsu (ep 107)
Renkotsu (ep 104)
Royakan (ep 77)
Ryuukossei (eps 53-54)
Sango's father (ep 59)
Seikai (ep 22)
Leila Di Castro as
Lene Bastos as
Ayumi (ep 11)
Eri (eps 127-160)
Yuka (eps 12-100)
Luciana Baroli as
Enju (ep 92)
Kanta (ep 143)
Ken (ep 88)
Márcia Regina as Shiori
Márcia del Mônaco as
Márcio Araújo as
Kanta's father (ep 143)
Kotatsu (ep 17)
Mezu (ep 145)
Pintor do Inferno
Suzaku (eps 137-139)
Marcos Hailer as
Marcos Souza as Shako (ep 147)
Mariana Torres as Shima (ep 161)
Marisol Ribeiro as
Kaede (young; ep 151)
Kanna (ep 42)
Kocho (eps 153-158)
Rin (2nd voice; eps 44-45)
Melissa Garcia as Koharu (eps 41-42)
Monica Rossi as Velha exorcista (ep 86 redub)
Nestor Chiesse as
Byakko (eps 137-139)
Chokyukai (eps 129, 143)
Oshou (ep 13)
Royakan (eps 20-21)
Patrícia Andrade as
Kaede (Portugal)
Kagura (Portugal)
Kanna (Portugal)
Kikyo (Portugal)
Rin (Portugal)
Yura (Portugal)
Patrícia Scalvi as
Toran (eps 75-77)
Paulo Cavalcanti as
Gon (ep 88)
Hakkaku (eps 37, 39)
Paulo Porto as
Monge Hakushin
Raquel Marinho as Kaede (young; ep 64)
Raul Schlosser as
Bokuseno (ep 51)
Garamaru (ep 100)
Gatenmaru (ep 100)
Ginta (ep 66)
Jinenji (ep 96)
Monge Musou (ep 69)
Royakan (eps 75-76)
Sango and Kohaku's father
Reginaldo Primo as Lord Asano (eps 133-134)
Ricardo Bressan as Rengokuki
Ricardo Sawaya as Kuranosuke Takeda (ep 78)
Rita Almeida as
Ayumi (eps 13-21, 38-160)
Eri (ep 29)
Kaede (young)
Princesa (ep 17)
Tsukiyomi (eps 139-140)
Rodrigo Andreatto as
Hakkaku (ep 46)
Ronaldo Artinic as Deus Macaco (ep 88)
Ronaldo Júlio as Gakusanjin (eps 164-166)
Rosa Maria Baroli as
Mrs. Ikeda (ep 12)
Velha Exorcista (ep 136)
Roseli Gonçalves as
Karan (eps 75-77)
Mizuki (ep 130)
Mulher Centopéia (ep 1)
Wakana (eps 131-132)
Samira Fernandes as
Souten (ep 68)
Yuka (eps 127-160)
Sérgio Corsetti as
Hachiemon (Tanuki)
Kisuke (ep 129)
Sérgio Rufino as Kouga
Sidney Lilla as Mushin
Suzy Pereira as Botan (eps 63-64)
Tatá Guarnieri as
Vovô (2nd voice)
Tatiane Keplmair as
Eri (eps 11, 57)
Princesa Tsuyu (ep 8)
Suzuna (ep 59)
Thiago Keplmair as Souta Higurashi
Thiago Longo as
Akitoki Hojo
Satoru Ikeda (ep 12)
Tiago Retrê as
Avô da Agome (Portugal)
Jaken (Portugal)
Kouga (Portugal)
Naraku (Portugal)
Totosai (Portugal)
Vítor d'Andrade as
Miroku (Portugal)
Myoga (Portugal)
Sesshoumaru (Portugal)
Wellington Lima as
Bankotsu (ep 117)
Izumo (eps 94-95)

Douglas Guedes (Lexx) 
Gilberto Baroli (Artworks) 
Gilmara Sanchez (Lexx) 
Guilherme Lopes (Lexx) 
Gutemberg Barros (Artworks) 
Mario Jorge Andrade (Artworks) 
Mauro Castro (Lexx) 
Monica Rossi (Artworks) 
Ramon Campos (Lexx) 
Renato Márcio (Lexx) 
Vagner Santos (Lexx) 
Walter Cruz (Lexx) 
Portuguese companies
Additional Recording: Artworks Digital Studio (extras and cut scenes; remastered version)
Televix (Brazil)
The Japan Foundation (Brazil - 2017)
Viz Media (Brazil; remastered version)
Dubbing: 112 Studios (Portugal)
Dubbing Studio:
Artworks Digital Studio (eps 49, 86 redub) (ep 22 redub)  (11 episodes
eps 133-134, 147-148, 161-167

Lexx (eps 157-167)  (4 episodes
eps 2, 28, 32, 35 redubs

Parisi Vídeo (1st ~ 5th season)
DVD Distribution: Imagem Filmes
Internet Streaming:
Amazon Prime Video
Claro Video (Brazil; Expired)
Netflix (Portugal; Brazil)
Pluto TV
Licensed by:
The Japan Foundation (Brazil - 2017)
Music Production: Estúdio D&D
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Licensed by: Mighty Media Co., Ltd. (expired)
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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