Better Late Than Never

by Zac Bertschy,
It's the busy time of the year, so I'll be filling in for Ms. Answerman until next week. Let's get crackin'.


I have just finished watching the last DVD of Hellsing and I have watched them all in order. You've seen them right? I just don't understand some of the parts at the end...

Minor Spoilers, click here to see the rest of the question and the answer

Dear Almighty Answerman,
I was wondering why Cartoon Network doesn't show the openings
to any anime except Cowboy Bebop. When Rurouni Kenshin came out i was
excited about getting to hear the opening for it (that song is so
addictive), but Cartoon Network just cut it out! What a major
disappointment. There are some people who actually like to see the
openings. Thank for your time.

Advertising and running time. Cut the opening and you've got an extra minute thirty to run commercials. You can also edit out less of the show itself if you slash the opening. Since, to most people, the opening animation isn't that big a deal, they get away with it. I don't see any problem with it; the more they show of the actual series, the happier fans should be.

Hi, you man with answers...

First of all, I have to say that your site is really good and includes a lot of information. But maybe I have an idea to make the information complete:
You should write the known number of episodes to every topic. And that is the reason, why I am writing to you...

A few weeks ago I discovered BERSERK, and now it become my favourite anime series. I tried to share all the episodes, I have already bought 2 DVD's, but now there is nothing but despair !!!
A friend told me, that there are only 25 episodes of 'em, but I you have seen the 25th episode, you will surely believe, that this can't be the end. There must be a transition to the first part of the epos, don't you think, too?

Please tell me what is going up. I won't jump off a bridge or a canyon, if there are no more episodes to watch, but my life will get a little more grey in grey.

Thanks for all, man with answers


That's just where the anime ends. The manga goes on for a loooong while after that (and is still going strong). Dark Horse will be releasing the manga in the states this year sometime, so keep an eye out for it. It will answer all of your questions.

I have a question that's been on my mind for a while.When will the 2nd season of Inu Yasha come to America.

So, this is about the 7 billionth time we've had this question. Inu-Yasha will return with new episodes this summer. THIS SUMMER. Get it? Okay, good. Remember, THIS SUMMER.

Dear Answerman,

I watch the FOXBOX every Saturday. Of all the shows they have there, only the Kirby anime is released on DVD. Will Fighting Foodons, Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnukiman Legacy, and the cancelled Ultraman Tiga be released on to DVD also? And will The Prince Of Tennis (Anime and Manga) come to the United States?

Only the popular shows ever get released to DVD. Kirby was instantly popular, so they put it out on DVD pretty quick. Foodons might see a release, but I don't think the ratings are very high for that one. I know Kinnikuman is enjoying serious popularity and the toys are selling well, so you can be sure that it'll come out soon enough. Ultraman Tiga is a long shot; if it's been cancelled, there's almost no guarantee that it'll ever show up. Prince of Tennis is also a longshot. The manga.. well, it could get licensed, I suppose, but sports anime don't seem to be a very popular genre in America, so don't get your hopes up. Plus, Prince of Tennis is pretty repetitive and aimed mostly at females, so it'd be a hard sell, I think.

Whew! That's all. Rebecca will return next week.

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