Michael DOBSON

Also known as:
Michael Richard Dobson
Date of birth: 1966-08-12
Hometown: London, England (birthplace)
Web Diary / Blog:
Non-anime roles:
Absorbing Man in "Marvel Super Hero Adventures" (TV miniseries)
Announcer in "Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit" (VG, 1998, as Michael R. Dobson)
Announcer in "Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed" (VG, 2000, as Michael R. Dobson)
Batman in "Batman: Black and White" (Motion Comic Book)
Bert Susten in "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (VG, 2003)
Big Ears in "Make Way for Noddy" (TV series, 2001)
Bill in "Road Rage" (TV, 1999, as Michael Richard Dobson)
Bulk Biceps (second voice) in "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"
Bulldog in "Krypto the Superdog"
Burly Villager in "Barbie of Swan Lake" (OAV, 2003)
Cabby in "Midtown Madness" (VG, 1999)
Caliban in "X-Men: Evolution"
Chi in "Warriors of Virtue" (1997, uncredited)
Clive Hedgemorton-Smythe in "Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!" (TV series, 2001, as Michael Richard Dobson)
Coast Guard in "Free Willy 3: The Rescue" (1997, uncredited)
Cobra Commander in "G.I. Joe: Valor Vs. Venom" (OAV, 2004)
Cobra Commander in "G.I.Joe: Spy Troops the Movie" (TV, 2003)
Construction Foreman in "In the Doghouse" (TV, 1998)
Cop #1 in "Road Rage" (TV, 1999, as Michael Richard Dobson)
Desmond 'Grinder' Sinclair in "Action Man" (TV series, 2000)
Dorado in "Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll" (VG)
Dr. Belling in "The Miracle of the Cards" (TV, 2001)
Dr. Caballeron in "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"
Dr. Niles Van Rockel and Johnny Ohm in "Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects" (VG)
Erasmus in "Barbie of Swan Lake" (OAV, 2003)
FBI Utility Worker in "My Brother's Keeper" (TV, 2002)
Frank in "Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance" (2001)
Gadem in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space" (VG, 2003)
Geirmarr in "Thor: Tales of Asgard"
General Revil in "Dynasty Warriors Gundam" (VG)
General Revil in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs Zeon" (VG)
Ghost in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"
Goth in "Silverwing" (TV series, 2003)
Henken Bekkener and Master Asia in "Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3" (VG)
Hewkii in "Bionicle: Mask of Light" (OAV, 2003)
Hulk, Panda and Murphy in "Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk" (motion comic)
Jack in "Lookin' Good" (1992)
Jack's Reflection in "Lookin' Good" (1992)
Jake Rossetti in "My Husband's Secret Life" (TV, 1998)
Lee's Lawyer in "Wounded" (1997)
Leonardo in "Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation" (TV series, 1997)
Marine Ball Player in "The Comrades of Summer" (TV, 1992, uncredited)
Mitsunari Ishida in "Kessen" (VG, 2000)
Old Man Howlett, Smitty, Billy, Cowboy and Beard Guy in "Wolverine: Origin" (motion comic)
R2K in "Gadget and the Gadgetinis" (TV series, 2001)
R2K in "Inspector Gadget's Last Case: Claw's Revenge" (TV, 2002)
Ronan the Accuser in "Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes"
Sgt. Robert S. Savage in "G.I. Joe Extreme" (TV series, 1995)
Stranger on Curb in "Dreamcatcher" (2003, as Michael Richard Dobson)
Sukura in "Conan and the Young Warriors" (TV series, 1994)
Supercop in "Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit" (VG, 1998, as Michael R. Dobson)
SWAT team member #1 in "Bloodhounds II" (TV, 1996)
The Blob in "X-Men: Evolution"
The Leader in "Hulk" (VG, 2003)
Toa Kopaka in "Bionicle: Mask of Light" (OAV, 2003)
Trooper in "Johnny's Girl" (TV, 1995)
Ultron in "Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanostones" (TV miniseries)
Ultron in "Marvel Super Hero Adventures" (TV miniseries)
Walla Group in "Under the Skin" (VG)
Wilks in "Alien IV?" (1994)
Worker #1 in "Carpool" (1996)
1st Guard in "The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue" (1996)
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Staff in:
(English version)
(The) Legend of the Dog Warriors: The Hakkenden (OAV) : Director
Ogre Slayer (OAV) : Director
Ranma ½ (TV) : Dialogue Director (season 3)
(The) Story of Saiunkoku (TV) : Voice Direction (eps 20-23)

Cast in:
(English version)
Arjuna (TV) as Sakurai
Ayakashi - Samurai Horror Tales (TV) as Kuhei Yamazumi (Tenshu Monogatari)
Beyblade Burst (TV) as Kento Aoi
Black Lagoon (TV) as Cartel Man 2 (ep 8); Spielberger (ep 4); Vice President (eps 1-2)
Cybersix (TV) as Lucas Amato
(The) Daichis - Earth Defence Family (TV) as Alpha 2 (ep 7); School Announcement, Newscaster
Death Note (live-action movie) as Hirokazu Ukita; Misa's Manager; Ryotaro Sakashiro
Death Note (TV) as Armonia Jastin Beyondlemason (ep 28); David Hoope (ep 27); Dreads (eps 27-29); ICPO Speaker (ep 2); Jealous; Jose (ep 29)
Death Note Relight - Visions of a God (special) as Gelus; ICPO Member; Kira Newscaster; News Anchor; Sakura TV Security Guard; Viewer; Zellogi (Shinigami)
Death Note Relight 2 - L's Successors (special) as John Skyner (SPK Member); President David Hoope; Producer
Death Note: The Last Name (live-action movie) as Dead Cop; Diet Member; Hirokazu Ukita; Kira Worshipper; Misa's Manager; Rem; Ryotaro Sakashiro; Sakura TV Representative
Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z (TV) as Daddy Mackerel (ep 27); Mojo Jojo
Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past (OAV) as Agent; Conspirator; Masami Fudou
Dokkoida?! (TV) as Federation Official; Network Executive
Dragon Ball Z (TV) as Arlian Prisoner 3 (Vancouver dub; ep 7); Banan (Vancouver dub; ep 33); Battle Ball Player (Vancouver dub; ep 129); Blake (Vancouver dub; ep 122); Boat Jock (Vancouver dub; ep 121); Canadian (Vancouver dub; ep 270); CQV Anchor (Vancouver dub; ep 126); Eugene (Vancouver dub; ep 208); Fleeing Citizen (Vancouver dub; ep 153); Game Poy Voice (Vancouver dub; ep 237); KBC Crew (Vancouver dub; ep 156); Kibito Kai (Vancouver dub); King Cold (Westwood dub); Lucky Foods Employee (Vancouver dub; ep 123); Mijorin (Vancouver dub); Moai's Attendant (Vancouver dub; ep 7); Mummy (Vancouver dub; ep 270); Nail (Vancouver dub); Namekian (Vancouver dub; ep 158); Nappa (Vancouver dub); NMT Anchor (Vancouver dub; ep 128); Old Driver (Vancouver dub; ep 111); Otherworld Fighter (Vancouver dub; ep 265); Person (Vancouver dub; ep 164); Ryu Fighter (Vancouver dub; ep 180); Spopovich (Westwood dub); Supreme Kai (Westwood Dub); Ted Pinkman (Vancouver dub; ep 131); Tournament Monk (Vancouver dub; ep 207); Van Zant (Vancouver dub); World Martial Arts Tournament Announcer (Westwood dub)
Dragon Drive (TV) as Teacher (ep 5)
Eat-Man '98 (TV) as Bartender; Detective; Dr. Samuel Aldman
Escaflowne: The Movie as Dryden
Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle (special) as Axel Hawk
Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf (special) as Ripper
A Flying Princess and a Secret Island (movie) as Daal
Future Boy Conan (TV) as Gucchi
Galaxy Angel (TV) as President; Truck Driver Boss
Galaxy Angel Z (TV) as Butler; Press Conference Reporter; Primal Being; Space Ramen Cook
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - The Laughing Man (OAV) as Somerset; Takekawa
Gintama (TV 4/2015) as Zenzo's Father (ep 301)
Green Legend Ran (OAV)
Hamtaro (TV) as Dylan
Hikaru no Go (TV) as Mr. Shu
Human Crossing (TV) as Eiji Sasama; Futoshi's Manager (ep 9); Priest; Reporter; Yuko's Lover (ep 8)
Infinite Ryvius (TV) as Analyst; Gibson; Impulse Crewmember; Mars Fleet Commander; Newscaster; Official
Inuyasha (TV) as Hoshiyomi; Jinenji (eps 31, 96)
InuYasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler as Saya
InuYasha: The Final Act (TV) as Flower Villager (ep 10); Hiraikotsu Demon (ep 12); Magutsuhi; Monk (ep 6); Villager (ep 16)
Jin-Roh - The Wolf Brigade (movie) as Kazuki Fuse
Key the Metal Idol (OAV) as Staff C; Toshihiko's Father
Kurozuka (TV) as Heita (ep 1); Izana; Kentoku; Soldier A (ep 10); Tomba (ep 7)
L change the WorLd (live-action movie) as Corporal; Doctor; Koichi Matsudo; Pedestrian; Security Guard
LBX (TV) as Marshall
(The) Legend of the Dog Warriors: The Hakkenden (OAV) as Bansaku Inuzuka; Daiki Mauwari; Dosetsu Inuyama; Fusahachi; Hikiroku; Kobungo Inuta; Mukusaku; Thug #1; Yoshinari Satomi
(The) Legend of the Galactic Heroes (OAV)
(The) Magic Lamp and the Moving Islands (movie) as Daal
Maison Ikkoku (TV) as Bar Man (ep 47); College Professor (ep 21); Cop (ep 94); Exam Proctor (ep 45); Floater (ep 10); Gambler (ep 26); Gunman in Movie (ep 49); Kozue's Father; Movie Watcher (ep 35)
Master Keaton (OAV) as Abbas' Second (ep 25); Nikolai (Teen; ep 27)
Master Keaton (TV) as Bounty Hunter; Conductor; Driver; Party Guest; Stephane (ep 18)
MegaMan NT Warrior (TV) as MagnetMan; Yai's Butler
Meltylancer: The Animation (OAV) as Grianos; Oshita
Mobile Suit Gundam (TV) as Denim (ep 1); Gadem (ep 3); General Revil; Twanning
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (TV) as Al-Saachez's Staff (ep 7); Italian Assembly Member (eps 14, 18-19); Sergei Smirnov
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season (TV) as Crew (ep 9); Sergei Smirnov
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (TV) as Captain Ades; George Glenn (ep 14)
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Special Edition as Artemis Technician (Special Edition 1); Captain Ades (Special Edition 1); George Glenn (Special Edition 1); Montgomery Operator (Special Edition 1)
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (TV) as Duke Dermail; Quatre's Father (ep 21); Rashid Kurama/Lt. Otto; Vice Foreign Minister Dorlan (eps 1-2, 4-5)
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz (OAV) as Attah; Dekim Barton
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Special Edition (movie) as Dekim Barton
Monkey Magic (TV) as Admiral Dopuck; Batty; Boady; Slimelord; West General
Monster Rancher (TV) as Jim; Roko (eps 10-11)
(The) New Adventures of Kimba The White Lion (TV 1989)
Night at High Noon and the Wonder Gate (movie) as Daal
Night Warriors - Darkstalkers' Revenge (OAV) as Hannya
Oban Star-Racers (TV) as Rick
Ogre Slayer (OAV)
Please Save My Earth (OAV) as Kazuto Tamura; Mr. Sakaguchi
Popotan (TV) as Guardman; Otaku
Project ARMS (TV) as Claw's Henchman; Goto; Papa; Police Chief; White Knight
Project ARMS: The 2nd Chapter (TV) as White Knight
Ranma ½ OAV as Priest (ep 11)
Ranma ½ (TV) as Admirer (ep 134); Angry Person (ep 43); Cyclist (ep 134); Ex-Chairman (ep 46); Fish Driver (ep 45); Fukuda Tailor (ep 113); Gendo (ep 78); Hanbei (ninja servant; ep 104); Jusenkyo Vice-Chairman (Voice Double; ep 48); Kumajiro Kaminarimon / Ultraman (ep 94); Miracle Apothecary (ep 83); P.E. Teacher (ep 134); Priest (ep 83); Royal Prince Manager (ep 99); Singing Old Man (ep 26); Spring Council Member (ep 130); Tennis Announcer (ep 47); Yomogi Farmer (ep 68)
Ranma ½: The Movie - The Battle of Nekonron: Fight to Break the Rules! as Daihakusei
Rockman.EXE Axess (TV) as MagnetMan; Yai's Butler
Shakugan no Shana (TV) as Professor
(The) SoulTaker (TV) as Kirihara Group Employee (ep 10)
Speed Racer X (TV) as Pops Racer (pilot)
Star Ocean EX (TV) as Barrel Owner; King Lacour; Ururun; Villager
Starship Operators (TV) as Amateras Captain; Dure Elroy; Kingdom Soldier; Reporter; UN Trooper
(The) Story of Saiunkoku (TV) as Department of Protocol Official (ep 14); Santa's Father (ep 13); Seikin Gang Member (eps 12-13)
Street Fighter (U.S. TV) as Cody Travers (25); Col. Sawata ; Thrasher (ep 25)
Superbook (U.S. TV) as Alex's Father; Anathoth Man; Elijah; Enoch; Gabriel; Gideon; James; John Mark; Machi; Mordecai; Ship's Captain
Tetsujin 28 (TV 2004) as Ryu Murasame
Tico and Friends (TV)
Transformers: Armada (TV) as Starscream
Transformers: Cybertron (TV) as Brakedown; Colonel Franklin; Starscream
Transformers: Energon (TV) as Signal Flare Unit; Starscream's ghost
Trouble Chocolate (TV) as Ganache; Ham-Ham
Ultimate Teacher (OAV); Suzuki
(The) Ultraman (TV) as Kei Marume (pilot)
Ultraviolet: Code 044 (TV) as Inspector Bark
(The) Vision of Escaflowne (TV) as Bronze General; Dryden Fassa; Galfo General (ep 25); General Adelfos; Goau Fanel; Hunter (ep 21); Plaktu (ep 10); Royal Guard (ep 20); Zodia (ep 12)
World Trigger (TV) as Motokichi Kinuta; Narrator
World Trigger (TV 2) as Motokichi Kinuta; Narrator
Z-Mind (OAV) as Uncle
Zoids Wild (TV) as Haxile; Mansion Owner; Maverick's Dad; Won Ton
Zoids/ZERO (TV) as Leyon; McNair
Zoids: Fuzors (TV) as Bone; Dan

Cast in:
(English version)
(under the name of Michael Richard Dobson)
(The) Humanoid (OAV) as Alan
Super Duper Sumos (U.S. TV) as Billy "BS" Swift; Genghis Fangus
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