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Anime Spotlight - KONOSUBA -God's blessing on this wonderful world!

by Anthony Foronda,

KONOSUBA -God's blessing on this wonderful world!

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Broadcast Begins January 13, 2016 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Takaomi Kanasaki
(Tokyo Ravens, Is This a Zombie?)
Series Composition: Makoto Uezu
(Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Is This a Zombie?)


What is necessary for life in another world is a big adventure.... or maybe not!?


The life of Kazuma Sato (Kazuma), a shut-in that loves games, ended all too soon due to a traffic accident(!?) ... or so it was supposed to be. However, when he opens his eyes, a beautiful girl claiming to be a goddess, Aqua, declares: "Hey, I got a good deal for you. Would you like to go to another world? You can take one thing of your choice along with you." ".....Then, I choose you." In another world much like an RPG game, enjoy the longed-for life of an adventurer! Aim to become the hero! Soon after getting worked up as such, the first obstacle befalling Kazuma who reincarnated into another world... ...was finding money to live, of all things! Furthermore... Kazuma's troubles continue as he ends up having to form a party with the three highly skilled yet tremendously unfortunate trio being Aqua the troublemaker of a bad goddess, Megumin the mage who has 8th grade syndrome, Darkness the female knight who can't stop fantasizing. And, one day, Kazuma's party finally is noticed by the evil overlord's army---!? Which way is tomorrow for the other world life spent by Kazuma, an average adventurer!?


VA:Jun Fukushima
Job: Adventurer (basic class)
Duties in party: Resolving troubles caused by other party members
Likes: Online games, video games”

Used to be a shut-in that loved games, but was reincarnated into another world. Starts the new life in the other world along with Aqua, the goddess he roped in with him. An average adventurer that has no traits other than having an extremely high luck status.

VA:Sora Amamiya
Job: Archpriest (advanced class)
Duties in party: Healing magic
Likes: Tasty things
Special talent: Party stunts

The goddess that sent Kazuma into another world. She also gets roped into the other world while she's at it. In order to return to her original world, she must defeat the evil overlord.

VA:Rie Takahashi
Job: Archwizard (advanced class)
Duties in party: DPS spells
Likes: Explosive magic
Special talent: Explosive magic
Hobby: Explosive magic

Genius mage with extraordinary powers, even among the crimson demons said to have high magical powers. Unlike her Lolita-esque appearance, she uses "explosive magic", the highest class of blast spells.

VA:Ai Kayano
Job: Crusader (advanced class)
Duties in party: Defense
Special talent: Fantasizing

Female knight with a high sense of justice, wearing armor. In order to protect her comrades and city dwellers, she does not hesitate to physically become a wall to thwart enemies (she's good at that).

VA:Sayuri Hara
Receptionist for the guild

A big sisterly figure that performs all sorts of guides to adventurers visiting the town of Axel.

VA:Tetsu Inada

A guy that always welcomes adventurers that drop by the guild.

VA:Ayaka Suwa

Friend of Darkness. Takes care of Kazuma who just started on his adventures.

VA:Hiroki Yasumoto
Adept special attack: Death sentence

A high-ranking officer of the evil overlord's army that moved into the ruined castle near the town of Axes. Worked as a knight while living but was beheaded, and became an undead headless knight (Dullahan).

VA:Takuya Eguchi
Job: Swordmaster (advanced class)

Handsome adventurer with a high sense of justice that wields the magic sword Gram.

VA:Yui Horie
Job: Magic item shopkeep and Archwizard (advanced class)

Shopkeep that runs a magic item store in the town of Axel. Pacifist. Has the will to work more than anyone, but has zero skills at business. Furthermore, the true guise is....


Jun Fukushima
Sora Amamiya
Rie Takahashi
Ai Kayano
Sayuri Hara
Tetsu Inada
Ayaka Suwa
Hiroki Yasumoto
Takuya Eguchi
Yui Horie


Original Story
Natsume Akatsuki (published by Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko, KADOKAWA)
Original Story Illustrations
Kurone Mishima
Takaomi Kanasaki
Series Composition
Makoto Uezu
Character Design
Kouichi Kikuta
Art Director
Masakazu Miyake
Color Coordinator
Saori Yoshida
Director of Photography
Shigemitsu Hamao
Kashiko Kimura
Sound Director
Yoshikazu Iwanami
Sound Effects
Yasumasa Koyama
Takayuki Yamaguchi
Sound Production
Masato Coda
Music Production
Animation Production
Studio DEEN
Produced by
Opening Theme
"fantastic dreamer" by Machico
Ending Theme
Aqua (CV: Sora Amamiya),
Megumin (CV: Rie Takahashi),
Darkness (CV: Ai Kayano)

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