Kodama & Suwa interview

by Justin Sevakis,

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Show Notes:

We're tweaking the format of ANNtv over the coming weeks, so this will be our last in-studio show with Mario and Ellie reading the news. We figure it's better to focus on original stuff rather than just read news you've probably already read. Don't worry, I have a feeling you'll be seeing them again real soon now.

This week we're joined by legendary producer/director duo Kenji Kodama and Michihiko Suwa, the guys behind such anime as Cat's Eye, City Hunter and Detective Conan (Case Closed). They sat down with our own Evan Miller to talk about their new project, reflect on their years in the business, and the matter of if they ever get stressed...

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Next week: we take another tour through a legendary anime studio... and what a studio this time! It's none other than the legendary Production IG! (Think you'll see any basset hounds?)

Covered this week:

  • Masamune Shirow Appleseed TV series pre-announced
  • Right Stuf licenses Maria Watches Over Us anime series
  • Gokurakuin's Sekirei to be animated for TV this summer
  • Dragonball movie reportedly pushed back to April 2009
  • South Carolina student removed over "Death Note" list
  • Teenager's video with Naruto quote leads to arrest
  • Be sure and check out next week's episode!

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