Mamiko Noto interview

by Justin Sevakis,

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Show Notes:

This week we have a sit-down interview with voice actress Mamiko Noto. Noto is best known to anime fans as the voices of Yakumo in School Rumble, Ai in Hell Girl and Masane in Witchblade... but she's also the singer for ending themes for all three of those shows, and many more. She sat down with ANN's Jonathan Mays to talk about her acting and her singing career.

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Next week: a sit-down interview with director/producer pair Kenji Kodama and Michihiko Suwa! The two are famous for their collaboration on the classic TV series City Hunter and Case Closed. Don't miss it!

Covered this week:

  • Amazon, Viz adds Gaba Kawa Heaven, Will, Oishinbo
  • Sony includes 1st Blood+ episode on non-anime DVDs
  • Bandai Visual USA picks up sola anime
  • Canada bans imports of Cool Devices, Words Worth
  • Bandai Visual confirms sola release, DVD details
  • ADV announces dates for releases
  • Animated Trigun: The Movie planned for 2009 in Japan
  • ADV comments on removed titles, new release schedule
  • New Slayers TV anime series in the works
  • Antique Bakery manga to be animated for TV in July
  • Bandai Visual USA to stream selected episodes on
  • Be sure and check out next week's episode!

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