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posted on 2006-09-07 19:16 EDT
Organized Play Manager for Anime Trading Card Games

Score Entertainment, a leading producer of anime related card games, including Case Closed, Inu Yasha, Dragonball Z, etc..., is looking for an organized play manager, details about the posting are available below:

Position Available: Organized Play Manager

Score Entertainment is seeking a skilled gamer to join the team as Organized Play Manager. This individual is a highly experienced tournament organizer who is adept at interpreting rulings and structuring organized play. This is your chance to get into the trading card game industry.

The ideal candidate will possess the following:
* 2-3 years experience organizing and judging tournaments
* Effective verbal and written communication skills
* Basic computer skills and knowledge of the Internet
* Detail oriented & effective follow-through skills

Job responsibilities include:
· Implement and continually seek improvements to the organized play program to reflect patterns and trends in the gaming environment and market.
· Monitor all message board activity and forums on consumer and third party websites regarding Score Entertainment products.
· Respond and handle all emails regarding rulings, message board content, event and rewards directed to [email protected] and [email protected]
· Oversee fulfillment and distribution of marketing collateral and prize support as it relates to grassroots programs such as judges, moderators and Organized Play events.
· Write and manage all consumer website content and intermittent newsletters including tournament result postings, upcoming events, product releases and news related items.
· Manage and oversee all Score Entertainment sponsored and official SEVEN approved tournaments.
· Coordinate and schedule events with Professional Tournament Organizers as needed per the yearly marketing plan and event calendar.

Time Frame: Full Time
Location: Arlington , TX
Contact: [email protected]

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