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Hey A-Man! I have a question.......(As if u didnt kno)

    I love Initial D soo much! And since i do I NEED TO KNO WHEN ITS COMIN TO AMERICA?!?!?!?!! Is it even comin out in america?!?! That is a question that I NEED ANSWERED! Also if it is comin out WHEN?!?!?!


    Is Initial D makin a Fourth Stage?!?!


    When is the Cowboy Bebop movie comin to America? I watched it and I thought it was DELICIOUS!!!!

        If u would be soo kind as to answer these question I would thank you!!!


~The Guy with The Questions

Demanding, aren't you? Initial D has been licensed by TokyoPop. They just licensed the title, so no release dates are available yet. There are no plans for a fourth stage currently. Since the licensing of the Cowboy Bebop movie is under question, there are no release dates yet. Be patient.

whatever happened to Sol Bianca? it seems like it just stopped coming out. are there any more episodes?


It stopped coming out because they finished releasing it. There are no more episodes.

Dear Answerman,

    Today I read that certain Cowboy Bebop episodes will not to be broadcasted on Adult Swim because of the tragic events of Sept. 11. My question is will they ever be broadcasted? If so, when? Thanks for the info!


Nobody knows "when" the missing episodes will be broadcasted. They literally just announced today that they won't be broadcasting those specific episodes; why would you think that information regarding when they would be aired or if they'll ever be aired would be available on the same day?

I would like to know where I can download nadia oav fansubs!


There is no Nadia OAV series. Therefore, you can't download fansubs of them, since they don't exist.

Is the GTO anime licensed? I know the manga was picked up by Tokyopop, and Animefringe has mentioned they had the anime as well, but I've heard people say a) Animefringe is unreliable, b) they're POSITIVE it's not licensed yet. And given the lack of information I've found on this topic, I'm not sure if I should believe them. So... is it licensed?



Do you know if Hyper Police has been licensed yet?

- Gollum

Hyper Police has yet to be licensed.


I recently started watching Noir, which is very cool, and it's seemed odd to me that there hasn't been a single drop of blood animated in the show. Did they really make the show without any blood in it or am I watching some weird edit?


Noir has what we call "style" and "taste". They don't animate excessive blood because the show doesn't need to get the point across. It's an artistic decision. And, FYI, I've seen plenty of Noir, and there's blood spilled in nearly every episode; just not an excessive amount.


I got hooked on CB thanks to CNB, and have been following the series closely, keeping up with Kyle's edit list... Just thought I'd throw out the following:

According to CN's projected schedule, "Cowboy Funk" will be skipped entirely, and the rest of the episodes will run in normal order until Episode 26 (Real Folk Blues Part 2) will be followed one Sunday with Ep. 1 (Asteroid Blues) and the run will start over, still evidently omitting the three episodes that were skipped on the first run (namely, Sympathy for the Devil, Waltz for Venus, & Cowboy Funk) Can you tell me if there are any copies of these three episodes available uncut and dubbed on Video or DVD? I would love to see them, preferably in their entirety and in English.

Thanks for the great site,


Of course. Cowboy Bebop has been available uncut in both dubbed and subtitled formats on DVD for over a year now. Walk in to any video store and they'll have the entire series ready to buy.

Hi answerman. I was wondering if you be able to shed some light on some questions I have. Firstly, I know that Tokyopop licensed the Love Hina manga, but I wanted to find out if Kodansha was still planning on releasing further bilingual manga volumes for the series; I think there are currently 8 out now. Secondly, is there anything going on with the Detective Conan anime here in the US. I had heard that Fox Kids licensed it and was originally supposed to air the first season here but decided against it for content reasons. Does Fox still have the licensing rights to it, and/or will it ever see a state-side release. Thanks a lot for your time. Sincerely,


Kodansha was asked to stop distributing bilingual versions of Love Hina manga in the US since Tokyopop bought the rights. I'm sure production will continue in Japan but you'll have to import them directly. As for Conan, there haven't been any announcements regarding the series since the original licensing deal fell through.

I have a burning question about Fushigi Yugi in the coming years. When I first saw the 2 seasons on DVD (in the US) I was placed under the assumption that the story has been closed. As in no more Fushigi Yugi in the future. Then came along a 3rd box set and yet again it seems that the story has come to a close. Now I want more as much of the next fan but I also understand if there will not be anymore. I'd rather they close the book than ruin the series. Bottom line my question is, are there plans for any more FY and does more FY seem forseeable if nothing has been announced?

There's a new Fushigi Yuugi series coming out based on the Gaiden novels. Apparently the release date is Spring in Japan; there's no US release date yet.

See you all on Tuesday.

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