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Azumanga Daioh (manga) Masterpiece
(Such a funny manga wish i could read it all, damn i sure did laugh the whole way thourgh the first volume. this manga gets a 10/10)
Candidate for Goddess (manga) So-so
(boring manga wish i hadnt picked it up)
Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (manga) Excellent
(Good manga, worth all the time to read.)
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword (manhwa) Very good
(good manga didnt get to deep into it, mainly because i didnt really get to into it. this manga gets a 6/10)
Crest of the Stars (manga) So-so
(great anime boring manga)
Figure 17 (manga) Excellent
(simply a cute manga about a girl that all of a sudden has kinda a twin that comes out of a device to help and some guy from another planet, i could get into it. this manga gets a 8/10)
Fushigi Yûgi (manga) Masterpiece
(great anime and great manga)
Ghost in the Shell (manga) Excellent
(good manga havent read it all though. this manga gets a 7/10)
King of Hell (manhwa) Excellent
(good manga but its not really what you would call the best manga ever drawn, written. this manga gets a 6/10)
Lament of the Lamb (manga) Masterpiece
(This one is full of suspense and its one of the best horror manga that ive read. awesome vampire manga. this manga gets a 10/10)
Magic Knight Rayearth (manga) Masterpiece
(Very good manga, played the game as well so i basicly know the whole story with out seeing the anime or even reading it but i still want to read every single volume there is. this manga gets a 10/10)
Mahoromatic (manga) Masterpiece
(Well drawn& written manga, if any one likes nudity then i migh suggest this manga highly.this manga gets a 10/10)
Maniac Road (manga) So-so
(Not so good of a Manga)
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (manga) Masterpiece
(An excellent manga i suggest that that you read this manga,I Swear to god that right when i picked it up i could'nt put it down. Thats how good the manga was. Action packed as well.)
Negima! Magister Negi Magi (manga) Masterpiece
(Good manga but i kinda bored me in away but still worth reading i would give this manga a 9/10)
Peach Girl (manga) Excellent
(good love story, but only read unless you like romance which is i love romance anime and manga.)
Ranma ½ (manga) Masterpiece
(Very, very good manga love it so much that i wouldn't mind reading the first two manga's again.)
Tokyo Mew Mew (manga) Masterpiece
(very cute manga, even though its a girls manga i still picked it up and read it *hehe* this manga gets a 10/10)
X (manga) Masterpiece
(superb manga, good art and good story this manga gets a 10/10, and saying that its brought out by viz its an awesome manga.)
YuYu Hakusho (manga) Masterpiece
(Truely a good manga i think everyone should read yu-yu-hakusho. give this manga a 9/10)