Blood-C's English Dub Cast, Trailer Revealed

posted on 2012-11-01 10:10 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

North American anime distributor Funimation updated its Tumblr on Tuesday and Wednesday with the English dub cast announcements for Blood-C:

Funimation also posted the dubbing staff and trailer:

Funimation describes the story:

The creators of Blood: The Last Vampire and Blood+ team up with renowned powerhouse CLAMP to inject beauty into a chilling new addition to the Blood line. Horrifying beasts with a hunger for human flesh prey on the citizens of a quiet town. In moonlit twilight, Saya slays the monsters and returns home drenched in blood. As the attacks increase in frequency and intensity, her enemies relay cryptic messages about a broken contract. Limbs are torn from flesh and skulls are crushed and devoured while the huntress struggles with paralyzing visions and gaping holes in her memory. When the humans Saya promised to protect reveal the sickening truth about her role in the violence, she learns her mission isn't as clear cut as she thought-and her most sadistic foe of all is so close she can taste it.

Funimation streamed the television series as it aired in 2011 on the Nico Nico website. The company announced the acquisition of the broadcast, home entertainment, streaming, and mobile rights to both the Blood-C television anime series and the Blood-C: The Last Dark film at Anime Expo in June.

Funimation is releasing the series in a Blu-ray/DVD combo on January 8.

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