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Dai-Guard: Disaster from the Sea

by Kyle Pope, Feb 28th 2003
This show is new to me but it looks like an interesting take on the old school giant robot genre with a corporate twist. We seem to have the standard language edits and the removal of death references. So far this show looks like something Toonami might pick up for a future full length run.

Dai-Guard: Disaster from the Sea

1: Blood digitally removed from soldier's face.

2: Chief seismologist's "My god! Look at the size of it!" changed to "Look at the size of it!"

3: Nishijima's "Damn it, I know that" changed to "I know that."

4: Aoyama's "What the hell are you talking about?" cut.

5: Supervisor's"And who the hell are you?" cut.

6: Aoyama's "Has everyone here lost their freakin' minds? Those morons" cut.

7: Aoyama's "Now let's get the hell out of here!" and Akagi's "I'm going, I'm going" cut.

8: Akagi's "Bastard!" cut.

Well of the shows Toonami picked up from ADV this seems the safest. Other than language and death references I haven't seen any problems on the order of Eva or even Nadesico.

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