Negima! - Magic 201: Magic & Combat [Viridian Collection] (DVD 2 of 6)

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Title: Negima! - Magic 201: Magic & Combat [Viridian Collection]
Volume: DVD 2 / 6
Running time: 100
Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Release date: 2008-02-05
Suggested retail price: $19.98
Age rating: 13+

SKU: FN-07752
UPC: 704400077524 704400077524

Negi Springfield may be a teacher a Mahora Academy, but he's in need of an education as well! There's more going on at this school than the little magi could have imagined. And while the standard fare is on the curriculum, it's the extracurricular activities that have him seating!

Monday: Survival Training, Tuesday: Student/Teacher Relations, Wednesday: Vampire Hunting, Thursday: Walking Club, Friday: Death by... Dodgeball?

Contains episodes 7-10:
The Appearances of Things are Deceptive
One Night Befalls All of Us
I'll Get You, Wascally Wabbit!
Where There Is Harmon, There Is Victory

DVD Features: Character Profiles, Schoolgirl Commentary, Communal Bathing in Japan, Textless Songs, Trailers.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

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