My Santa (DVD)

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Title: My Santa
Volume: DVD
Running time: 100
Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Release date: 2008-11-18
Suggested retail price: $14.98
Age rating: 17+

SKU: FN-10535
UPC: 704400105357 704400105357
ISBN-10: 142101467X 142101467X
ISBN-13: 9781421014678 9781421014678

The perfect stocking a new low price! Young Santa knows it's tough to be born on Christmas Eve... He feels like he falls between the cracks of everyone's holiday happiness, and even his absentee parents don't even seem to care! There might not be any mistletoe, but good cheer comes down the chimney with a kiss from the crazy young Santa-in-Training named Mai! She has been sent to show sad-sack Santa the true joy of the season... And if he can quit acting like a bummed-out bump on the Yule log long enough to surrender to her considerable charms, the festive fireworks between the two might be hot enough to light up the tree!

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