Street Fighter Alpha - Essence of Anime (DVD)

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Title: Street Fighter Alpha - Essence of Anime
Volume: DVD
Running time: 120
Distributor: Manga Entertainment

Release date: 2007-09-04
Suggested retail price: $19.99
Age rating: NR

SKU: MGAD-5031
UPC: 013138503190 013138503190

Martial arts masters Ken and Ryu are brought together by the mysterious death of their master but now the two warriors must overcome a challenge unlike any they've faced before. Increasingly disturbed by the dark energies building within him, Ryu is unexpectedly confronted with the appearance of Shun - a boy claiming to be the long-lost brother he never knew. Soon, signs of their common lineage are revealed as Shun enters a martial arts competition and manifests the same fearsome Dark Hadou. But before Ryu has the chance to consider whether Shun's timely appearance might be more than coincidental, agents of the insidious Shadowlaw organization kidnap the boy. To recover the child, Ryu must undertake the ultimate journey of self-discovery and learn to control the power threatening to consume him. But with his confidence waning, will he have what it takes to confront Akuma - the vicious lord of the Dark Hadou himself? Produced by Manga Entertainment, in association with Capcom Co., LTD., Street Fighter Alpha ('Street Fighter Zero' in Japan in accordance with the videogame) is the pulse-pounding sequel to the phenomenally popular Street Fighter IIV Series. This action-packed martial arts anime feature continues the adventures of the popular Ken, Ryu and Chun Li characters while introducing some charismatic new ones from the game. Directed by Dragonball veteran Shigeyasu Yamauchi who also contributed the extraordinary background art, Street Fighter Alpha is one of the best-received original video animations ever created.

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