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Title: MADOX-01
Volume: DVD
Running time: 50
Distributor: AnimEigo

Release date: 2004-01-02
Suggested retail price: $24.95
Age rating: 13+

SKU: AV-203015
UPC: 737187004506 737187004506

In the first test of a revolutionary personal battle-suit, the MADOX-01, Ace female test-pilot Elle Kusomoto smashes an attacking tank force and humiliates Lt. Kilgore, Japan's most-macho tank-jockey, in the process.

Kilgore swears he'll get even, and he gets his chance when the prototype MADOX literally falls of the back of a truck in the middle of Tokyo.

Meanwhile, the MADOX, which fell off the back of one truck, off a bridge, and into the back of another truck, has found its way into the hands of college student Koji Sujimoto. Intruiged by the MADOX, Koji makes the big mistake of fooling with it without reading the manual first, and soon finds himself locked in the suit and zooming around downtown Tokyo.

Unfortunately, the homing signal the now-active MADOX transmits results in a no-holds-barred response by Kilgore; even more unfortunately, even though Koji doesn't know how to fight, the MADOX does a pretty good job on automatic, resulting in a firefight the likes of which the local residents haven't seen since the last time Godzilla hit town.

Concerned about the property damage being caused to some of the world's most expensive real-estate, Elle dons a second prototype MADOX and tries to find and rescue Koji before Kilgore's many minions totally trash Tokyo.

And apart from the attempts to destroy the suit (and it's driver), Koji has his own problems: if he breaks his date with his girlfriend, he will lose her forever -- and he's a tad overdressed for the occasion!

Will Koji be late for his date? Or will Kilgore make him "the late Koji?" And more importantly, is it possible to eat take-out shrimp in a battlesuit? The answers to these and many other questions await you in METAL SKIN PANIC - MADOX-01.

(added on 2003-06-19)

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