AD Police - To Protect and Serve (DVD)

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Title: AD Police - To Protect and Serve
Volume: DVD
Running time: 300
Distributor: ADV Films

Release date: 2002-04-09
Suggested retail price: $34.98
Age rating: NR

SKU: DAP-001
UPC: 702727014727 702727014727

2-disc set.

The new AD Police is a remake of the popular OVA anime -"A.D. Police -Another story of Bubblgum Crisis-" from 10 years ago. The production staff takes over the previous OVA series' world view and adds more up-to-date subject matter and expanded shoreline to match the current early 21st century world.

The main character, Kenji Sasaki, is a young man who has grownup in an environment lacking of family background and almost no need to communicate with other human beings. He only depends on himself and completes his work perfectly, but somehow, we can see in his reflection the loneliness in the masses and distortion of human relationships in the modern world.

In this new TV series, Kenji meets two people who influence his life and lead him out of the shell that he has locked himself up in. One is his girlfriend, Kyouko, who also feels lonely. The other one is Kenji's partner, Hans, who lost his memory of the past. Hans loves human beings and wishes to make the best of his life. But even Hans has a secret...When Kenji learns Hans past, it is the first time in Kenji's life that he understands the feeling of "friendship" towards other human beings.
For a long time, "Life" is a miracle that was given by God and it is hard for human beings to impinge on God's authority. But in modern world, we create artificial internal organs, organ transplants, artificial insemination and cloning technology. We are gradually "forced" not to believe "Life" is a miracle. Human beings go further into God's territory as they move further into the future. How are we going to identify ourselves as human beings? That is what we ask viewer in this new AD Police.

Two young men, Kenji and Hans who are searching their own identities meet and develop a precious friendship from their own bitterness...a near-future human drama is just beginning...

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