UK's Barbican to Screen Anime, Live-Action Mushishi

posted on 2008-09-18 13:12 EDT
October double billing of Nagahama's anime series, Otomo's live-action film

The Barbican performing arts center in London will be holding a October 28 double-billing of both the anime and live-action adaptations of Yuki Urushibara's Mushishi manga. The titular "Mushishi" ("Bug Master") character is a doctor who travels a mystical version of Japan to cure people affected by Mushi, the supernatural creatures that he is investigating. The screenings will begin with two episodes from the 2005 animated Mushishi television series by Hiroshi Nagahama (Fruits Basket assistant director, Detroit Metal City video) and Artland (Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Macross). Then the center will screen the 2006 live-action film version of the story by acclaimed director Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira, Memories). The Anime Encyclopedia co-author Helen McCarthy will introduce the screenings.

Image © Yuki Urushibara / KODANSHA • MUSHI-SHI Partnership.

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