Anime Spotlight - SUPER LOVERS

by Anthony Foronda,

Broadcast Begins April 6th 2016(JST)

Key Staff

Director: Shinji Ishihira
(Fairy Tail,LOG HORIZON)
Series Composition: Yoshiko Nakamura
(Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, Hiiro no Kakera - The Tamayori Princess Saga)


The super hit comic from Miyuki Abe is finally turning into anime! Worrisome oldest son, super-handsome twins, the youngest being a wild child-- A troubled love woven by the much-rumored four brothers!


You want to try being family with me? --and, make your heart race a lot more?

Haru Kaido is a high school student that ends up having to go overseas, tricked with a notice of his "mother in critical condition". There, he is suddenly introduced to a boy named Ren, being told, "This is your little brother!"

Ren is a wild child who doesn't listen to anyone, and Haru desperately kept taking care of him. It seems that there is some secret behind Ren's birth. On top of it, right as Ren was starting to become attached just to him, Haru is met with a certain tragedy.

--and five years later in Tokyo, Haru is reunited with a grown-up Ren...?


Ren Kaido
VA:Junko Minagawa

Fourth son of the Kaido family. However, is not a blood relative of Haru, Aki, and Shima at all. Was abandoned in an alleyway in Canada when young, and grew up in an orphanage, and was later adopted by Haruko.

Haru Kaido
VA:Tomoaki Maeno

Oldest son of the Kaido family. Grew up in Canada until age 8, and has one-quarter foreign blood. Mother's name is Haruko. Aki and Shima are half-brothers that share a father. Good-natured and good at taking care of others, but is a worrywart..

Aki Kaido
VA:Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Second son of the Kaido family. Shima's twin brother. His father also fathered Haru. A clever, energetic person.

Shima Kaido
VA:Takuma Terashima

Third son of the Kaido family. Aki's twin brother. His father also fathered Haru. Calm, cool, and collected.

Ikuyoshi Sasaki
VA:Ayumu Murase

Co-worker with Haru when he worked at a host club. His stage name is "Iku". His family runs a farm.

Juzen Kurosaki
VA:Jun Fukushima

Ren's classmate and friend at Seiryo Academy. Speaks in the Kansai dialect.

Haruko Daniella Dieckmann
VA:Atsuko Tanaka

Haru's mother and Ren's foster mother. Dauntless author and physicist.

Mikiko Kashiwagi
VA:Yoko Soumi

Haruko's friend. Lawyer. Takes care of the Kaido brothers.

Kiri Kondo
VA:Ryoko Shiraishi

Ren's friend. Spent time overseas. Strong-willed and a bit masculine girl.

VA:Mitsuki Saiga

Owner that runs the café & bar together with Haru. Haru's high school classmate.


Ren Kaido
Junko Minagawa
Haru Kaido
Tomoaki Maeno
Aki Kaido
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Shima Kaido
Takuma Terashima
Ikuyoshi Sasaki
Ayumu Murase
Juzen Kurosaki
Jun Fukushima
Haruko D. Dieckmann
Atsuko Tanaka
Mikiko Kashiwagi
Yoko Soumi
Kiri Kondo
Ryoko Shiraishi
Mitsuki Saiga
Shiro Takamura
Ryotaro Okiayu


Original Story
Miyuki Abe

Shinji Ishihira
Series Composition
Yoshiko Nakamura
Character Design
Miki Takihara
Assistant Director
Toshinori Watanabe
Art Director
Masakazu Miyake
Color Coordinator
Imari Katsuragi
Director of Photography
Asahiko Koshiyama
Masahiro Matsumura
Sound Director
Shoji Hata
Sound Effect
Noriko Izumo
Daiki Yamaki
Sound Production
Music Production
Animation Production
Studio DEEN
Produced by

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