Glass Fleet - Box Set (DVD)

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Title: Glass Fleet - Box Set
Volume: DVD
Running time: 600
Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Release date: 2009-01-13
Suggested retail price: $59.98
Age rating: TV PG

SKU: FN-07907
UPC: 704400079078 704400079078

Fight For Your Freedom

In the dark reaches of time and space, an age of oppression smotered the masses... a revolution stirs as the People's Army rises up to begin their march toward freedom. Led by Michel Volban, a heroic rebel of stout heart, they seek a true victory for the people! They seek to cast off the reigns of the self-proclaimed Holy Emperor, Vetti Sforza. Head of a corrupt ruling class, Vetti will attempt to unite the very heavens under his rule! As a hero is sought from among the stars, one arrives with the glint of glass against the galaxies. Cleo Corbeille - Pilot of a sleek battleship of long lost technologies and its rogue crew or pirates, decendent of the fallen Royal Family. Together, they might fail, but they will not go quietly! Two men, two souls, both driven by the same prophecy...

The Imperial fleet rushes forward to take on the growing People's Army, both sides stoic and unflinching, determined to achieve their goals despite the cost. Two men - Opposite sides of the same heart. Two blades - One seeking peace, the other only victory. As sanity flees from the battlefield of space, Cleo and Vetti will be released, one upon the other. Prophecy is realized as great heroes bear the burdens set upon them by fate. And in the flames, two lovers will embrace..

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