Denpa teki na Kanojo, Iron Vendetta Promos Streamed

posted on 2009-07-06 12:15 EDT
2nd Denpa teki na Kanojo DVD to ship with 4th Kure-nai manga volume in December

The official page for the second Denpa teki na Kanojo anime DVD began streaming a promotional video last week. In Kentarō Katayama's original Denpa teki na Kanojo light novels, the story centers on a belligerent delinquent named Jū Jūzawa and a strange girl named Ame Ochibana who suddenly vows complete loyalty to him. "Denpa teki na Kanojo" or literally, "electromagnetic girlfriend," refers to the denpa-kei sub-genre of stories that imply bizarre behaviors are caused by electromagnetic waves. The second anime DVD, "Kōfuku Game," will ship with the fourth volume of the Kure-nai manga on December 12. Katayama and illustrator Yamato Yamamoto created both the Denpa teki na Kanojo light novels and the Kure-nai light novels, which were adapted into manga and later into a television anime series.

The Thumbnail dōjin (self-published) unit has posted a new 52-second still "picture drama" trailer for the Kōtetsu no Vendetta (Iron Vendetta) military robot anime project on the Nico Nico Douga video-streaming website. (Viewers must first register in Japanese.) According the production staff's Monday blog entry, Ami Koshimizu will play the heroine, Rain Yashima. The project began with another still-picture short, which eventually evolved into a partially animated pilot film. The dōjin (self-published) creators sold a preview DVD at Tokyo's Comic Market 75 convention last December, and will distribute a new release at this summer's Comic Market 76. Thumbnail announced in May that the project's first full anime episode has been green-lit.

Source: Saishin Anime Jōhō, Moon Phase

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