Toykopop to release CLAMP art books.

Jul 6th 2004

Highly Anticipated Publications Span Three Decades of Dazzling Artwork

Anime Expo, Anaheim, CA (July 4, 2004)? Continuing to expand its impressive catalog, TokyoPop Inc. is thrilled to announce the January release of CLAMP's renowned North Side and South Side art books. The celebrated all-women creative team of CLAMP-known as the Greatest Manga Studio in the World showcases their classic works from 1989 through 2000 in these two gorgeous volumes.

North Side includes illustrious artwork from manga such as Magic Knights Rayearth, Clover, Legend of Chun Hyang and Sohryuuden. Among the crowd-pleasing highlights is an innovative section, "CLAMP in Wonderland," which features popular characters interacting with one another in a fairytale setting.

South Side features luscious pieces from beloved series including Man of Many Faces, Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders, Suki, Wish, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, The One I Love, Shirahime-Syo and Legal Drug, as well as original, never-before-seen CLAMP artwork. Both volumes also present "how-to" art tutorials showing aspiring manga-ka the ins and outs of drawing their favorite CLAMP characters.

"Manga enthusiasts of all generations will welcome these beautifully drawn works to their collections," said series editor Nicole Monastirsky. "The 'how-to' section has given me hope that I can draw CLAMP characters that don't look like doodles!"

CLAMP's unmatched list of titles has gained attention worldwide, and their dramatic stories have won them numerous awards and a huge fan following. North Side and South Side will be hitting bookstores everywhere in January 2005 and sell for $19.99.

ABOUT TokyoPop Inc.
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