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Anime Spotlight - Boogiepop and Others

by ANN Staff,
Premieres on January 4, 2019 (JST)


"I am automatic. My name is Boogiepop..."

Boogiepop is a series that greatly influenced Dengeki Bunko, the entertainment publishing label with the largest share in the market. This unfading masterpiece is being adapted into an anime once again to celebrate the novel series' 20th anniversary!

Shingo Natsume, the director in charge of the globally-acclaimed hit anime One Punch Man, will be directing the series. Tomohiro Suzuki, who also worked on One Punch Man, will be in charge of scripts. Together, they will team up with the high-quality animation studio Madhouse to create the action-fantasy story of Boogiepop, a hero that automatically rises to the surface!

Character Names & Descriptions


Voice: Aoi Yūki

An existence that "rises up" from inside of high school student Fujika Miyashita when the "Peril to the World" approaches. He calls himself an "automatic being," and the word is that he kills someone when they are at their most beautiful point in order not to let them get any uglier as they age.

Touka Miyashita

Voice: Aoi Yūki

A female student at the prefectural private school Shinyo Academy. She's a fairly normal, sweet, and honest girl, but when peril to the world comes near, Boogiepop's personality "rises up" inside of her, and she loses all memories of when Boogiepop takes over her. She is dating her upperclassman, Keiji Takeda.

Nagi Kirima

Voice: Saori Ōnishi

A self-proclaimed "ally of justice" and a student at the prefectural private school Shinyo Academy. She is called "Fire Witch" because of the aura she gives off. She is excellent at combat, and can even hold her own when facing off against those with special powers.

Kazuko Suema

Voice: Reina Kondo

Nagi's classmate and Touka's best friend. She started getting interested in criminal psychology after being surviving being targeted by a serial killer, and is now called the "Professor of Murder." She is a fervent fan of Nagi's father, Seiichi Kirima.

Keiji Takeda

Voice: Chiaki Kobayashi

A third-year in high school attending the prefectural private school Shinyo Academy. His employment at a design office has already been decided, which is possibly why he stands out from his peers. He begins a secret friendship with Boogiepop after a strange encounter.

Kei Niitoki

Voice: Shino Shimoji

A student at Shinyo Academy who is part of the school's morals committee. She dotes on Keiji Takeda since they're on the same committee. She's a bit of a pushover, and can't say no when she's asked to do something. Because of this, she ends up getting involved in an incident that occurs at the school...

Naoko Kamikishiro

Voice: Ayaka Suwa

A third-year student at the prefectural private school Shinyo Academy. She doesn't have many female friends due to her gaudy appearance. Despite this, she's one of the only people who understands Nagi Kirishima, and stays by her side. She is dating her underclassman Shiro Tanaka. She is one of the only people who can communicate with the mysterious being "Echoes."

Masami Saotome

Voice: Junya Enoki

A fairly normal boy who is so ordinary that it almost seems as if he could blend into just about anywhere. However, he is very good at hanging out in large groups, and even had the experience of confessing his love to Nagi Kirishima and being turned down. What worlds lie deep inside of his heart?

Shiro Tanaka

Voice: Aoi Ichikawa

A first-year student in the archery club. He began dating his upperclassman Kamikishiro after she confessed her love to him. According to Kamikishiro, she fell in love with him because he looked cool doing archery. Because of his serious, no-nonsense personality, he's a bit troubled by his relationship with his wild girlfriend.

Minako Yurihara

Voice: Ayana Taketatsu

A second-year student at Shoyo Academy who is such a genius that she was top of her class at her prep school on the mock exams, passing up all of her other classmates. However, her smarts aren't all people talk about—her beauty is also the talk of the classroom. She is considered unapproachable due to her high specs, but there's something else hidden behind that pretty face...


Voice: Kōki Miyata

Echoes was taken in by Kamikishiro, who just happened to run into him by chance as he was wandering the town. He's covered in wounds and dressed in tattered clothes, and can only repeat the words that others say to him. Unhindered by this impediment, he is able to tell Kamikishiro that he is called Echoes.


Boogiepop/Touka Miyashita
Aoi Yūki
Nagi Kirima
Saori Ōnishi
Kazuko Suema
Reina Kondo
Keiji Takeda
Chiaki Kobayashi
Kei Niitoki
Shino Shimoji
Naoko Kamikishiro
Ayaka Suwa
Masami Saotome
Junya Enoki
Shiro Tanaka
Aoi Ichikawa
Minako Yurihara
Ayana Taketatsu
Kōki Miyata
Masaki Taniguchi
Taku Yashiro
Aya Orihata
Kana Ichinose
Jin Asuka
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Shinjiro Ano
Yoshiaki Hasegawa
Kotoe Kinugawa
Kana Asumi
Spooky E
Yōji Ueda
Suiko Minahoshi
Kana Hanazawa


Original Story
"Boogie Pop wa Warawanai" by Kouhei Kadono (Published under Dengeki Bunko)
Original Character Design
Kouji Ogata
Shingo Natsume
Series Composition / Script
Tomohiro Suzuki
Character Design
Hidehiko Sawada
Assistant Director
Yousuke Hatta
Chief Animation Director
Masanori Shino, Kei Tsuchiya
Art Director
Shigemi Ikeda, Yukiko Maruyama
Color Design
Ken Hashimoto
3DCG Director
Shigenori Hirosumi
Director of Photography
Akane Fushihara
Kashiko Kimura
Sound Director
Shōji Hata
kensuke ushio
Music Production
Animation Production
Produced by
Boogiepop and Others Partners
Theme Song Performance:
Opening Theme Song: "shadowgraph" performed by MYTH&ROID
Ending Theme Song: "Whiteout" performed by Riko Azuna

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