What does Sailor Moon mean to you? Audience Favorites - Final Round

Voting Closes at Midnight Saturday JST! (11am EDT/8am PDT Saturday)

After a lot of hard work, our friends at Viz Media have pored through hundreds of Sailor Moon entries to pick the Grand Prize, First Place, Second Place and Most Creative entries. Now it's your turn to vote for the audience favorite.

The winner of the audience favorite will receive the following prize Package:

Audience Favorite

  • 1 winner - selected by votes on Anime News Network
  • Sailor Moon “ I Was There” bow
  • Sailor Moon Announcement postcard
  • Sailor Moon Announcement poster
  • Sailor Moon 2014 Commemorative coin
  • Sailor Neptune Cell Phone Case ( iPhone 5)
  • Sailor Moon 3” button
  • Sailor Moon Sticker set
  • Sailor Moon Magnet set
  • Sailor Mars S.H. Figurarts
  • Sailor Venus S.H. Figurarts
  • Sailor Mars Clutch
  • Sailor Venus cell phone case ( Samsung Galaxy S4)
  • Sailor Saturn metal key chain
  • Sailor Moon metal key chain
  • Sailor Moon clock
  • Sailor Moon brooch wristband
  • Sailor Jupiter T shirt
  • Sailor Moon sticker sheet
  • Sailor Pluto T shirt
  • Sailor Moon T shirt
  • Sailor Venus T shirt
  • Sailor Saturn T shirt
  • Tuxedo Mask Tank Top
  • Tuxedo Mask Lanyard
  • Sailor Moon logo necklace
  • Princess Serenity 3-ring binder
  • Sailor Mars 2 inch button

Here are the finalists:

Now that you've re-acquainted yourself with the entries, remember the name of your favorite entry and go here to vote. Remember, only people who have had ANN accounts registered before June 29 can vote! (We've fixed a big that denied voting to some people who registered before June 29).

Voting FAQ
Why can't new members vote? We want the winner to be the entry that our audience liked the most. Not the entrant that has the most friends. We know that some of you simply legitimately want to vote, but it's too easy for one person, with a lot of friends, to get all of his or her friends to register accounts and vote for their entry.

Why didn't X Entry Make it to the last round Either they didn't receive enough votes, or they won one of the other prizes.

When will the winners be announced We'll be announcing all the winner in the coming days, one winner per day. The first winner will be announced on July 15th.

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