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Anime Expo 2007

by Carlo Santos,

Panelists: David Wise, Audry Taylor, Wendy Pini, Amy Major-Steinberger

Go! Comi began their panel with license announcements. New titles include A.I. Revolution, Angel's Coffin, A Wise Man Sleeps, CY-Believers, and Kamisama Kazoku.

A new project for the company is Amy Major-Steinberger's Japan Ai: A Tall Girl's Adventures in Japan, a sketchbook travelogue of Japan. Also, a webcomic version of Wendy Pini's new series Masque of the Red Death (based on the Edgar Allan Poe story) is now available on the Go! Comi website; the print version is due in 2008. A slideshow of Masque of the Red Death concept art and preview pages from Japan Ai were also shown at the panel.

The panel was then turned over to questions. The company website has recently been revamped and now features full information on the Go! Comi release schedule. Fans can also buy new manga through the company's online store. Pini also discussed the webcomic-making process; although she plans out Masque as traditional comic pages, she picks and chooses panels from that artwork to create the webcomic in Flash. Along the line of new original projects, Taylor noted that Go! Comi is currently open to submissions from creative talent.

The panel ended with one final announcement: the company is working on a major "immersive manga" project named OPLAY.

This report has been verified by a studio representative.

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