Legend of the Galactic Heroes Browser Game Starts Service

posted on 2016-01-31 05:30 EST

PC game developer DMM started service for its Ginga Eiyū Densetsu Tactics (Legend of the Galactic Heroes Tactics) simulation RPG browser game on Thursday. DMM conducted a pre-open service from January 21 to 28.

In addition to starting service for the game, DMM has launched a "Start Dash Campaign." During the campaign, players will earn 20% more experience and will also be able to scout new characters more easily with the "Empire Soldier Acquisition Rate Up Scout" and "Alliance Soldier Acquisition Rate Up Scout." The "Start Dash Campaign" will run until February 4.

The game is based on Yoshiki Tanaka's Legend of the Galactic Heroes science-fiction novels and the subsequent long-running OVA series adaptation. The game allows players to side with either the democratic Free Planets Alliance or the monarchic autocracy of the Galactic Empire, and play using iconic characters and ships from the story. Players engage in tactical turn-based battles using their ships.

DMM announced the game in December 2014 with a planned release in spring 2015. DMM then delayed the game to fall 2015 before postponing it again.

The game is free-to-play but players are able to purchase in-game items.

Source: 4Gamer

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