Haruka (Sub.DVD 3)

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Title: Haruka
Volume: Sub.DVD 3
Running time: 74
Distributor: Bandai Visual USA

Release date: 2008-06-24
Suggested retail price: $29.99
Age rating: 13+

SKU: BN61455
UPC: 858604001455 858604001455

"I'm sorry but please don't look at me... for a moment." Akane takes her first steps as the Priestess of the Dragon God, while Akram and his Demon clan plot to stop her!

Contains episodes 6-8.

The Vice Minister and the Imperial Palace Demon
One night, at the Chief Councilor's banquet, the Vice Minister of Civil Affairs Fujiwara-no-Takamichi meets the dancer Shirin. All of the noblemen are intoxicated by her beautiful figure and graceful performance, though Takamichi alone points a cold stare in the girl's direction.

Meanwhile, Akane, as Priestess, is granted an audience with the Emperor and heads to The Imperial Palace. There, she is shocked to overhear some nobles discussing something truly frightful!

The Night Cry of the Nue
Upon hearing that white-winged vengeful spirits have appeared at the foot of Daimonji Mountain and threatened the people there, Yorihisa remembers the "Nue" he encountered in the mountains of his homeland in his youth. That Nue was a proud beast, and the sole survivor of its clan. Akane and the Eight Guardians depart for Daimonji Mountain to drive out the vengeful spirits, but along the way Akane is attacked by an unknown assailant and taken captive!

Flame of Demon Hatred
Inori is a young boy who lives a tough life in the capital, working as an apprentice blacksmith while protecting his sick elder sister. One day, his master sends him on an errand to deliver a sword to the samurai working for the Senior Minister of State. There he meets Akane, and upon being introduced to Shimon immediately reacts in a way no one could have predicted! Elsewhere, Shirin burns with jealousy towards the "Priestess of the Dragon God," the target of Akram's infatuation...

DVD Features: 8-page Booklet, Next Episode Trailers.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

(added on 2008-02-15)

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