Love Is Like A Hurricane (GN 5)

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Title: Love Is Like A Hurricane
Volume: GN 5
Pages: 200
Distributor: 801 Media

Release date: 2008-06-01
Suggested retail price: $15.95
Age rating: 18+

SKU: 801LL05
ISBN-10: 1934129143 1934129143
ISBN-13: 9781934129142 9781934129142

The adventures of Mizuki and Azuma come to an end in the final volume of Love is Like a Hurricane. Mizuki's sister hires him a tutor after his earlier sessions with Azuma ended up being lessons in punishment instead of math and reading! The new tutor, like Azuma, catches a whiff of Mizuki's uke scent and eventually pounces! Is this the end of our passionate couple?

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