Full Metal Panic! (GN 5)

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Title: Full Metal Panic!
Volume: GN 5
Pages: 168
Distributor: ADV Manga

Release date: 2004-06-01
Suggested retail price: $9.99
Age rating: 13 - 17 Years

UPC: 702727006586 702727006586
ISBN-10: 1413900518 1413900518
ISBN-13: 9781413900514 9781413900514

Kaname and Tessa have been captured! The terrorist group A-21 is desperate for information, and it's attempting to use the girls to get data out of Kalinin. The girls' only hope is escape, but success looks bleak, unless they can destroy a massive weapon held by the terrorists. If A-21 can manage to activate it, the result could prove to be catastrophic. Only one man has the power to get the huge machine moving. Will he succeed, or will Chidori and Tessa be able to stop him in time? Watch these girls in action and see firsthand if they can escape their captors in the next thrilling installment of Full Metal Panic!

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