Gigantor - Collection 1 (Dub.DVD)

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Title: Gigantor - Collection 1
Volume: Dub.DVD
Running time: 650
Distributor: The Right Stuf International

Release date: 2009-05-05
Suggested retail price: $39.98
Age rating: ALL

UPC: 741952657590 741952657590

“Gigantor the Space Age Robot is at your command!”
The First 26 Episodes of the Classic Series Digitally Transferred from the Original 16mm Film

Premiering in the ‘60s, “Gigantor” blazed a new trail in America for Japanese animation. The influential series was one of the first featuring a giant, heroic robot and was designed with a cinematic sensibility that thrilled and captivated audiences.

When terrorist groups, evil criminals and hostile aliens become too powerful for Earth’s armed forces, the virtually-indestructible robot is built to combat them. Commanded by Jimmy Sparks through a remote control, Gigantor must battle to save the world from a never-ending assault by ruthless villains.

Interview with director/producer/writer Fred Ladd
Interview with anime historian Fred Patten from Animation World Magazine
Select audio commentary with Fred Ladd
Gigantor comic book issues 1-6 (DVD-ROM content)
PLUS 16-page companion guide with episode summaries and archival publicity materials

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