Silent Möbius - Twists of Fate (DVD 2 of 3)

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Title: Silent Möbius - Twists of Fate
Volume: DVD 2 / 3
Running time: 225
Distributor: Bandai Entertainment

Release date: 2002-08-20
Suggested retail price: $44.98
Age rating: 13+

SKU: 11719
UPC: 669198117190 669198117190

Kia Asamiya's best selling comic book comes to you on DVD! The fight against the Lucifer Hawk rages on,​ and the women of AMP seem no closer to victory.​ Meanwhile,​ Roy and Katsumi begin to get closer.​ The arrival of Rally's sister Rosa,​ however,​ brings startling secrets about Rally,​ and deals a crippling blow to one of the members of AMP.​ Meanwhile,​ as the team copes with the Lucifer Hawk menace as best they can,​ a new player enters the game and begins manipulating them.​

(added on 2010-02-03)

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