Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor & Other Fantastic Films by Koji Yamamura (Sub.DVD)

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Title: Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor & Other Fantastic Films by Koji Yamamura
Volume: Sub.DVD
Running time: 124

Release date: 2010-12-07
Suggested retail price: $29.95
Age rating: NR

UPC: 698452208039 698452208039

Koji Yamamura is considered one of the greatest independent Japanese animators of this generation. Born in Japan in 1964, he has been crafting animation since age twelve by combining traditional drawings with mixed media such as modeling clay, still photography and painting. Yamamura has fashioned entirely distinctive, stunningly imaginative worlds with free-spirited creativity: trees grow out of heads, birds dream of fruit, and children are swallowed by whales.

This collection presents Yamaura's most remarkable works for the first time in the U.S., including his latest masterpiece, Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor - a nightmarish, virtuoso drawing-on-paper rendering of the famed short story and winner of seven Grand Prizes at major animation festivals worldwide.

Films include:
Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor (2007, 21 mins, subtitled)
Child's Metaphysics (Kodomo no keijijogaku, 2007, 5 mins, subtitled)
The Old Crocodile (Toshi wo Totta Wani, 2005, 13 mins, in English)
Pieces (Omake, 2003, 2 mins, no dialogue)
Mt. Head (Atama-yama, 2002, 10 mins)
Your Choice! (Docchi ni Suru, 1999, 10 mins, in English)
Bavel's Book (Bavel no Hon, 1996, 5 mins, subtitled)
Kid's Castle (1995, 5 mins, no dialogue)
Kipling Jr. (1995, 15 mins, subtitled)
From the Karo & Piyobupt series: A House (Ouchi);
The Sandwiches (Sandoicchi); Imagination (Ame no Hi) (1993, 3 films 4 mins each, no dialogue)
Perspektivenbox (Enkinhou no Hako, 1989, 4 mins, no dialogue)
Japanese-English Pictionary (Hyakka Zukan, 1989, 12 mins, no dialogue)
Aquatic (Suisei, 1987, 5 mins, no dialogue)

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