Dragon Ball Z - Namek Saga (DVD)

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Title: Dragon Ball Z - Namek Saga
Volume: DVD
Running time: 585
Distributor: Geneon Entertainment Inc.

Release date: 2001-10-09
Suggested retail price: $119.98
Age rating: NR

SKU: 11603
UPC: 013023160392 013023160392

Dub only

After the devastating fight to save the Earth from Saiyans, many of Goku's friends have fallen. Gohan leads a small group to find the original Dragon Balls on the distant plan- et of Namek - Piccolo's homeworld. Without Goku, who remains behind to finish some intense training, can our heroes survive the many hazards on their journey? Even if they do, they will have to face the incredibly powerful Frieza and his henchman who were so powerful that they destroyed the Saiyan homeworld!

Contains the entire Namek Saga (29 Episodes) on 9 DVDs!

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