Cat Planet Cuties - Complete Series (BD+DVD)

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Title: Cat Planet Cuties - Complete Series
Volume: BD+DVD
Running time: 325
Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Release date: 2012-09-11
Suggested retail price: $64.98
Age rating: 17+

SKU: FN07871
UPC: 704400078712 704400078712

She's as frisky as she is curvy and kitty wants to play! The flirty fun begins when nice guy Kio has a close encounter with a sexy, alien cat-girl named Eris. She's every nerd's fantasy come true, and she and her fellow intergalactic felines are setting up base in Kio's house. Unfortunately, Kio doesn't have a lot of time for heavy petting. Secret agencies and enemy dog-aliens are sniffing around, hoping to get their paws on his pussycat pal s tail! The guy's definitely got his hands full but with Eris jumping in his lap to purr in his ear, it s likely Kio will land on his feet!

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