Kurozuka - The Complete Series (DVD)

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Title: Kurozuka - The Complete Series
Volume: DVD
Running time: 293
Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Release date: 2012-12-21
Suggested retail price: $45.99
Age rating: 17+

UPC: 043396415423 043396415423

Kuro is a swordsman in 12th-century Japan who falls in love with Kuromitsu, an immortal vampire. About to turn immortal himself, Kuro is betrayed by his servant Benkei, a secret member of the Red Imperial Army, leaving him unconscious. He awakens in the future and finds a ravaged, post-nuclear Japan under control of the Red Army. Kuro is determined to take on the army and find his immortal love.

Spoken Languages: English.

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