High School of the Dead: Drifters Of The Dead [UK] (Sub.DVD/R2)

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Title: High School of the Dead: Drifters Of The Dead [UK]
Volume: Sub.DVD/R2
Running time: 16
Distributor: Manga Entertainment

Release date: 2013-05-22
Suggested retail price: $4.99
Age rating: 18

EAN: 5022366532044 5022366532044

After their journey through the land of the undead, Komuro Takashi and the rest of the high school gang come across an isolated island just off the coast of Tokonosu City. Having survived the apocalypse, a beach vacation seems well deserved and since zombies can’t swim it’s the perfect location to relax and soak up the sun…or is it?
Find out what happens in this bonus OVA episode, Drifters of the Dead!

The Drifters of the Dead OVA is Japanese language with English subtitles and included on a separate DVD.

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