Digimon Data Squad - Collection 1 (Dub.DVD/R4)

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Title: Digimon Data Squad - Collection 1
Volume: Dub.DVD/R4
Running time: 286
Distributor: Madman Entertainment

Release date: 2009-11-04
Suggested retail price: $19.95
Age rating: PG

SKU: MMA4229
EAN: 9322225078161 9322225078161

Episode #5-01
There Are Monsters Among us!

In the world we all know, there exists a secret organization called the Digimon Data Squad, or DATS for short. Humans and their tamed Digimon partners team up to capture Digimon who cross over into the real world from the Digital World (hopefully, before the population sees them and causes a panic).

Secret Agent Yoshino Fujieda gets a call to chase down a rogue Raptor Digimon, but she finds him engaging a human in a fight. The human is a boy training to become an Ultimate Fighter, Marcus Damon. Amazingly, Marcus can hold his own with the supposedly much stronger Digimon. After they fight to a draw, the two combatants bond, and then flee together when Yoshi tries to arrest them.

Marcus hides the raptor, named Agumon, and goes to get him food. But Yoshi finds Marcus, and takes him to DATS headquarters. Marcus doesn’t believe that Agumon could be a danger, so he refuses to turn him over. But, suddenly, there is another Digimon attack in the city! Marcus rushes back to see if Agumon could really be leading the attack, as DATS suspects.

Marcus finds Agumon blameless. The attack is the work of another Digimon invader, Kokatorimon. Marcus and Agumon battle the giant bird together. Marcus discovers that when he gets emotional in battle, he can awaken something in his fist known as the DNA. A mysterious stranger gives Marcus a digivice and tells him that with his DNA, he can help Agumon digivolve into a bigger, stronger form. He does, and Agumon becomes GeoGreymon, and he defeats Kokatorimon.

Episode #5-02
Marcus’ Inner Strength!

Yoshino brings Marcus and Agumon into DATS headquarters so Agumon can be sent
back to the Digital World. Luckily, they manage to escape. Marcus takes Agumon home and tries to keep him hidden from his mom, Sara, and sister, Kristy. But Agumon is hard to keep a secret and they soon find out about him and make him feel right at home. Yoshino shows up to recapture Agumon and erase the family's memory, but Commander Sampson tells her there's a change of plans: Yoshino will now just keep an eye on Marcus and Agumon.

Yoshino follows Marcus when he heads to school, toting Agumon along in his Digivice, but a disturbance at Kristy's school sidetracks them all. Someone has broken into the school's animal pens. Yoshino is sure that it was a Digimon. Marcus uses Agumon as bait to attract the rogue Digimon. Sure enough, Dokunemon returns to the schoolyard that very night! Yoshino and Lalamon battle the Digimon but lose. Unable to just standy by, Marcus and Agumon step in and take down Dokunemon themselves. The rogue Digimon is sent back to the Digital World in egg form.

Marcus and Agumon decide to offer their services as DATS agents, in part so that Agumon won't have to be sent back to the Digital World, and also because Marcus sees their missions as another way for him to become the Ultimate Fighter. To Yoshino's surprise, Commander Sampson accepts their offer.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, Thomas H. Norstein and his Digimon, Gaomon are flying back home.

Episode #5-03
The Return of Thomas!

Demimeramon shows up in the human world, spreading fire and creating havoc. Marcus and Agumon try to fight him, but Agumon’s fire attacks do nothing and Marcus’ punches go right through him. Demimeramon easily escapes them. But Thomas Norstein and his Digimon, Gaomon show up and get the job done flawlessly. Thomas is not only of royal descent, but a genius who has been away on another DATS assignment. Marcus is quickly threatened by Thomas and the two square off. Thomas tells Sampson that he believes Marcus has no place in DATS. Marcus challenges Thomas to a fight in the boxing ring, and is initially defeated. But Marcus doesn't give up and fights to a draw.

Suddenly, Demimeramon is back and has multiplied several times over. Thomas is dispatched to deal with the problem leaving Marcus to brood. But as Marcus walks off his anger, he begins to realize he may not be as great a fighter as he thought he was. He runs into the old man again, who teaches him a lesson about perseverance, and fighting fire with fire as an example. Just then more Demimeramon attack again, but Thomas is too far away to do battle. Marcus defies orders and confronts the threat himself. Since he can’t land a punch against Demimeramon, he forces him to digivolve into Meramon. Then he hits him with his fist and activates his DNA! Agumon digivolves to Geogreymon and defeats Meramon.

Back at DATS, Sampson has had enough of the Marcus and Thomas fighting. He makes the two work together as a team from now on.

Episode #5-04
The New Team of Marcus and Thomas!

The Digimon Data Squad is in hot pursuit of a rogue Digimon named Numemon. As usual, Marcus and Thomas are busy following their separate battle plans. When they bungle the assignment, Yoshino and Lalamon have to step in to bring Numemon down – all the way down to his Digi-egg form. Marcus and Thomas blame each other for their problems, and tempers flare.

Meanwhile, two burglars break into a bank, and the device they use to override security attracts Drimogemon. The burglars quickly befriend Drimogemon and get the conveniently, drill-nosed Digimon to help them rob an ATM. DATS moves in! Marcus, Agumon, Thomas, and Gaomon battle Drimogemon while Yoshino and Lalamon take care of the burglars. Marcus and Thomas keep getting in each other's way because they can't — or won't — work as a team, so Drimogemon gets away.

Commander Sampson takes them to task for their failure, but he remains adamant that Marcus and Thomas remain partners. Thomas asks to use the Digital Dive to go to the Digital World and prevent Drimogemon from returning to interfere in the human world. Sampson thinks that it's too dangerous and refuses the request. Later that evening, Thomas sneaks into DATS headquarters. Defying Sampson’s orders, he activates the Digital Dive and transports himself and Gaomon to the Digital World!

Episode #5-05
Digital World, Here We Come!

Moments after Thomas defies Sampson’s orders and transports himself and Gaomon to the Digital World, Marcus sneaks into DATS, too. With no one else at headquarters, Marcus threatens to break the Digital Dive machine unless Yoshi helps him go to the Digital World to finish his fight with Drimogemon. She grudgingly helps Marcus with his Digital Dive, but only so he and Agumon can bring back Thomas and Gaomon.
In the Digital World, Marcus and Agumon soon come face to face with Drimogemon again. Drimogemon easily traps them underground, and they are reunited with an injured Thomas and Gaomon. They were also outmaneuvered by the drilling Digimon. Thomas reluctantly accepts Marcus’ help to find their way out the underground den and defeat Drimogemon.

The foursome find Drimogemon. Instead of waiting until they’re at an advantage above ground, Marcus attacks! He forces Drimogemon to the surface, riding him like a bucking bronco. Then he steers him to an ice arena, where he can’t dig to escape. Geogreymon and Gaogamon combine their attack spells and defeat Drimogemon, who had digivolved to Digmon.

Back at DATS, Sampson scolds Marcus and Thomas, but is relieved they are safely home.

Episode #5-06
The Ultimate Team No More?

Marcus and Agumon fight and defeat Tortomon, but Yoshino takes them to task for rushing into battle on their own. Marcus and Agumon remain confident in their ability to defeat whatever foe they face, even if they face it alone. Their bond doesn't last long: they soon get into a silly argument and then refuse to work together anymore. Agumon sulks in his Digivice. Marcus gets into a street fight with an old, human rival and his cronies.

When Elecmon appears, Marcus goes after it himself. Realizing Marucs is useless without Agumon, Thomas, Gaomon, Yoshino, and Lalamon move in to help. But Marcus stubbornly insists on fighting Elecmon alone, even when it digivolves into Garurumon. Marcus leaps on the Digimon's back, and it runs off. Marcus recklessly fights Garurumon, until he realizes that it's too big a task for one person. Luckily, Agumon shows up to help him, and together, they defeat Garurumon. The Ultimate Team is reunited!

Episode #5-07
A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget!

Marcus has to take a make up exam at school on his little sister’s birthday. So he asks Thomas to spend the day with Kristy in his place. Marcus and Kristy’s mom, Sarah, thinks it is a good idea and Thomas agrees to do it. Being part of a family brings up sad memories for Thomas. Ever the perfectionist, he plans out the entire day with wall-to-wall activities for Kristy. But the plans all go awry when Kristy has her own ideas about what to do on her special day!

As the day draws to an end, Thomas takes Kristy and Sarah to a local amusement park to watch the fireworks display. Suddenly, a Digimon named Citramon attacks the park! Thomas and Gaogamon quickly reduce the Digimon down to egg form before any real damage can occur. Thomas apologizes to Kristy for ruining her birthday. But he has it all wrong – Kristy had a great time! The celebration continues back at the house with Marcus and Agumon in attendance. Everyone enjoys Sarah’s delicious dinner and Kristy’s big birthday cake.

Episode #5-08
The Singer's Secret

All of DATS is atwitter because it's been discovered that Yoshino is secretly dating the famous pop star, Neon. Commander Sampson reveals that Yoshino is actually on a secret assignment: she's investigating Neon because DATS suspects that he's harboring a Digimon. Thomas believes that the reason Neon is selling so many albums is that he is somehow artificially manipulating the music charts.

Commander Sampson decides to send the DATS team in secretly to search Neon's house. Thomas convinces him that Yoshi has become too emotionally connected to Neon to be objective, so Sampson tells Yoshino that she's not to take part in the clandestine operation—which was exactly what Thomas had planned. He had planted a microphone on Yoshino and eavesdrops when she sneaks into Neon's apartment on her own.

Neon admits that he secretly has a Digimon named Keramon but he won't give it up. With help from Marcus and Thomas, Keramon is defeated. In keeping with DATS policy, Yoshi has to erase Neon's memory. Despite the circumstances, Neon regrets he will no longer remember the good times he and Yoshino shared together. Yoshi does, too.

Episode #5-09
Never Meet Your Heroes

The great boxer, Hayase Harris is making a great comeback after an injury cut short his run to the championship. Harris was Thomas’ childhood hero andhe still follows his career. Marcus feels his last few victories smell of Digimon involvement and despite Thomas’ objections, Sampson agrees and opens an investigation.

The suspects are Harris, his wife, his daughter Minnie, and his trainer, Rocky. Different DATS agents suspect different people of working with a Digimon, but Thomas figures out it was his daughter, Minnie, who was working with Togemon to make sure her father returned after every fight, safe and sound. After Gaogamon defeats the cactus Digimon, Harris pulls out of his championship fight to protect the integrity of the sport he loves.

Episode #5-10
Curse This Curse: Marcus's Bad Day

Marcus, Kristy, and Agumon go to Thomas's opulent house for dinner. Kristy is already anxious about the degree of wealth and formality in the Norstein home, and to make things worse, Marcus and Agumon can’t help but embarrass her. Because she feels her brother is deliberately making her look foolish in front of Thomas, she becomes very upset. She yells at Marcus, wishing all kinds of embarrassing things would happen to him, too, and runs, crying, out of the house.

Surprisingly, every bad thing Kristy wished on her brother starts to come true. Agumon says that a Digimon is causing Marcus's troubles, but no one else can see the Digimon, so no one believes him. Last on the list of bad things is for Marcus to be crushed by an oil tanker. As unlikely as that seems, soon DATS gets word that an oil tanker has gone out of control and is careening toward the shore.

Marcus rushes to take care of the tanker himself, hoping that in doing so, he'll keep other people from getting hurt. DATS identifies the invisible Digimon bothering Marcus as Soulmon. Marcus and Agumon they make the trickster visible using a chemical compound from Thomas, and defeat him. The oil tanker stops just before it hits the shore.

Thomas tells Commander Sampson there may be a link between Digimon and humans: negative, human emotions may influence Digimon's actions, or Digimon may alter people's behavior. Sampson agrees with his suspicions.

Episode #5-11
The Vile of Vilemon!

To make amends for Agumon eating all the delicious manjuu Miki and Megumi brought back from Kyoto, Marcus agrees to replace the treats himself. He makes a trip to the “Shitori Bakery”, famous for making the best manjuu in Japan. The owner’s son, Connor, is an old friend of Marcus. Marcus arrives at the bakery just in time to witness Connor’s father, Shitori, getting threatened by a couple of loan sharks – who Marcus promptly sends on their way. Connor explains that when his mother became sick, his father was forced to shut down his bakery to care for her, and the family quickly sank into debt.

Shitori is in a desperate situation. But out of thin air, a Digimon named Vilemon comes along with his DemiDevimon henchmen and arranges for the baker to win big at the horse track. Now under the Digimon’s spell, Shitori’s obsession with making ends meet is soon replaced by a hunger for more and more money. He starts buying new clothes and sports cars. Connor is stunned.

Marcus still needs the manjuu – he cannot return to DATS without it! But Shitori has no intention of opening the shop. Even the fact that Connor has a life long dream to make the famous manjuu side by side with him cannot convince Shitori to stop going to track and return to the bakery.

Vilemon’s spell on Shitori remains strong – until GeoGreymon defeats him in battle!

Episode #5-12
“The Digi-egg That Fell to Earth

At DATS headquarters, Thomas reveals to the others that he's determined that human emotions can affect Digimon. He's also discovered that the wall between the human world and Digital World has destabilized, and it probably not by natural causes. Someone may be weakening it on purpose. In the middle of Thomas’ explanation, DATS picks up a new Digimon signal — and it's at Marcus's house!

Marcus and the others rush in and discover that a Digi-egg has appeared at Marcus's house. It ends up hatching, revealing Puwamon, an in-training Digimon. Kristy finds the cute little guy hard to resist. She immediately takes him under her wing.

That same evening, a Digimon named Falcomon shows up to take Puwamon back to the Digital World. Despite their surprise, Marcus and the others manage to drive Falcomon off.

Meanwhile, in the Digital World, Mega-level Digimon Merukimon is infuriated when he learns that Falcomon ignored his warnings and went to the human world. He has no choice but to bring Falcomon home.

Puwamon digivolves into Biyomon and pledges to remain by Kristy's side. When Marcus learns that DATS may force Kristy to enlist because she's bonded with Biyomon, he isn't happy about it, and neither is Marcus's mom. Marcus insists that Biyomon return to the Digital World so that Kristy won’t be forced to join DATS. Biyomon refuses to go and battles Marcus so he can stay. But he is only a Rookie Digimon and cannot match Marcus’ strength.

Once again, Falcomon shows up and tries to get Biyomon to return to his native world. But he only manages to get himself into the fight with Marcus and the others.
Suddenly, Merukimon arrives! Although Merukimon is very powerful, Marcus won't back down. They launch into battle!

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