Digimon Data Squad - Collection 2 (Dub.DVD/R4)

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Title: Digimon Data Squad - Collection 2
Volume: Dub.DVD/R4
Running time: 312
Distributor: Madman Entertainment

Release date: 2010-03-10
Suggested retail price: $19.95
Age rating: PG

SKU: MMA4163
EAN: 9322225071483 9322225071483

Episode #5-13
“The Rise of RizeGreymon!”
A new Ultimate level Digimon, Merukimon, crosses from the Digital World to the real world in search of Biyomon. Biyomon has become attached to Kristy. Marcus, Tomas and the rest of DATS battle Merukimon but he is too strong and he takes Biyomon back to the digital world.

However, the memories of Kristy remain fresh for Biyomon, who vowed to always protect her. Now as a Champion Level, Aquilamon, he returns to the real world to deal with these persistent memories. Aquilamon digivolves into Garudamon as he tries to defeat Marus and Agumon. But this new digimon cannot remember his relationship with Kristy and actually attacks her! Although Kristy is unharmed, she is heartbroken that the digimon has forgotten her. Marcus is distraught over his inability to stop Garudamon and protect his sister. Summoning new found strength – and transforming Geogreymon into Rizegreymon – Marcus defeats Garudamon and returns him to his original form, that of the egg of Biyomon. A tearful Kristy shares a tender moment with the digiegg of her friend.

Back at headquarters, Captain Sampson tells Marcus there is something he needs to know… about his missing father!

Episode #5-14
“The Wild Boy of the Digital World”
The DATS agents prepare to go to the Digital World! But before they do, Commander Sampson reveals that Marcus's father Spencer led the original team to the Digital World but never returned. Marcus confronts his mother, who reveals that she knew all about what happened to Spencer and that she's worried the same will happen to Marcus. She makes him promise that he'll return from the Digital World.

Marcus, Agumon, Yoshino, Lalamon, Thomas, and Gaomon are transported to the Digital World, as are their supplies. However, a human boy, Keenan, who's partnered with Falcomon, attacks and destroys their supplies. The melee alerts a tree-like Digimon, named Cherrymon, who demands that they stop fighting because the battle is destroying his forest. It turns out that Cherrymon is also trying to protect young Digimon from danger. Gotsumon, an underling of Merukimon, attacks, and Marcus and the others team up to stop him and save the young Digimon. Gotsumon retreats, as do Keenan and Falcomon.

Cherrymon is shocked that humans would help a Digimon. Thankful for what they've done, he tells them that Merukimon can be found in a mountain far off in the distance. As the DATS agents prepare to set off on their journey, Gotsumon warns Merukimon that the humans are on their way.

Episode #5-15
“The Gorge of Deception!”
Thomas,Yoshi and Marcus find themselves and their Digimon hiking toward the Infinite Ice Ridge where Merukimon is supposed to live. They come upon a deep gorge they cannot cross. Marcus and Agumon go down into the gorge to investigate and the rest of the gang follow. They are ambushed by Dokugumon, spider-like creatures that ensnare the humans and cage the Digimon.

Enter MetalPhantomon, who puts the kids to sleep and plans to destroy them by entering their nightmares and stealing the essence of their hearts. Marcus dreams of his sister Kristy, being taken away by a rogue Digimon. Yoshi dreams of her sad, painful childhood. Thomas re-lives his mother’s tragic death. In his nightmare, he tries to stop his mother from taking him (as a toddler) to a festival because he knows on the way there she will be hit by as truck. But he cannot stop the accident from happening again.

MetalPhantomon closes in to feed off of Thomas’ eternal nightmare. But Thomas willfully changes his memories of his mom to the happier ones. This allows him to break out MetalPhantomon’s dream spell. He immediately goes after Metal Phantomon! Inspired by Thomas’ strength, Gaomon digivolves into his Ultimate level, MachGaomon! MachGaomon frees Yoshi and Marcus and joins the fight against MetalPhantomon who is eventually vanquished. Agumon and Lalamon digivolve as well and take on the Dokugumon.

After the battle, our gang continues their journey toward the Infinite Ice Ridge. Suddenly, Yoshi collapses!

Episode #5-16
“Falcomon: Friend or Foe?”
Yoshi had passed out after their battle with MetalPhantomon in the Digital World. The Data Squad get her to a cave where she can recover from her dangerously high fever. But Keenan and Falcomon find them. Before they can fight, Yoshi touches Keenan and he passes out as well. Falcomon blames Yoshi for contaminating Keenan with a virus, which he had had before as a child. In the past, Frigimon had gone to Wanderer’s Cape to fetch a vaccine for Keenan. Knowing this is the only way to cure Keenan again, Falcomon asks the humans to go with him to Wanderer’s Cape in order to save both Keenan and Yoshi.

Blossomon decides to intercept the DATS team. He is fed up with waiting for Mercurimon’s master plan to rid the Digital World of humans. The Data Squad and Falcomon fight with Blossomon over the one remaining vile of vaccine, while Thomas tries to get past the password protections on a computer in the lab. The computer may have belonged to Marcus’ father, and his missing party! But it is destroyed during the battle. Marcus fends off Blossomon’s attack and tells Falcomon to take the vaccine back to Yoshi and Keenan. He and Agumon stay and defeat Blossomon, sending back to egg form.

When Thomas and Marcus return to the cave, they find that Falcomon held up his part of the bargain and gave the vaccine to Yoshi as well as Keenan.

Episode #5-17
“Yoshi’s Biggest Battle: The One with Herself”
The Data Squad are in the Digital World, making their way to the Infinite Ice Ridge. Yoshi is tormented by dreams of her past when she was fraught with stage fright at a piano recital. To make things worse, her sisters were both musical prodigies. Remembering her humiliation makes her drive the team even harder toward their goal. Suddenly, Keenan and Falcomon attack! Gotsumon takes advantage of the situation and has Mammothmon cause an avalanche to take down the humans. Marcus, Agumon, and Gaomon are separated from Thomas, Yoshi, and Lalamon.
Marcus and Agumon battle Keenan and Falcomon while Gaomon goes in search of the others. They learn that Keenan blames humans for his mother's demise. Finally, Keenan and Falcomon retreat.
Yoshi worries that she isn't pulling her weight within the Data Squad and is being left behind because Lalamon can't digivolve to Ultimate Level like Gaomon and Agumon can. Her lack of confidence paralyzes her when Gotsumon and Mammothmon show up. Though Yoshi do battle, Lalamon goes in on her own. Thomas and Gaomon try to convince Yoshi that she's good enough and that she needs to help Lalamon, but it's only Lalamon's Lullaby—the song that summoned Lalamon to the Digital World to become Yoshi's partner—that gets Yoshi back into battle. Lalamon is finally able to digivolve to Ultimate Level, becoming Lilamon, who's able to defeat Mammothmon. Gotsumon is forced to retreat but vows to return!
The DATS agents reach the Infinite Ice Ridge – and are surprised to run into Yushima, who is casually ice-fishing nearby!

Episode #5-18
“The Clash with Merukimon!”
The DATS crew is on the brink of the Infinite Ice Ridge, searching for Merukimon, when they run into Yushima. He knows who they’re searching for and is willing to lead them to him. After some uncertainty, Marcus convinces everyone to follow Yushima.

Along the way to battling Merukimon, they run into Keenan and Falcomon. Convinced he is digimon and that humans ended his mother’s life, Keenan believes all humans are evil. He is bent on sending DATS back to the human world – or destroying them!

Yushima sees Keenan and immediately realizes this is the Criers’ long lost son. He is shocked that Merukimon has been raising him as a digimon; Merukimon treasures him like a son. Merukimon cannot forgive the humans for breaking their peace treaty. He does not trust them, not after the massacre which deleted so much digimon data.

In the end, DATS battles with the very powerful Merukimon. Yushima reveals his digimon, Kamemon who transforms into Gawappamon. Together, they open a rift between the digital and human world and the DATS crew, along with Falcomon and Keenan are drawn back to earth. Refusing Marcus’ please to come with them, Yushima stays behind. He wants Keenan to finally be reunited with his mother and father back in the human world..

Episode #5-19
“The Truth About Keenan”
The DATS agents escaped Merukimon and returned to the human world with Keenan and Falcomon in tow. Marcus and Keenan both desperately want to get back to the digital world – although for very different reasons. Marcus thinks Yushima needs their help, since he was left behind in the middle of a battle with the powerful Merukimon. Keenan just wants to get back home and he’s willing to fight his way of DATS if he needs to. Although Commander Sampson forbids anyone from returning to the digital world, Marcus and Keenan still try to open a Digi-gate. Marcus only succeeds in breaking the computers.

Commander Sampson finally tells everyone the story of the first time humans went into the digital world. He, Spencer Damon, Kurata, Yushima, and others first went to the Digital World a decade ago after learning that disappearances in the Human World were caused by the Digital World. Keenan's parents, the Criers’, were among those who took part in that early expedition because their son had been accidentally transported to the digital world. That infant was Keenan!

Marcus, Agumon, Yoshi and Lalamon take Keenan and Falcomon out to the Criers’ country house for a reunion with their son. Thomas stays behind at headquarters to repair the Digi-gate computers that Marcus wrecked.

Having found a way to the Human World, Gotsumon attacks with three Ookuwamon. He reveals that he wants to take down Keenan, whom he blames for the problems in the Digital World. Marcus and the others are able to drive off Gotsumon, who retreats but vows that their fight isn't over.

Episode #5-20
“The Crier Family Reunion”
Marcus, Yoshi, Agumon and Lalamon drive Keenan and Falcomon out to the Criers’ home – Keenan’s home! Unfortunately, Keenan has no recollection of it, after all, he was merely a baby when he was transported through the Digital Gate in to the Digital World. Mr. and Mrs. Crier have blamed themselves for his disappearance for the last ten years.
He has a hard time believing that he is human at all and runs away from the gang. As they track him down, Marcus and Agumon run right into Keenan’s father. Shockingly, Kevin Crier begs them not to bring Keenan home. His wife has finally recovered from her deep depression over losing Keenan and they have a new daughter. He doesn’t want their happy life disrupted.

When Kevin Crier goes home to his wife Michelle, a new Digi-gate suddenly opens and one of Keenan’s toys comes to life as a terrifying and menacing digimon named Hagururmon. He promptly swallows up the Criers’ house – and Michelle!

Keenan continues to deny his human roots, but when his human mother’s life is threatened by Hagurumon, he steps up and helps save her life. But, he cannot stop thinking about nor caring about Frigimon. His love for her keeps him believing he must be Digimon.

Once Keenan has helped save his mother, Director Hashima and his goons show up to arrest Kevin Crier for conducting the unauthorizedopening the Digi-gate. When he proclaims his innocence, they try to arrest Michelle instead. Keenan shocks everyone by suddenly stepping in and saying he opened the Digi-gate so he could come through it and destroy the human world! Hashima tries to arrest him. But Keenan flees and the rest of the DATS crew rescue him from Hashima’s men. Now they are all on the run!

Meanwhile back in the digital world, Gotsumon reports to Merukimon that Keenan has turned traitor to all Digimon by joining the humans. When Gotsumon suggests that they launch a major offensive against the humans, Merukimon objects, saying now is not the time. He is immediately called a coward by Saberleomon, who has just arrived at Merukimon’s lair.

Episode #5-21
SaberLeomon is enraged that Merukimon has not taken proactive action to deal with the human problem. He immediately dispatches a Digimon armada consisting of thousands of Pteramon and Boarmon, and led by the ever-enthusiastic Gotsumon, to the human world to destroy it. The DATS team step in to contain the threat but are quickly overwhelmed in numbers by the enemy. There’s just too many digimon! Even Miki and Megumi join the battle with their own digimon, Knightchessmon and Pawnchessmon.

However, both sides are unaware that an unseen third party, lurking in the shadows, has had them all set up in a trap. Kurata opens a Digi-gate which and all the invading Digimon are sucked back into the digital world – not a second too soon!

Episode #5-22
“The Wrath of SaberLeomon”
Marcus and the others at DATS discuss the mysterious Digi-gate that opened and sucked in all the invading Digimon from the digital world, saving the human world from mass destruction. Who was powerful to do that? They learn it was Marcus' father's former assistant, Kurata, who opened it. Kurata wants to study Keenan and Falcomon, but Marcus and the others remain suspicious. Keenan tries to break free, but Marcus convinces him that he has nowhere he can go—until Marcus offers to let Keenan move in with him. At home, Marcus introduces Keenan and Falcomon to Kristy and Sarah. Soon they are all having dinner and playing board games. Keenan is very conflicted between his feelings about these humans and his feelings about the digital world.

Meanwhile, SaberLeomon cuts Gotsumon loose, saying that he doesn't need the help of weaklings like him. SaberLeomon goes to the Human World, and Marcus, Agumon, Thomas, Gaomon, Yoshi, and Lalamon confront him. Even in their Ultimate forms, though, the DATS Digimon are no match for him. Then, a mysterious Digimon shows up and hits SaberLeomon with a beam that saps his strength. With SaberLeomon weakened, Marcus and Agumon are able to defeat him.

Strangely, Kurata shows up at the scene of the fight. He talks about how they should try to change Digimon's perception that humans are their enemies. Later, Marcus, Agumon, Keenan, and Falcomon return home for the meal that Sarah promised them.

Episode #5-23
“One More Digital Dive!”
Professor Karuta convinces Director Hashima to send him to the Digital world to negotiate a peace treaty with Merukimon. He convinces DATS that they should join the mission as a back up. After they make the dive, they find themselves face to face with Gotsumon. He believes they returned to the Digital World to destroy Merukimon in a surprise attack. He unleashes Zudomon on the DATS team. When the team manages to defeat Zudoman, Gotsumon transform to Meteormon to take them on himself.

Back in the human world, Keenan struggles with his identity. Should he be on the side of the humans or the Digimon? Realizing he wants all the fighting to stop, he heads to the Digital World – and arrives just in the nick of time!

Episode #5-24
“The Past Revealed”
Keenan tries to stop a battle between Merukimon and Marcus by convincing them that Digimon and humans can be friends. Kurata, who shows up just then with soldiers, strongly disagrees. He thinks that all Digimon should be wiped out. As this tense scene plays out in the present, Keenan’s sad life story is revealed.

In the past, Merukimon tried to take infant Keenan away from his adopted, Digimon mother, Frigimon, but she refused to give him up. Over the years, Keenan grew up happy under Frigimon's care and with Falcomon as his best friend.

When Kurata, Spencer, Sampson, Yushima, and the others first came to the Digital World, they were attacked by Digimon. Really, though, the attacks were essentially Kurata's fault because he provoked the Digimon. Kurata opened a Digi-gate so he and the others could escape, but Spencer stayed behind to fight SaberLeomon. He was willing to risk his own return in otder to make sure his teammates could go back home.
Spencer wound up in a battle with Merukimon. He finally convinced Merukimon that his team wasn't invading the Digital World but instead had come to study it and find a lost human child, Keenan. The mention of the boy made Merukimon realize Spencer was telling the truth. He broke off the battle and gave Spencer information on how to find Keenan.

After his initial disastrous trip to the Digital World, Kurata returned to seek revenge against the Digimon. Armed with plenty soldiers and brutal weapons, Kurata’s troops viciously attacked the Digimon – and deleted their data forever! Frigimon was among those who were destroyed. Keenan took the loss of the Digimon he considered to be his mother very hard. He became a warrior and vowed to defend Digimon against the hated humons.

In the present, Kurata unveils his latest invention, Gizmon-AT. It's intended to finish the job he started years earlier. He wants to wipe out all Digimon! Marcus vows to stop him.

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