Patema Inverted [UK] (BD+DVD)

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Title: Patema Inverted [UK]
Volume: BD+DVD
Running time: 99
Distributor: Anime Limited

Release date: 2014-10-20
Suggested retail price: $19.99
Age rating: PG

SKU: ANI0026
EAN: 5037899057391 5037899057391

Patema has lived her whole life underground. Following a catastrophic attempt to harness alternative power sources, her community were driven to settle in a dark, cramped network of tunnels below ground. She roams them by torchlight, dreaming of adventures on the surface.

Age does not fit in comfortably in school or society as a whole. The world he lives in is known as ‘Aiga’, controlled by the tyrant Izamura’s family for generations.

Together – the pair are about to be pulled into something much bigger that will turn their worlds upside-down!

Greetings from the stage of the video premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival
Interview with Fujii Yukiyo (Patema), Okamoto Nobuhiko (Age) & Yoshiura Yasuhiro (Director)
Imagine the world inverted? A collection of scenes from Patema's perspective.
Audio commentary by the Japanese cast.

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