Horimiya (GN 1)

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Title: Horimiya
Volume: GN 1
Pages: 176
Distributor: Yen Press

Release date: 2015-10-27
Suggested retail price: $13
Age rating: 13+

ISBN-10: 0316342033 0316342033
ISBN-13: 9780316342032 9780316342032

At first glance, the ultra-popular Hori-san seems like a frivolous high school girl, but in reality, she's plain, pragmatic, and family-oriented. On the other hand, the bespectacled Miyamura-kun comes across as an average, gloomy high school fanboy, but he's actually an attractive young man who has a bad-boy streak and is covered in piercings and tattoos. When these two unexpectedly similar classmates have a random run-in outside of the classroom, a bubbly, sweet tale of school life begins!

Story by HERO and Art by Daisuke Hagiwara.

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